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What Makes Efficiency Tracking Software So Popular in Today’s Competitive Marketplace

A manual system of tracking efficiency of the employees increases the chances of biased decisions and provides incorrect information about employee performance. Multi-tasking without tracking time reduces the employees’ productivity by about 45%. It is seen that approximately $37 billion money is lost behind unproductive meetings in the US.

Global statistics have claimed that about 78% of the companies are using employee monitoring software to track the performance of their workers and their online activities. On using efficiency tracking software, it offers you the best way to utilize time, both efficiently and effectively. It benefits your company in not only workflow improvement but also by enhancing productivity and work scheduling.


Benefits of Efficiency Tracking Software in Your Company 


Improved Transparency in the Workplace 

With efficiency tracking tool, it helps your company in managing business activities. It allows your manager to monitor the ongoing tasks and time spent on each task. On using this software, it provides real-time insights about work that helps managers in making better decisions.

From the employee outlook, this automated tool helps managers and team leaders to get a bird view perspective of the workload and optimize work schedules accordingly. It also helps improve work process transparency by enhancing the organization’s productivity.

Improved Employee Performance 

This automated system helps providing detailed and in-depth reports regarding increasing productivity. On using this software, it allows employees to access their own data. It also provides information to the employers in case unproductive employee time is seen.

Reducing Employee Negligence 

The chances of workplace negligence are relatively high using the manual method of tracking employee efficiency. It is because; people avoid taking responsibility, and that reflects negligence in the workplace.

But, on using an automated system, it helps reduce employee negligence. It will help them making more responsible while taking account of the tasks provided to them. As a result, it will reflect progress in your employees’ performance.

Improving Operational and Billion Efficiency 

This automated software allows your company to improve the organization’s operational efficiency. As a result, it facilitates your company to calculate accurate bills based on customer working hours. In addition, it helps check production worth and also helps make their payments accordingly.

Monitoring time helps managers quickly figure out the extra time employees spend on the overtime work. It, therefore, allows your company to compensate your employees based on their additional work.

Preventing Employee Time Theft 

As time theft is one of the significant issues that companies face due to loss of productivity and money. Global statistics have pointed out that employees steal nearly 4.5 hours a day from their work time, which accounts for losing billions of dollars annually. To mitigate such issues, you must integrate an automated efficiency tracking tool to prevent time theft.

This tool helps monitor the employees’ work time and lets your employer get a comprehensive outlook on your employees’ performance. It prevents time breaching aspects and also helps improvement of attendance policies.

Reduced Wasting of Time 

Without any monitoring software, it is impossible for the managers and team leaders to monitor the performance of each employee. But the automated software helps your employer get employees on track and curb wasteful internet practices.

Moreover, it also helps freeing-up administrators to stay more productive regarding time utilization and create inherent trust between employee and employer. As a result, it will help in benefiting both employees and employers.

Enforcing Existing Policies Effectively 

An important policy that each employee needs to follow is not leaking proprietary data of the organization in which they work. On using the automated software, it helps administrators to real-time monitor electronic communications between employees, and managers, via email and internet usage.

Moreover, this software also gets an early warning about any dangerous activities going on at the workplace. Having features like automated alarms, remote screenshots, and productivity monitoring helps the admin keep track of breaches that may occur at your workplace.

Keeping Track of Employees 

This automated software ensures to keep track of employee productivity at the workplace. The administrators can track the employee performance by tracking the use of distracting websites, even when they are working remotely. In addition, this software will send signals to the employers regarding any misuse of company property.

Gain Real-Time Productivity 

This automated software helps gaining real-time productivity by seeing real-time timesheets. It helps build transparency and easy access and control of the entire team. It also helps to improve employee performance.


Mind Workplace 


On using this software, it helps easy tracking of time spent by each employee on the provided project. In addition, it helps inclusion of login/logout timing, idle/busy time, total hours spent on work, and other applications. Therefore, this software is beneficial in a number of ways:

Tracking of Time 

This software system helps track the time spent by each employee on any project. In addition, it points out informational data based on employee performance, time spent on work, and distractions.

Monitoring of Attendance 

On using this software, it helps the companies identify star performers and employees who are not working properly. In addition, it allows you to monitor staff and also facilitates making improvements in the working patterns.

Evaluating Productivity of Staff-Members 

This automated software helps monitor every job role and work proceedings of each employee with accuracy and precision. In addition, it helps managers in keeping track of the work done throughout the ongoing project.


Importance of Workforce Management Tools in the Organization 


This automated tool helps achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency that helps in yielding decisions and facilitates easy integration of multiple systems. The benefits of using this unified software are enlisted as follows:

Less Dependency on Paperwork 

This unified automated software helps automate the HR workflows, from recruitment to offboarding. It enables easy access and uploads data in the cloud with less dependency on paper files. On storing data in unified software, it allows better access to policies by both remote workers and workplace employees.

Fewer Chances of Duplication and Improving Manual Entry

After HR creates a profile of each employee in the unified system, it facilitates easy adding, changing, and removing information without information duplication while working in multiple systems. On using an automated system, it helps in easy addition of information without re-entering information.

Easy and Consolidated Reporting 

On using a unified software system, it helps your employee to join, terminate and change the benefits and make changes in one place. Therefore, it helps not only save time and cut down on errors but also helps deliver assurance to the employees.

Improved Consistency of Updates

On using this software, it helps easy establish communication between HR and employees. It helps simplify the process by improving the chances of communication and information lost in translation.

Improved Compliances 

On using this software, it helps in accessible communication with the HR department. It also enables you to pull data from one unified platform, and that helps make it easy to create accurate reports and meeting compliance requirements.

Higher Employee Experience 

This unified software helps support better employee experiences by putting more benefits information and payroll information into employees’ hands. In addition, it allows good access to information, which will help enhance employee experiences.

Few Numbers of Error Occurrence 

On using this unified system, it helps in cutting down errors on payroll, attendance, time, and efficiency recording of the employees. This unified system reduces errors and helps prevent distraction and frustration for people involved.

Higher Insights

Consistent data reporting helps in a better understanding of your workforce, which helps drive the company’s ROI. For example, using a unified workforce allows an understanding of trends in areas like turnover and hiring. It also helps measure training, benefits, and payroll spending by tracking workforce programs’ success over time.  

Improved HR Reputation 

With multiple disconnections between the payroll and HR systems, it provides actionable and timely data to the business leaders. In addition, using this software helps build a positive reputation due to raised efficiency and accuracy of the system.



On using this automated efficiency tracking tool, it helps in measuring employee productivity and monitoring their efficiency. In addition, it provides a comprehensive report about the employees who are doing stellar jobs and those who are underperforming and struggling hard to reach their goals. The automated managing tool for employees provides real-time insights to improve the consistency of updates and improve the effectiveness of the HR team.

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