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What paper and finishing for board book printing

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What paper and finishing is used for printing board books? For many authors who are print their board books for the first time, most of them don’t know use what kind of paper and finishing to print their board books. Combine with my years of board book printing experiences. Let us detail discuss this issue. In fact, in the board book printing field, the book printing factory and clients often choose below types of paper and finsihing to print the board books.

1. Two one side coated paper mounting together

Why use one side coated paper isn’t use other types of paper to print board books? Because one side coated paper has below advantages.

(1.) One side coated paper with high color reproduction

Whether the printing effect of single-sided coated paper is good or not. An important criterion is for judging whether its color reproduction is high. Because one side coated paper with special coated on the surface. Thus, one side coated paper can perfect print the image’s original color, make which printing color are more lifelike. And more close to the color what we watch on the computer. So that to reduce chromatic aberration. Use one side costed paper to custom board book printing, it can make the pattern more bright, colorful, and looks more realized.

(2.) The thickness of one side coated paper is suitable

Because custom board book has a requirement for paper thickness. If the paper is too thick, it will increase the weight of the board book, and not be convenient to read. Then will decrease readers’ interest in reading. But if the paper is too thin, when the children read the book, its paper is too light and not easier to flip the book. The paper is too thin, will make the book without good touching and decrease the grade of the book. But the one side coated paper can perfect solve this problem. Moreover, the hardness of one side coated paper is enough to make the paper stand up and more convenient for children to read. Thus, a suitable thickness of one side coated paper is more suitable for custom board book printing.

(3.) The price of one side coated paper is cheaper

We compare other types of paper. The price of one side coated paper is cheaper and the cost effective is high. One side coated paper can better solve the cost problem from board book printers and publishers. For the board book printers, custom the board book needs more paper than ordinary children’s book, and the requirement of crafts skills are higher than other printing product. For publishers, one side coated paper can meet their color printing needs and save much cost. So most of the board book printers and publishers choose one side coated paper to do board book printing.

(4.) One side coated paper with high flatness, smoothness and whiteness

Because one side coated paper with high smoothness, flatness and brightness. Using it to custom board book is more suitable. When the children open the board book, good touching and attractive sight experience will bring them better reading experience.

(5.) One side coated paper with good ink adaptability

The ink adaptability of one side coated paper is good than offset paper. No matter does color printing or black and white printing, the printing effect of one side coated paper is very good. And it is not easier to fade. Board book often with a lot of pictures inside. We print the patterns on coated paper is more bright and realized. So when printing board books with one side coated paper, which printing effect is better than other paper.

2.Two one side coated paper mounting a gray board 

Apart from mounting two one side coated paper to custom board books. Some publishers will choose two one side coated paper mounting a gray board. To make the book look more thick and strong. But use two one side coated paper mounting a gray board to custom board books. The cost is higher than two one side coated paper mounting together. Only a bit of publishers are choosing this kind of paper.

In children’s book printing industry, we often with some processes in the children’s book. We often see the processes for custom children’s book are lamination, foil stamping, UV and over vanishing.

1. Lamination

The lamination process is a product processing process. In which the plastic film is coated with adhesive, heated and pressurized together with the paper printed matter. And then bonded together to form a paper-plastic integration.

Lamination, because its surface is a layer of thin and transparent plastic film. Which makes the book surface more bright and smooth. Then improve children’s book gloss and fastness. And makes the patterns look are more colorful and attractive. Children’s book with lamination not only improves its taste and value but also can protect the book. Lamination makes the book resistant to friction, moisture, light, pollution, waterproof,and etc.

Lamination has matte lamination and glossy lamination. Glossy lamination makes the books more bright, colorful and enrich. Matte lamination makes the books more simple and elegant. Custom children’s book printing often with glossy lamination. Because it makes the book more colorful and attractive.

2.Foil stamping

Foil stamping is a process in which we transfer the pattern on the hot stamping paper. Then transfer to the children’s book through the action of heat and pressure.

Foil stamping on the cover of leather, paper, plastic and other materials. We often use silver,gold or other colors of aluminum foil by heat stamping on the book title, pattern. The foil-stamped book cover has an outstanding artistic effect and is noble and gorgeous. Due to the special luster and gorgeous natural color of metal foil. It can create a strong contrast on the print screen. Thereby adding bright colors to different prints to get eye-catching effects. The use of bronzing technology can not only increase the grade of the book. but also the readers can enjoy the beauty when reading the book. Gold foil and black foil are hot popular in printing children’s book.

3. UV glazing

UV glazing process is also called UV drying glazing process. Through UV coating, the light refraction can improve the effect of children’s books. And achieve the effect of local brightening. Because UV glazing has incomparable advantages over traditional glazing, lamination and other processes. Such as no pollution, short curing time, fast glazing speed and stable quality. It has widely used in children book printing.

4. Over varnish 

We often divided over vanish into glossy oil varnish and matte oil varnish. The glossy oil varnish process can improve the surface gloss of the children’s book. Which making the book brighter and richer. Contrary to glossy oil varnish, the matte oil varnish process reduces the gloss on the surface of the print children’s book. Which can avoid irritation in human eyes because of its excessive gloss. Glossy oil varnish often use for custom the cover of children’s book printing.

If you don’t know to choose the paper types or finsihing to print your own board book. Don’t worry about that. BookPrintingChina has over 20 years of board book printing experiences. We provide various of custom board book printing services for you to choose from. Such as photo board book printing, custom board book with puzzle, pup up board book, etc. We had helped hundreds of self-publishers and publishers print their own board book and sell well in the book market. For your own board book printing, we can give you the optimal suggestion for paper types and paper weight


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