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What is DTP and How to Become a DTP Operator?

What is DTP?

Desktop publishing has become so attached to our everyday lifestyle that we do not even know that this work is done by a DTP operator only. You start the day by reading the newspaper which is the most prominent and accurate example of DTP. There is no better example than this to explain DTP work.

Apart from this, there are many such works. Where DTP is used loosely. Some of which I am mentioning below.

  1. Newspaper and Magazines
  2. Browser & Catalog
  3. Business & Visiting Cards
  4. Wedding cards and other event materials
  5. Books
  6. Application Letter and Forms
  7. Advertisement
  8. Office Notice & Letter Head
  9. Poster
  10. Pamphlets
  11. Hoardings & Banners
  12. Bill Book & Receipt

Advantages of DTP

#1 Saving Time

In the beginning, the work of publication was done by hand. A lot of workers were needed to do this. Along with this, a lot of time was also consumed in doing this work.

But, after the advent of technology, the work of days has shrunk to minutes. The DTP system provides the ability to do every printing job very fast.

#2 Low cost

Can you tell how the cost has come down? To do this work, there is a cost of machines as well as software. Your thinking is right. But, when you compare this cost with the cost of tools, labor, and time involve in the old method, you will find that the work of publishing with DTP is complete much cheaper and faster than before.

#3 Change Possible

When all the work was done by hand, once the work was done, they could not even think of making changes to it. But, DTP technology has made this possible.

You can modify the same design any number of times. And you can get it to design it according to your needs. The good thing about this work is that not much time is spend on this work.

DTP packages allow you to store all the designs. Hence, you are able to get the changes you want in the old designs.

  • Font-style
  • Font kerning (space between letters)
  • Colour
  • page design
  • Graphics
  • Text

These are some universal changes that can be complete by almost all DTP programs.

#4 Custom Design

You no longer need to rely on artisan workmanship. If your craftsman is less skilled, you will have to stick with less attractive designs. It is not like that at all.

DTP programs provide equal facilities to all operators. Whatever can be printed abroad, you can get it published in your country also. Just think and such a design will be make. DTP gives so much facility.

#5 Various tools

I have given you information about various desktop publishing software above. Any number of names included in that list. All the tools provide you with tools like text formatting, page formatting, spell checker, auto-correction, find & replace, color setting, printing, etc.

You can learn a DTP course from the best graphic design institute and become an expert DTP operator …

How to Become a DTP Operator?

If you are willing to become an operator then you should know about the age limit and educational qualification.

Talking about the educational qualification, to become a DTP operator, no educational qualification is required. But, for it to work properly, it is necessary that the candidate should have at least a 10th or 12th pass.

If the candidate’s qualification is more than this, then its advantage is that he can provide his services by working in a bigger and better firm or institution.

Educational Qualification: If you want to make a career in DTP then the minimum educational qualification should be 10th pass and working on desktop programs. To make a full-time career, you can do DTP course like Diploma and Graduation & Post Graduation Degree in DTP.

Age Limit: No special importance is given to the age limit for working. Your age limit should be at least 18. Apart from this, if we talk about the maximum age limit, then the applicants between the age group of 25 to 40 years are hiring by the firm for the DTP operator.

DTP Operator Salary

Like every job, the salary in this field also depends on the skill of the person. Where the salary of a skilled DTP operator is high, and if you are new in this field then you will earn less salary as a fresher. If we talk about an estimate, then the salary of a DTP operator starts from 12,000.

What are the qualifications and qualities a person should possess to become a DTP operator?

DTP operator is a field of creativity and knowledge. Therefore, to work in this field, there should be some necessary characteristics and skills within the person.

  • Must have good knowledge of computers.
  • You must have the creativity to do a better design.
  • Should have the ability to work under pressure or to work according to the prescribed time.
  • Must have the ability to work individually or with the whole team.
  • A design must follow closely.
  • Along with hard work in this field, one should have the ability to work with commitment and honesty.
  • An artist should enjoy doing this work.

Future in DTP

Today, in almost all fields, an electronic device called a computer is used to convey some kind of information to the people or for the work of advertising. So as digitization is increasing. By the way, job opportunities in this field have increased rapidly.

Also, let us tell you that the work of the DTP Operator is not only to transmit new information to the customers. Rather, even today there are many things that are yet to be on the computer.

From a small grocery store to a large office, the DTP operator can provide its services. With this, you can get an idea of ​​how much potential there is in this field in the future.

What have you learned?

In this article, I have given you complete information about what desktop publishing is and how to make a career in it. You have come to know about DTP, how to become an operator, working on DTP, and computer programs used in DTP.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Whatever is taught under Desktop Publishing Course. You are going to read about them all one by one. If you have a little knowledge about computers, and if you know how to work in its Basic Software Notepad or use all its tools. Then you can start learning this course.

If you do not know, then please first learn Notepad well, then only you start reading it. Because there are many such tasks, which if done systematically. So you can reach your objective very easily.

You can also read the Best Step by Step Guide to Become a Graphic Designer

Typing Master

  • There is no need to write and read anything to learn Typing.
  • Because the purpose of learning it is only one, that is to type the text as quickly as possible without mistake.
  • Even if you go to an institution to learn a Typing Master, it will not tell you much there either.
  • I Will give you a Typing Master’s book to type only on the system, and just keep on typing every day, and increase your speed.
  • But if you want, you can increase your speed by typing anything.
  • Given below are some tips, with the help of which you can increase your speed.
  • Typing must-do for about 30 minutes every day.
  • Typing by looking at a book
  • Try to type as much as you can by looking at the book at once
  • Use medium size keyboard for typing
  • Keep checking your speed from time to time.

I am sure that you will like this article and will prove useful for you. So, don’t forget to share this article with your friends. 

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