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What Are the Best Web Hosting Services in the Market?

Hosting services are necessary to provide ample space and resources if you’re planning to build a new website. Consider hosting services like a physical space for a building. To make the building operational, you’ll need to have dedicated space that fulfills all the requirements. Similarly, to successfully build a website, the right kind of hosting service is required.

There is no ‘one-hosting-for-all’ type of service, since each website has its own requirements and needs. To help you choose the best web hosting services, we are sharing four types that are most common in the market and should work for most types of websites.

Shared Web Hosting

This is the most basic web hosting service and is usually available at lower costs compared to other types of hosting services. This type of hosting services are best when you are not expecting to invest too many resources into your website. For example, building for a single page website or a static landing page, shared best web hosting is a very cost effective option.

Such hosting services usually have their space and resources shared among different websites. This means that more than one website can be present on a single shared hosting server. Having such features also means that it is quite limited and it is generally not a viable option for people who are looking to build websites with heavy traffic or heavy customisation.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Jumping straight from a basic option, such as shared hosting, to the top of the line hosting services; dedicated hosting service. These hosting services offer dedicated space and resources to a one website. This also means that its one of the most expensive web hosting services that you can find in the market.

Dedicated hosting is perfect for individuals who are expecting heavy traffic everyday or trying to build a graphic-intensive website. For example if you are planning to build an eCommerce website for your local business that has a decent amount of customers, going for a dedicated web hosting service is your best choice. 

The amount of downtime is close to negligible as there are no backlogs when it comes to bandwidth and data speeds. Further, it also offers full control to its user, leading to better manageability.

VPS Web Hosting

If you are looking for a web hosting service that offers top of the line features like a dedicated server, but is as cost-effective as a shared web hosting, then VPS hosting services should be your first choice.

Virtual Private Servers, usually share the hosting space with other websites as well, but compared to a traditional shared hosting, the total number of sites allowed are comparatively lower. Consider this type of hosting like renting an apartment in a building; though the building itself is being shared by different apartments, each one of them has their own resources and space.

WordPress Web Hosting

For people who are just getting into this field, WordPress web hosting services is an ideal option. WordPress hosting services are very user friendly and cost-effective at the same time. Such hosting services are best optimised for WordPress, which is considered the best content management system by many professionals and experts.

WordPress hosting is usually preferred by people who are starting their site as a blog, as it usually offers better customizability and faster loading speeds. WordPress hosting is recommended by the best web hosting companies as well. Choose the right option from the ones we mentioned above based on the website’s requirements that you are planning to host on the server.

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