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What Is USB OTG? 5 Cool Ways to Use It on Android

USB On-The-Go (OTG) is an electronic device that helps you read the data from a USB device using a smartphone. USB OTG devices are very beneficial, but all the smartphone devices don’t support USB OTG. You can check whether your smartphone supports a USB OTG or not, You can use USB OTG checker apps to know it.

If your smartphone supports the USB OTG device, then here are five cool ways for you to use it in an Android device.

Connect Flash Drives and External Hard Drives

Transferring the files is one of the most popular ways to use a USB OTG. Portable devices use power from phones, so these devices can not work all the time. But, if an external hard drive has its dedicated power source and does not require power from the mobile phone, that makes it more reliable and useful. These devices are straightforward to use, just connect it with your smartphone, and you are ready to transfer your files.

Connect Game Controllers

Xbox 360 controller works in sync with Android devices through USB OTG. So, you can use your smartphone to play the game with the controller, but the condition is, you will have to play the games which are compatible with your controller. If you root your mobile device, then it will allow you to attach PlayStation controllers. This way you can connect a PS2 controller and turn your mobile device into a gaming hub. This is one of the best uses of USB OTG on the Android device.

Use Keyboard and Mouse

You can use USB OTG to connect keyboard and mouse with your Android device. Android is very compatible and allows you to connect the wireless devices. But, you should be very careful while buying a USB OTG, because all the USB OTGs do not support all the wireless devices. So, make sure that the OTG you are going to buy must be compatible with all platforms. Some OTGs need to install additional software to connect them with the wireless devices, so when you purchase an OTG, make sure that it does not require an additional application to connect your keyboard or mouse.

Print Directly From a Printer

Like a keyboard and mouse, printers can also be connected with Android devices using a USB OTG. It allows you to connect your Android device with the printer; once you connect it, you are ready to get the prints. Android does not support USB Mass Storage mode sometimes, so to get the prints of your photos and documents, you will need to use MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) or PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) modes for your USB connection.

Control Your DSLR Camera

If you are a photographer, then you are going to love this feature. You can connect your DSLR camera with your Android device using a USB OTG. Once you connect your DSLR with your Android device, you can capture, focus, and control shutter speed. You can use your Android tablet to do this and can get a large-screen view experience.

So, if you have an Android device that supports USB OTG, then you must try the ways mentioned above.

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