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What are the Most Popular Car Services?

Keeping up with the maintenance services of the car is essential to keep your drive running right. However, oftentimes the car services seem to get backseat. The older people get, the busier they get, they are less likely to bring the car to the mechanic. They find it useless to visit the technician until something is wrong.

No matter how busy you are or how carefully you drive the car, getting regular car maintenance service is crucial. It is important to understand that on average the maintenance services cost quite less and take less time than the major car repair garage Dubai. Keeping up with car services could benefit you in numerous ways such as increase vehicle safety, investment protection, better mileage, maintain the warranty, etc.

List of Popular Automobile Maintenance Services

Proper maintenance is the key to keep the vehicle in good condition. It not only ensures protects your investment but ensures your as well as your passenger’s safety. Here are few services that could keep your drive running smoothly

Car Oil Change as well as Filter Replacement

Every vehicle requires regular change oil for increasing the performance as well as the lifespan of the vehicle. Oil change and filter change are the common car services that you could opt for to keep your drive operating smoothly. Refreshing oil as well as the filter through which it goes restores the vital fluid’s lubricating and cooling properties.

In case you are unsure about the next car oil change, it is advised to consult an experienced technician. The expert would inspect your car and help you know when you require to come for an oil change.

Thorough Inspection of Brakes

Brakes are responsible to keep you safe by making the vehicle easy to stop. Most cars have disc brakes-pads that are present against the metal disc to stop the car. The worn brake pads could grind into rotors and hinder the ability of the car to stop quickly and result in a collision. Therefore, the brake rotors, drums, shoes as well as pads need to be in good condition. With regular brake service, you could ensure your and other driver’s safety on road.

Tires Rotation

Tires are the key factors in how your car drives down the road. They keep the vehicle connected to the road by allowing you to accelerate, turn as well as brake safely. It is important to note that it is difficult to handle worn-out as they are at high risk of blowing out.

Therefore, it is advised to rotate the tires each time you change the oil. And, ensure you get the alignment checked by professionals to ensure the steering is straight as well as tires roll flat perfectly.

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Replacing Air Filter

It is the responsibility of the air filter to remove the debris from the air that pumps into the engine. When you rack up miles on your vehicle, the air filter would become flooded with debris and require replacement. It is advised to get the air filter changed every 18000 to 22000 miles. However, you might need to do it soon in case you drive through areas having poor air quality or dusty areas.

Checking the Battery’s Charge

It is worth noting that the dead battery could leave you stuck at any place. And, to make the matters worse, the battery could sneak up on you without any symptoms of wear and tear. While several batteries come with warranties that last for 5 to 6 years, however, it is common for them to last for nearly 2-3 years.

When you get the car oil change, it is advised to get the battery’s voltage checked. In case you see significant voltage dripping, it might be time for replacing the car battery.

Diagnosing Coolant Level

Without the help of an efficient cooling system, the engine oil could help cool moving parts properly. The cooling system would need to be topped off with the coolant. Getting a regular inspection from a knowledgeable technician could help. The expert would check the car for signs of a problem with cooling system components like a thermostat, radiator, and water pump for preventing issues before they begin.  

Checking Tire’s Pressure

Remember, it pays to check the tires regularly. Checking the pressure of the tire is underestimated; however, keeping tires inflated properly could help in extending their life. Proper inflation would have a positive effect on the tread wear of tires as well as reduce gas expenses. Both under-inflation and over-inflation could lead to problems and costly car repairs in Dubai. Therefore, it is advised to get the tire pressure checked at least once a month.

Checking Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is a significant component of the car. Low fluid as well as excessive fluid are bad. It is crucial to get the level checked in the right way as this could help to avoid the overfill. Getting levels checked regularly would help in assessing its condition. It is advised to look out for the strange smells as well as odd colours and the amount of debris in the fluid.

Mostly, the fluids are dark pink or semi-transparent red; however, the exact colour would depend on the model of the car and fluid type. Dark red and brown colour fluid with the burnt smell indicate you require service or possibly even car repair in Dubai. Remember, a small amount of dust or tiny pieces in the fluid are normal; however, large chunks of debris need attention.

Replacement of Old Spark Plugs

One of the popular and significant car services is replacing old spark plugs. Spark plugs are small parts; however, they do a big job. It is important to note that like other parts they also wear out over time and require replacement every 70000-80000 miles, based on the car. When the spark plugs do not function properly, the engine needs to work hard resulting in inconsistent performance.

It is advised to get spark plugs inspected regularly and replace the burnout or dying ones. Apart from these, other popular car services include washing and vacuuming, replacement of minor components, and re-filling brake fluid. Getting regular car maintenance services would make the engine run smoothly as well as your car would last longer.

Have a Look at Car’s Brakes

No single part could be more important than the brakes of your car. This is why you need to check the brakes as often as possible. Modern cars have a braking system that requires replacement from time to time for maintaining maximum efficiency. Therefore, it is advised to for the car service in Dubai and get this important check-up

Inspect the Tires of Your Car

With the help of a regular tire gauge, inspect the tires of the car. All tires need to be inflated according to the specified pressure of the manufacturer. Ensure there are no indicators of tread wear. It is worth noting that tires having such indicators are likely to break. Take steps for replacing tires in the car repair garage in case they are worn beyond limits.

Look at Windows as well as Windshield Wipers

More than the cosmetic embellishment, the windows could help keep you safe. For instance, an inappropriately placed windshield crack could make it hard to see the car in the immediate vicinity. And, while driving this could hamper the decision-making process.

Moreover, worn windshield wipers would not be able to wipe water properly. In case you see leftover water streaking to the windshield post every swipe, it might be time to get the new ones. As the wipers have two parts metal arm and blade with rubber, it is advised to check them properly. You might need to swap the rubber, not the arm.

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