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What makes a Good eCommerce Website Design?

Do you have a pending eCommerce website design that you just cannot get over with? Well, it can happen!

Creating a unique, appealing, and intriguing eCommerce website design is not as simple as it might look. A designer puts an incredible amount of effort into building a website, but what makes it the best?

Just like everything else, a website design has a few features that make or break it. When you’re designing a website, you have to give great attention to detail; otherwise, the entire website can get ruined before it goes live. 

If you’re wondering what makes a good eCommerce website design, then you’re in the right place. Here are a few factors that you must pay attention to while creating a website design. 

To be concise best ecommerce web design is all about choosing the right words, fonts, colors, graphics and images to prompt visitors to make a purchase.

Simplicity is Key

The first rule towards designing your website is simplicity. Minimalism is the key to create unique websites.

A designing an eCommerce website does not have to be all dramatic, filled with colors, and stuffing with elements. A simple website is easier to look at and has more potential to attract customers. You don’t have to make your website complicated by placing unnecessary elements in it. 

All you need is a clean, clear, and simple design to make sure that your website is all beautiful and intriguing! 

Never Miss Branding

Does your brand has a face? Do people recognize you easily? 

If you want your online brand to look trustworthy to people, then you have to pay attention to branding. Branding is a tool that can help your customers to trust you when they visit your website. It gives a face to your brand, which is all people need to consider you as a legit business. 

You need to take branding seriously and create a strategy that serves both your brand and your customers.

Creating a strategy aligned to your business goals and objectives requires tons of effort and time.

But it is definitely worth it!

Think like a Visitor

What will help you to connect your brand with your audience? Well, first of all, by thinking like them! 

How will you know what your audience wants unless you put yourself in their shoes? Once you’re in their place, you can see the picture quite clearly and offer them what they would appreciate in your brand. 

Once you’re in the visitor’s place, you can easily recognize what your customers would want on your website. For instance, if the design is appropriate, if the colors make sense, if the shopping easy, if there are too many navigations, and so on. 

Make sure to perform this step when you are in the designing space and not in the website launch space. Make the changes that your audience will appreciate and reap their benefits for the rest of your life. 

Use the Right Color Scheme

Using the right colors in your web design can make a huge difference. Your website color scheme should be aligned with your industry. It plays a huge role in your branding.

Branding is not an easy task and every element decides the direction of your brand. 

Colors tend to evoke emotions in the hearts, so you have to use them wisely in your website design. For instance, using red color might evoke a feeling of passion and excitement in your audience. There is whole color psychology that you might check out before choosing colors for your website design. 

Focus on Images

The visual appeal on your website is halfway created with the help of high-quality images. If you are not using the right images on your website, then you might be making the worst mistake. If you are selling products, then you might want to hire a professional photographer to do product photography. 

Your audience is not going to purchase products unless they see what you are offering. By putting professional product images you can build customer trust and make them believe in your brand. 

Ask yourself if you will buy a product without having a look at it and you will get the answer as to why it’s important to do it for your audience. 

Easy Navigation for Categories

Nobody likes to spend hours making a purchase. As soon as it gets complicated, people leave the products at the checkout. This is the one reason why you need to make the checkout process as smooth as possible. 

Not only that, but the navigation through categories be simple and easy as well. The products that they are looking for should be within their reach and they don’t have to go through hundreds of pages to make a single purchase. Make it easier for your audience if you don’t want them to go to your competitor! 

Make Checkout Easy

A fast sale process is all your audience is looking for, then why not give it to them? If the checkout is long and hefty, then you can lose a potential customer in no time. Make sure that the website is fast, simple, and clean so your audience does not feel like a burden to make a purchase. 

Also, provide multiple checkout options to your audience, so they can make the purchase fast. Make sure that a confirmation is sent to your customer when the purchase is made to satisfy their trust issues.

Best tips to optimize for your website checkout process:

Save Customers Time: Don’t waste your users time asking irrelevant questions. This can negatively impact your sales. Make the checkout process super simple providing them with clear steps to complete the checkout without abandoning the cart in between.

Use Incentives, Sales Offers Or Coupons: Providing offers like coupon codes, discount wheels or any other incentives prompts user to complete the desired goal without any restriction.

Utilize Upselling Or Cross Selling: Checkout is the best time to utilize your cross selling or upselling. Present your customers with the best complimentary products that result in more conversions and sales.

Regularly Track Your Abandoned Carts: It is important to regularly track your abandoned transactions to target them later with remarketing or other ways. This will not only help you increase your customer base and qualified leads but also help you identify problems in your sales funnel.

Product Or Service Customization Offers: Customization offers provide users with more personalization element and hence increase website’s engagement rate. Customization offers different options such as building your own products or choosing custom components.

Final Words 

The above mentioned are a few elements of a perfect website design, but they are not all of them. If you want your eCommerce website design to stand out in the crowd, then you have to make the move when there is time. 

The design can be difficult, but it’s a way to make a space in your audience’s hearts. Make the best eCommerce website design with a professional’s help to avoid any trouble in the future. 

Take the risk and make the website for your audience’s convenience. Include all design elements in it that your audience will appreciate in the website to make a difference! 

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