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What is the Process of Unclogging a Washing Machine?

Washing machines have become a necessity these days, since people do not have enough time to clean their clothes with their hands due to the fast paced life we live. This often means, getting your clothes together and placing them inside the washing machine for a quick clean. 

However, sometimes you might find that your machine is not draining the water. Though there are many reasons for an issue such as this, the most common issue is often due to a clog inside. Finding a shop for washing machine repair in Hyderabad on a priority basis is an option but it’s always best to try and avoid such scenarios.

In this article, we take a look at some tips that will help you get your clogged washing machine fixed.

Drain Hose

If you have been facing a clog in your washing machine, it might very well be because of your drain hose. Start with turning off your washing machine, and don’t forget to remove the plug from the power, as precaution is always better than the solution. Move the washing machine to an angle so you have better access to the drain hose.

Remove the drain hose from its socket and thoroughly check if there is anything stuck inside the drain pipe. A piece of cloth or hairs may be stuck inside the pipe which is enough to cause a clog in the washing machine.

Cleaning the Drain Pipe

An easy way to clean the pipes is to push water from one end and see how much of it passes through. If you find something inside, try to remove it using a plastic stick or using a hanger. But keep in mind that nothing sharp is used here, otherwise it could damage the pipe itself. Once the pipe is clean put everything back together the way it was and turn on the machine to check if everything is working the way it is supposed to be or not. 

Replace Drain Hose

There might be a possibility that your drain hose might have been damaged from use overtime. If that is the case, you will need to contact a repair service center to get it replaced. Check and see if it is damaged; the dirty water from the drain may spread everywhere, which will only add to your chores.

Rewash the clothes

It is important to understand that if you had some clothes inside the washing machine when the drain hose malfunctioned, you will need to clean them one more time, with fresh water. Since there is no telling how long the water was sitting inside the machine when it got clogged.

Drain Pump

Another major reason you might have a clogged washing machine is due to a malfunctioning drain pump. Drain pumps are responsible for pulling the water out from the drain hose to the drain pipe. A pump in bad condition will stop draining the water.

Similar to the first step, you will need to unplug the machine from its power source and open the area that lets you access the drain pump. If there is water inside the machine, you will need to drain before continuing. Remove the filter cap on the pump to reveal the filter, check if there is debris or a piece of cloth stuck in there. Clean and put everything back together.

Repair Center

If the issue is still not fixed, contact a professional, for example search for LG washing machine repair in Hyderabad if you have an LG machine. Though, it’s best to call the service center in the first place, if you are not an expert in handling electronics, as it will avoid unnecessary problems.

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