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What is Urban Logistics?

The line between order and disorder lies in logistics

Supply chain and logistics is a newly developed field that is already shaping itself to the shift in technology and is quickly adapting to it. With online tracking mediums that are faster and more economical solutions out there in the market, many sea freight company in Pakistan and others find it unnecessary to follow the conventional ways of logistics.

If you are doing your majors in supply chain and logistics you need to know what urban logistics is and what problems does it face every day.

Urban logistics like a superefficient way of transporting freight within an urban city that reduces the cost of logistics or as supply chain officers like to say “reduce logistics footprint” the impact of the increase in logistics cost is borne by the final purchaser of the product.

What problems are being faced by urban logistics?

The cost of logistics is increasing day by day and this is because of traffic jams and the high number of cars on the road. Sometimes the traffic jam itself is not a culprit as compared to the high number of cars on the road that are moving slower than a snail.

The time spent on the road doesn’t affect the delivery time as much as it harms the fuel consumption of the cars carrying freight. It is a common phenomenon that cars that carry heavy load consume more fuel than what their engine requires. And if these cars don’t get to move on their desired speed than we face a lot of logistics cost.

How smart companies are solving logistics problems!

As the problems in the urban logistics sector keep increasing. Smart companies with dedicated employees are always tackling these problems in innovative ways.

1.  Kiva’s Warehouse

If you love tiny robots flying all over the place that can carry 4 times their weight, then you must visit kiva warehouse in the USA. They have deployed small robots that can move stuff 4 times faster than humans and more than their weight. This has killed the cost of labor and saved time as well.

2.  Smart Cars with art DHL

DHL is a logistics company and it’s putting a lot of mind into making deliveries faster and easier for its consumers. But with traffic jams all over in urban cities, it has become very difficult to minimize cost except for DHL smart truck. This technological wonder created by DHL can track the location of the truck including the temperate inside the truck for temperature-sensitive goods through centralized towers placed all over the route.

3.  Same Day Delivery with no Traffic

No matter how much we enhance our cars there is no definitive way of improving the transport of goods from the road. The route from the air is even more expensive than the road. What do we have left then?

High-speed train! France has already adapted fast air trains that provide the same or next day delivery. Since the route of the train has no traffic it has absolute freedom to move at the highest speed imaginable.

4.  Amazon Delivery Drones

Mega companies such as Amazon and Ali express are taking their job seriously by coming up with simple and innovative solutions to their logistics problem. Take amazon delivery drones for example, by simply tying the customer’s order to a drone amazon can provide same-day delivery to its customers who make an order on their web.

5.  Lastly Smart Trucking Solutions

Countries like Pakistan and India have taken advantage of this increasing logistic problem and have started business ventures that solve these problems. These are called online trucking services that help businesses book freight trucks online through an application and tracks its location and all other details. It’s like an uber for trucks


Urban logistics is simply put is transporting goods and services within the city. The traffic jams to the cost of fuel all contribute to the cost of logistics. Organizations try their level best to minimize this recurring cost by trying out innovative ways.

Author Bio:

Muhammad Ahmed is BS in Commerce from the University Of Karachi – Pakistan. And also a Marketing specialist at CFIPAK


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