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FeaturedHealth and Fitness

What Are the Long-Term Effects of Drug Abuse?

According to research by Do Something, drug abuse often starts in high school, with 50% of teens viewing it as a harmless practice to engage in cocaine and heroin intake. Unfortunately, numerous drugs currently contain highly addictive ingredients, leading to abuse by consumers. With this, short-term effects such as loss of appetite and headaches can often spiral out of control, resulting in long-term consequences.

Health Issues

One of the well-known effects of drug abuse is the development of health complications. A few issues linked to drug abuse include heart diseases and heart attacks arising from abnormal heart rates, with other issues such as loss of weight and kidney and liver damage also reported. Due to the unsafe administration of drugs, addicts can also suffer from collapsed veins. Unfortunately, the health complications can also spiral down to poor bone development, with most addicts suffering from chronic loss of appetite. General weakness is also likely to set in, leading to a deterioration of overall health.

Legal Implications

Drug abuse could also lead to legal consequences, with numerous states imposing heavy fines and penalties for anyone driving under the influence. The most common consequences include the revocation of your license for up to 2 years based on the damage and harm caused to other motorists. Serious injury could also lead to a jail term, with repeat offenders who struggle with drug abuse often getting up to 5 years in state prison.

In other instances, employers may also call for a drug test during your employment, with a positive test likely to lead to dismissal. If drug misuse significantly impacts your ability to perform your job, this may go permanently in your work record, reducing your chances of getting future employment. The trickle-down effect could leave you homeless, with numerous addicts left to fend for their own in the streets.

Secondary Infections

With numerous addicts suffering from impaired judgment during drug consumption, safe administration of drugs at will often be the last thing on your mind. Operating under the influence will likely also expose you to infections when using shared needles, the most common being Hepatitis B and C and HIV/AIDS. While Hepatitis C can be cured, Hepatitis B and HIV/AIDS have no cure, with patients required to rely on medicines for the long term. Unsafe sexual practices could also expose you to sexually transmitted infections, with the most common being Herpes, HPV, Syphilis, and Chlamydia.

Financial Problems

Whether you consume alcohol, prescription drugs, or substances such as heroin, sustaining drug use will be an expensive ordeal. Insider reports that addicts can often spend up to $15,000 on criminal defense lawyers when found in possession of marijuana, in addition to the thousands of dollars spent on the purchase of this substance. Users who have lost their jobs cannot afford this cost, with the majority using up their savings to purchase their preferred substance.

Recuperating from drug abuse also calls for more finances to get into treatment centers, a resource that not all addicts can afford. If you suffer from any health problems brought about by substance abuse, the financial difficulties will only likely get worse. Treating heart disease and liver damage conditions means getting in touch with centers that deal with specialized care. Such care generally falls outside of insurance coverage, leaving patients with hefty bills to deal with. Where hospitalized care is not forthcoming, the result will be chronic diseases and death, with the WHO estimating that 1 in every four deaths result from drugs and alcohol abuse. This translates to 3 million mortalities globally, fatalities that can be prevented by abstinence from drug use.

The above effects prove that drug abuse is a concern that numerous individuals are yet to take seriously, with most fatalities easily prevented by early intervention and care. If you or your loved one suffers from drug abuse, consider reaching out to the proper health professionals to help with your addiction.

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