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What are the Most Common Problems in Commercial Kitchens?

The food industry is on the rise and a well-managed commercial kitchen can steer the way towards profits and success. Equipment in commercial kitchens plays a significant role in hassle-free food preparation. A commercial kitchen has multiple specific components. Proper equipment is indispensable for a proper commercial kitchen. A broad range of equipment is available that can make a commercial kitchen well-organized and successful. The organization that runs a commercial kitchen should keep finding a new way to make the commercial chicken effective and profitable. In this article, we will discuss common problems in the commercial kitchen.

Rapid Movement of Cook’s Feet

The quick movement of the cook’s feet can steer the way of a commercial kitchen towards excellent performance. Things not in proximity to a chef can make a situation worse for food making. Tools should be in reach of a chef so he/she does not have to go from one corner to another to get a spoon, salt, or anything. The distance between a chef and cooking tools can delay the delivery and believe me nothing is more dangerous than a long waiting hungry customer.

Lack of Communication among Commercial Kitchen Staff

This issue is related to interpersonal communication between staff. The commercial kitchen looks like a war zone in working hours. Everyone is yelling and hence it becomes difficult to understand what the waiter or chef is saying. Due to lack of good communication food making and delivery becomes slow and badly affect commercial cooking.

Maintenance of Equipment

Preventive maintenance of commercial kitchen equipment is indispensable. Ignoring it slows downs the progress and costs a lot of money. Lack of equipment maintenance results is the loss of investment and time. Management of the commercial kitchen doesn’t get a service contract and this causes an interruption in the services. Besides maintenance, lack of compatible equipment also dents the food making and delivery process. For example, if a commercial kitchen does not have a Double Rack Ovens then it becomes impossible to hold two baking racks.

Equipment Cleaning

It does not matter that you run a commercial or home kitchen you should clean equipment regularly. The commercial kitchen doesn’t hire professionals or give training to their staff this results in grease build-up. The vent hood, duct between service calls should be cleaned properly. Besides equipment, broken water pipes should be fixed. Otherwise, water flows in every corner of the commercial kitchen.

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The significance of a commercial kitchen has increased due to the rapid growth of the food industry. There are thousands of brands offering multiple food varieties. The competition is very tough and there is a lot of problems in the commercial kitchen. Problems related to Cleaning, equipment maintenance, interpersonal communication, and chef’s movement should be resolved instantly to run a successful commercial kitchen. Cleanliness is a major factor that can make a kitchen more efficient and for this purpose, it has to be properly planned. The business who owns a commercial kitchen should design it correctly because it saves money on continuous cleaning. Such equipment should be placed that enables cross-contamination because cleanliness is the lifeline of a commercial kitchen.

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