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No matter how original the scarf is tied, if it does not match the color of the outfit, everything is in vain. To avoid embarrassment, let’s analyze the top-end color schemes in the image. And, of course, we will show everything clearly in the photo.


Firstly, the red scarf is a timeless classic. It will liven up any boring image. This color is combined with blue, gray, black, white, yellow, orange. There are many shades of red, so finding your perfect tone isn’t too difficult.

Fashionistas tie scarves with a belt from a trench coat or coat.

You can go to a business meeting in blue mules, cropped jeans, a beige jacket and a red scarf.

What can I wear with a red scarf? Photos of bloggers show cool combinations of a bright stole with a white trench coat, nude coat and an ink-colored jacket. A win-win combination is a red shawl and a dark leather jacket. For colder months, pair a cozy snood with a blue coat and black skinny jeans. A bow looks great from a gray coat, milk boots, a straight skirt and a snood in a red shade.

The look looks spectacular with a red.


Gray is quite versatile and belongs to the achromatic – shades that are not in the spectrum. Usually gray is combined with beige, pink, white, red, blue and black. The combination of different shades of gray in one outfit is also popular. This style is called “monochrome” or total look.

Do you like comfort? Then choose an oversized coat, scarf, jeans and low-cut shoes. With a voluminous woolen stole warmth even in severe frosts.

What can I wear with a gray scarf? Photos show fashionistas wearing long scarves in a neutral shade with beige coats, dark skinny jeans, and boots. You can complete the bow with a laconic black clutch or a handbag with a strap. Another outfit option is a gray scarf, a navy oversized coat, black pants and brown boots.

For walking around the city, an image of a blue coat, patent leather boots and a scarf is suitable.

Wear a gray stole with a voluminous burgundy cardigan, jeans and lace-up boots. Refined natures wear trench coats of delicate powdery shades with a scarf, light trousers and ankle boots with heels. Be sure to try the combination of a gray stole with a blue cloak. In this way, you will look very refreshing.



Black is a classic. Items in this shade are included in the capsule wardrobe – carefully selected 6-10 items, of which you can combine up to 15 stylish bows. A dark scarf quite legitimately claims to be a basic item of clothing.

Skinny jeans, chunky boots, and a jacket are great outfits for school.

How to wear a black scarf for a woman who wants to look stylish? Dark snood, jeans and high boots are effectively combined with a beige coat. Moreover a dark strap and a small bag complement the outfit appropriately. A black stole looks good with a gray or brown fur coat. You can also experiment with monochrome dark bows by adding a bright handbag as an accent.

Lime color handbag perfectly dilutes onions. Combine a burgundy free-cut coat, blue jeans and boots with a black oversized snood. Wear a dark stole, skinny pants and tractor-soled boots with a light gray puffer jacket. A black silk scarf with a print will complement the look with a long navy coat and ankle boots.



Plaid motifs in clothes are the trend of this season. The cage looks cozy, stylish and original. Of course, products with a large checkered pattern look more impressive. With what to wear a scarf in a cage? Photos of models show interesting options: a red stole with a dark cloak, a scarf with a gray coat and jeans, a beige plaid stole with a nude trench coat and mustard trousers. A beige check scarf is harmonious with any shade.

Without the stole, the outfit would not look so expressive.

For study, an image of a light golf, flared skirt, black boats and a red plaid scarf is suitable. Combine the accessory with knitted sweaters, sheepskin coats, trench coats and coats. The checkered pattern can be repeated in shoes, outerwear or a handbag. A checkered scarf can be used to decorate most looks.



Beige is the embodiment of tenderness and naturalness. It suits absolutely everyone and is out of trends. A girl in a beige outfit looks elegant and chic. Monochrome bows in a nude shade are very harmonious, especially if each element of the outfit is slightly different in tone.

Until it gets colder, the jacket and jeans can be supplemented with a stole. A beige scarf and a free-cut coat are created for a cozy fall.

Try on an oversized gray coat, blue jeans, and a cozy stole. Choose a nude handbag for your look. A bow of skinny jeans, black pumps, a gray elongated jacket and a beige scarf looks stylish. Nude shades go well with mustard color. Try to collect an outfit from a beige stole and coat, a mustard handbag and boots. All shades of the spectrum are combined with gray. A hat and a scarf in different shades is a fashionable trend.



Do you want a spring mood? Then a pink scarf is what you need. Pink is worn with lilac, nude, light, blue, gray and burgundy shades. What can I wear with a pink scarf? Photos on the Internet show a combination of delicate stoles with gray sweaters and jeans, black trench coats, beige coats. Gray and pink look very harmonious.

Also in summer, a pink silk shawl can be combined with a light blouse, a blue pantsuit or an airy powdery dress. What can I wear with a pink scarf in the fall? Complement the beige trench coat with soft pink bactus, wear a stole to the lilac oversized jacket, and dilute the look of boyfriend jeans, a light T-shirt and a long gray cardigan with a cozy snood.

Oversized pink snood and oversized coat are created for lovers of comfortable outfits.



The blue color looks advantageous with turquoise, blue, mint, yellow, pink, white and gray. An all-blue bow looks very impressive. What can I wear with a blue scarf? Photos of fashionistas are a cool life hack. Alternatively, a blue stole can be worn with a plaid shirt and jeans. Moreover, total bows are always in trend.

Another stylish look idea is a navy-black overcoat, jeans, dark oxfords and sneakers. Casual fans combine boyfriend jeans, a leather jacket and oversized snood. For a cozy look, try a mint and turquoise oversized coat with a blue knit scarf. Match the bag to match the scarf.

Rock a blue scarf with a leather jacket for a casual level of dress.



The colors with which the green shade goes well are white, blue, yellow, red, gray, orange. This can be an image of mustard pants, yellow golf, leather jacket and green stole. An oversized floor-length raincoat with dark boots with stable heels and a long fringed scarf looks very cool. Add a gray mini-bag with a strap and glasses in the shape of a cat’s eye. Two shades of green in one bow – stylish and effective.

If your poncho has no neckline, complement it with a scarf. For example, wear skinny jeans, low-cut boots, a beige poncho, and a green snood. A chunky emerald scarf, a turquoise trench coat and blue jeans also go well together. For a cool summer outfit, take a dress and a scarf in the color of juicy green, and choose your shoes in a red shade. In addition, white goes well with all colors, including green.



Animal print is the trend of the season. Patterns reminiscent of the color of a zebra, snake, leopard, tiger are in fashion. Designers produce clothing, footwear and accessories with animal prints. Animalistic motifs make the bow very expressive. However, it is important not to overdo it: it is advisable to use one or two elements with an animal print in one image.The animal print goes well with many looks. A scarf with an exotic pattern will fit into almost any outfit. What can I wear with a leopard scarf? Of course, celebrity photos dictate fashion. A beige pleated skirt, pastel golf and a dark jacket are appropriately complemented by a leopard scarf around the neck. An orange oversized sweatshirt, dark cropped trousers and mules are a must-have for a long animal print scarf. As a result, you look perfect.

So if you want to be in trend, try on animal-print scarves.

In conclusion, khaki parkas and oversized jackets are also quite harmonious with a spectacular accessory. A pale gray dress, black stiletto sandals and a leopard scarf will create an image with a touch of glamor. For a bold look, pair the scarf with a red trench coat, dark leggings, and mustard boots.

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