What kind of skirt should a woman wear after 30?

Girls are eighteen years old, they are in their youth, their twenties are the right time, and they are mature women in their 30s. It is not appropriate to dress in terms of dressing. At this time, they are usually professional beauties or mothers, and they are cute. You will feel that you are pretending to be tender, and the old-fashioned clothes make people want to look at them. So what kind of skirt should a woman wear after 30?

Mesh dress.

Net yarn dresses are generally black and white. If you are over 30 years old, the simpler the color, the better. Black and white are more versatile. You can wear a dress with cloth on the top and net yarn on the bottom. The jacket looks good no matter how you wear it, and it is very fashionable to dress and match.

Cotton and linen skirt.

After thirty, you should be comfortable. If you wear it at home, you can wear that kind of cotton and linen skirt, which is cooler, especially in summer. This is the most suitable for dessert or cooking. It’s very relaxing, not tight and uncomfortable. It is very suitable for playing parent-child games with children.

Irregular skirt.

Nowadays, there are many different kinds of skirts, and there is also an irregular skirt, which is very suitable for women in their thirties, but they need to be tall and thin women to wear them with a sense of fashion and light familiarity. , A dress with a waist that looks very aura.

Shirt skirt.

We all know that shirts are casual. In fact, there is a skirt that is a shirt skirt. This skirt is simple in style, divided into horizontal stripes and vertical stripes. Generally, girls who are slightly fat choose vertical stripes will look thin, and there is no fancy feeling. General clothes, suitable for wearing when going to the supermarket.

Mermaid skirt.

The fishtail skirt is a goddess-level skirt. The irregular shape of the skirt looks like a fishtail. To wear this skirt, you need to wear high heels to have the noble and elegant feeling, and then you need to have the same overall tone. The color is very abrupt, otherwise it’s nondescript. Khaki color is more suitable for women in their thirties.

Silk skirt.

The silk skirt is mainly silk in the material, which is soft and smooth to the touch. When women are in their thirties, some people pay more attention to the quality of their clothes. Silk skirts are more in line with the requirements. Generally, the color of this skirt is also low-key, and the style is simple and generous. , Then the hair should be taken care of, the curly hairstyle is better. Use BigClothing4u Discount Code, Amazon discount code nhs at NHS DIsocunt Code

Choose a skirt that suits your temperament.

Who is not suitable to wear cheongsam? These kinds of people are best not to wear

Women with graceful figures and beautiful faces are the most suitable for wearing cheongsam

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Women with a round body and a big skeleton are blessed in China, but there are many clothes of this kind that cannot be worn, such as cheongsam. Cheongsam is not good-looking for Girls with a round body and a big skeleton. It will only give people the feeling of being sturdy and bloated. Because cheongsam is a very self-cultivating garment, the requirements for figure are very high.
The morbid body refers to women who are too thin, that is, the feeling that there is no flesh on the body, only a skeleton. This kind of Girls is too thin, giving people a sick feeling. Of course, the morbid body is still flat-chested and flat hips. Wearing a cheongsam will only look dull and lacking in temperament! There is no body curve at all
Cheongsam is a kind of clothing that tests the figure very much, and the requirements for the figure are really high. If your waist is thick and you have fat, then it is not recommended to wear a cheongsam. It really won’t have too much beauty to wear, and it will expose your shortcomings.

Only women with a thin waist and no fat can control the cheongsam perfectly and show their temperament when worn. In addition, women of uniform body shape can also try to wear cheongsam, even if the figure is not particularly slim, it does not matter, but you must choose a dark color cheongsam, so that it looks thinner. Buy Girls clothes and never Miss ASOS discount code at NHS Discount Code

Similarly, people with thick arms are not suitable for wearing cheongsam. Although some cheongsams have medium and long sleeves, if your arms are too thick, they cannot be covered. Cheongsam is a kind of super slim clothing, from the neckline to the cuffs, from the chest to the waist are all tailored and tailored. A close-fitting cheongsam will expose the curve of your arm, so it is easy to get fat if you wear a cheongsam thickly.

Women with slender arms will look good in cheongsam, look elegant and generous, and their overall temperament will be improved! If your arms are just a bit thick, you can also wear a cheongsam. Just choose a dark-colored mid-length-sleeved cheongsam. If you have unicorn arms, don’t try cheongsam.

How to dress a short girl of 1.5 meters?

Wear high-waisted pants.

If you want to look at long legs, then you have to wear the kind of clothes with short upper body and long lower body. You can wear a solid color or a short sleeve with a pattern on the front and then put on a pair of loose wide-leg pants and a high waist. Tuck the short sleeves inside the pants so that they look long. shop now using Boden discount code nhs Debenhams NHS discount code  and Amazon nhs DIscount Code

Choose the right shoes.

In general, short girls like to wear high heels because they look tall. In fact, sandals with exposed insteps are also possible. Wearing this kind of shoes can also look long legs. You can decide what kind of shoes to wear according to the clothes you choose. Appropriate shoes also appear tall.

Wear a long skirt.

Because the height is relatively low, wearing a short skirt will appear to have longer legs. Since it is a short girl, the long skirt can appear to have longer legs, especially the waist part is slightly higher, so that it appears to be taller and the skirt is The longer the better, it is more appropriate

Wear a short coat.

Nowadays, the most popular outfits are the inner length and the short outer length or the inner short and outer length. Generally, tall girls are suitable for wearing long outer coats. Short ones are more suitable for wearing short outer coats and long inner ones. This looks taller and slender. Buy Men and Women’s clothes and save with Boden promo code 25 off and Asos NHS discount code

Princess shirt.

A skirt is a must-have for girls in summer. You can wear a princess shirt with a waist reduction effect on the upper body, and then a longer skirt underneath. In summer, you can choose a brighter color, matte and tender. The red or big red ones have the function of showing thinness.

Clavicle chain.

If a short girl cares about her height, she should start elsewhere and divert others’ attention. If the clavicle is more beautiful, then wear a clavicle chain so that people’s attention is on the upper body and not the lower body. , You won’t feel short.

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