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Where can i find a tax consultant?

By knowing the fee of money, helps its customers make economic selections that might be fruitful and result-oriented for their organization about tax-associated worries. Our groups of expert experts are constantly equipped to house our worth customers concerning the tax issues in their organization. Tax consultant services.


Tax consultancy is all approximately giving intelligent recommendations to precious customers. We have skilled tax experts on board to present the first-rate tax consultancy to our customers.


Income tax goes back submitting is vital for people in Pakistan. professionals at are specialists in earnings tax go-back presenting, Providing low-cost profits tax submitting offerings.


The profits tax ordinance offers a proper attraction if there may be any battle between the tax branch and taxpayer. We are offering tax appeals and litigation offerings.


Chartered Associates has skilled enterprise advisors for agency registration. We are imparting organization registration for start-ups and SME owners and getting in touch with middle registration.

GST REGISTRATION expert group will assist you with GST registration (General Sales Tax) and PST registration in Pakistan with no complexity.


Sales tax registration in FBR is essential earlier than submitting income tax returns in FBR. We offer Pakistan income tax registration (STRN) for the final five years.


Chartered Associates has skilled enterprise advisors for corporation registration. We are imparting employer registration for start-ups, SME owners, and contact middle registration.


Copyright Registration offers you felony possession of your inventive or innovative work, like books, music, and websites. Chartered Associates is professional in copyright registration.


Sole Proprietorship Registration is an appropriate manner to begin your enterprise in Pakistan. Chartered Associates is a professional in exclusive proprietorship registration in Pakistan.


Chartered Associates is a hastily developing accountancy company. We are providing monetary declaration coaching with Income statements, Statements of Retained Earnings, Balance Sheets & Cash Flow Statements. 


If you’re seeking out a company to audit economic statements, you’re in the proper place. q1 has skilled people to offer the provider of audit of monetary statements. 


Chartered Associates has validated enjoyment in bookkeeping. With a group of skilled accountants, we will make a custom-designed bookkeeping bundle for you in step with your requirements.

File Your Income Tax Returns With Us

Chartered Associates make profits tax submitting smooth for precious customers. You can get professional earnings tax recommendations and may document profits tax returns online with us briefly. We have a skilled group.

Tax Advice

Effective tax-making plans are a critical factor that could affect an organization’s powerful go-back on investments in China. Your body of workers has to don’tdon’t forget the applicable tax guidelines and broaden robust tax-making plans. At the same time, your organization invests and operates in China. bdp permits you to perceive those tax dangers and offer sensible optimized tax-making plans. Income tax return filing.

1. Tax Filing

Foreign funding businesses (FIEs), consultant places of work, and branches of overseas organizations in China must put together tax submissions. We can help withinside the training and compliance of the tax submitting, which include the subsequent offerings:

  • Monthly Value Added Tax (VAT) Filing;
  • Monthly Business Tax (BT) Filing;
  • Monthly Surtaxes (ST) Filing;
  • Monthly Stamp Duty (SD) Filing;
  • Quarterly Corporate Income Tax (CIT) Filing. 
  • Annual Corporate Income Tax (CIT) Assessment;
  • Monthly and every year Individual Income Tax (IIT) Filing (together with nearby personnel and expatriate personnel).

2. Individual Income Tax (IIT) Planning for Expatriates

Provide a tailored Individual Income Tax (IIT) making plans and suggest inexpensive tax-making methods for the expatriate;

Calculate Individual Income Tax (IIT), put together and publish documents, month-to-month and annual Individual Income Tax (IIT) submitting.

3.1 Withholding Tax

For organizations primarily based totally out of doors of China, however, who are imparting offerings to customers in China (this may encompass a China-primarily based totally subsidiary), your invoices are in effect “China-sourced earnings,” and the Chinese tax government levy taxes on those profits. The following earnings have to be a concern to China withholding tax (see additionally current/new DTA and PE rules): 

Dividends and profits;

Interest earning (e.g., mortgage hobby paid through Chinese subsidiary on shareholder loans to overseas discern enterprise);

  • Rentals;
  • Royalty earning;
  • Service fees;
  • Profits from the sale of assets;
  • Other earning.
3.2 Double Taxation Agreements

China has signed Double Taxation Agreements (DTA) and the Prevention of Tax Evasion with many nations with admire to taxes on profits. Of course, we recollect the applicable tax agreements and expand a powerful tax control method for our customers.

Our Services:

  1. Advising on withholding tax implication of dividends, hobby earning, royalty earning, etc., and offer affordable inspiration beneath neath China Tax rules and Double Taxation Agreements (DTA);
  2. We will let you pick out regions at, that are probably challenged by the tax government and advocate realistic solutions;
  3. Together with lawyers, we permit you to check shareholder mortgage settlement, carrier settlement, and royalty settlement among determined overseas corporations and Chinese subsidiaries;
  4. Assisting withinside the registration and approval of the applicable contracts through the government;
  5. Withholding tax submitting in appreciate of bills to overseas.




We have a professional and certified body of workers participants at, who offer high-satisfactory offerings, which might be as follows. Our tax specialists have an excessive understanding of tax consultancy, ensuring you’ll get an expert. Filing profits tax is obligatory for Pakistan residents, and we’ve got specialists who will propose what’s pleasant for you. We are talented at imparting profits tax submitting offerings for customers.

Also read

Filing tax returns in Pakistan

Overseas Pakistanis can file their tax returns on the IRIS portal.

To end up a tax filer in Pakistan, a foreign place, Pakistani first wishes to acquire an NTN (National Tax Number) by registering on the Federal Board of Revenue’s online portal. 

However, before we speak about the manner of tax submission for distant places Pakistanis, you can use if want to take a look at your taxpayer status.


 Non-resident Pakistanis filing tax returns

Non-resident Pakistanis have to file tax returns for their Pakistan-sourced income.

The simple answer is yes, Pakistanis have to file taxes in remote places. However, they are solely taxed on their Pakistan-sourced income.

Much like in other countries, taxation in Pakistan is based totally on an individual’s residential fame instead of their nationality. Previously, a man or woman was viewed as a tax resident if they continued to be in the country for 183 days (or longer) throughout a tax year, which starts offevolved on July 1 and ends on June 30. However, the duration decreased to four months after the Finance Act 2019.

That means, for the fiscal year 2019-20, an individual has to stay in an overseas us of for at least eight months or so to claim ‘tax-free status.’

Benefits of being a tax filer in Pakistan

Income tax filers have to pay significantly decreased taxes than the non-filers

There are various benefits of being a filer in Pakistan. For instance, if remote places, Pakistanis end up tax filers. They can avail the privilege of paying lower taxes on economic transactions. Becoming a tax filer is highly beneficial for non-resident Pakistanis who want to invest in the real estate sector, stock exchange, mutual funds, saving schemes, and even prize bonds.

Previously, in non-filer distant places, Pakistanis were barred from shopping for property in the country. However, the cutting-edge government has eased that restriction; a non-filer can’t buy a property exceeding PKR 50 lakh. Meanwhile, there is no positive restriction set for filers.

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