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White-label Telemedicine App Development


Telemedicine app development for healthcare software applications is a rapidly growing segment in the software industry. Application solutions in healthcare have become increasingly popular amongst companies. It is among organizations that participate in providing healthcare services as well as healthcare insurance providers. The telemedicine app development process begins with the definition of functional requirements that accurately captures the functional objectives and constraints of the new application. 

What Is White-Label Telemedicine App Development? 

A white-label telemedicine platform is one that you may personalize to your liking, rebrand, and resale as your own. White-Label Telemedicine apps are tailored to meet a healthcare organization’s specific requirements. White labeling is the process of rebranding and reselling a product. White-label telemedicine app development refers to solutions that save you time from having to code apps from scratch.   

When you opt to deal with white-label branding, you avoid having to start from scratch. These apps are pre-made by businesses, but you may buy them under your own name. Make any modifications you wish to them. 

As a matter of fact, with white-label solution development, a healthcare firm may readily engage a white-label software development company. White-label applications, like any other healthcare software, now have their own set of perks and features for providers. 

Moreover, the white-label applications in healthcare make you your own boss and give you the freedom of working with third-party software development companies and designers. Emorphis Technologies develops custom software and mobile apps for healthcare companies. In addition, our healthcare software application development ensures that all customers receive a custom application for their telemedicine app. 

How Is A White-Label Telemedicine Application Customized For Healthcare Organizations? 

A healthcare and telemedicine software development company create White-Label Telemedicine apps for you to meet your specific needs. You may make specific alterations to make it match your brand identity. The following are taken into account while the telemedicine application is customized for your organization. 

  1. White-label applications are branded under your organization’s name and contain features, logos, and themes of your choosing. 
  2. According to your existing operations, you can integrate with the existing API of the solution in the apps with custom services. 
  3. To utilize a white-label application effectively, it comes with dashboards and a robust load management processor. 
  4. A secure communication server is incorporated in the app to make video calls, audio conversations, or send messages to your patients. 
  5. A testing process helps it bug-free with effective custom integrations for your organization.  
  6. As you have the bug-free product ready, you have the option of publishing your software to various sites or the app store as your healthcare brand application. 

What Are The Features Of A White-Label Telemedicine Application Development? 

Emorphis Technologies developed telemedicine solutions that are best suited for any healthcare module looking to deliver online telemedicine/telehealth services. Our White-Label Telemedicine Application is a one-stop solution for patients searching for a hassle-free way to get treated, providing healthcare organizations with plenty of room for updates and developments. 

As a matter of fact, A white-label telemedicine solution delivers several stand-out readymade features which you just need to accustom according to your healthcare organization. 

Some of them are: 

  • Appointment Booking: Schedule an appointment with a healthcare professional who is familiar with your disease and symptoms. 
  • Doctors list and profile: You can add the existing provider’s list with their specialization and help your patients with details of providers available with your healthcare organization. This helps the patient to check the availability of services and specialists.  
  • Ratings and Reviews: This feature in the application helps patients rate and review the doctors according to their consultation experience. The same is helpful for all future patients and doctors to check and build a reputation among the providers. Whereas, healthcare organizations benefit from a direct review of the services their patients are engaged in. 
  • Video Consultation: High-quality video calling services make it easy to have a consultation while having a one-on-one talk with a doctor. 
  • Push Notifications: Receive daily notifications about new deals and platform upgrades. 
  • Payment gateway integration: Various payment gateway can be integrated like Square, Stripe, PayPal, and more. Henceforth, a patient can pay for services using a variety of convenient methods, such as Debit/ Credit Card, UPI, Net Banking, and so on. 
  • Knowledge base: This section allows patients to ask pertinent questions concerning their symptoms, illnesses, and treatments 
  • Data Security and HIPAA Compliance: A telemedicine app solution must be HIPAA compliant since most nations’ data security rules mandate providers to secure patients’ health information by employing adequate administrative, physical, and technological protections. Subsequently, this helps to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and security of patients and healthcare information. 

What Are The Benefits Of A White-Label Telemedicine Application Development? 

As a matter of fact, the benefits are the drivers for choosing White-Label Telemedicine Application development in comparison to customized healthcare application development.  

Some of them are:  

Reduced development costs and a speedy launch

A bespoke app necessitates delving into the core of the development process and personally compiling each component of your requirement. Consequently, this turns out to be rather costly. Furthermore, the app completion cycle for customized healthcare application development is substantially longer. Therefore, if you want to custom-build your app, it might take anything from a few weeks to a few months. 

Subsequently, white-label app creation avoids the difficulties that custom-app solutions face. A white-label platform provides access to a wide range of features that are suited to individual requirements. Consequently, application time to market is dramatically decreased, and you can go live in only a few days.

Bug-free and user-friendly solution

Whereas, a white label app is often carefully tested and adjusted to provide the greatest user experience to your intended demographic. On the other hand, a custom-based solution requires more qualitative analysis.

Competitive advantage

Although, today most healthcare organizations have a telemedicine app solution for servicing their patients and helping providers with facilities to increase their productivity. Whereas your closest competitor uses the technological tool to increase their ROI, you can easily get the ROI from day one using the already developed, branded, tested, and secured telemedicine application serving your patients. 

More White-Label and Custom Healthcare Solutions

Emorphis Technologies is a software development company that has developed various white-label and custom healthcare solutions. Accordingly, it includes remote patient monitoring applications, IoT-based healthcare applications, and clinical management software. Also, it works for pharmacy app development, telehealth app development, home care app solutions, and telemedicine app development. In addition, using Google Fit and Apple HealthKit has also served with wearable app development.

Some of them also include Clinical and diagnosis assistants, and fitness app solutions. Also, Diabetes Tracker app, healthcare knowledgebase app, and Patient medical health tracking apps. Emorphis technologies have also worked on various successful integrations as well like insurance data Integration software solutions, EHR and EMR integration, medical devices data integration, HIMS solutions, and more.

Medical Software Development and transformation

Medical Software Development is the process of creating mobile or online applications for both patients and medical practitioners. Though with healthcare software development services, whose breadth is only expanding, provide significant benefits to all players in the healthcare sector.

In addition to the above, transform your telehealth consultation business into an online one with your own Telehealth App. Each day, the usage of innovative technologies in the healthcare industry grows. Hence, in circumstances like these, automation may actually be a lifesaver. It can assist healthcare professionals by automating medical processes. Such as EHR maintenance, medical invoicing, appointment scheduling, inventory management, and more.

Emorphis Technologies has 10 years of experience in healthcare IT. It provides specialized healthcare software development services also amalgamated with innovative technologies. Additionally, trending technologies like blockchain, AI, machine learning, and the internet of things for better patient care, enhanced diagnostics, and lower costs.


Emorphis Technologies

Emorphis Technologies is a software development company having offices in Irvine, California, also in East Brunswick, New Jersey, and one office in Indore, India, offering its services for Digital transformation in enterprise mobility solutions, cloud computing services, internet of things solutions development, backend development, big data and analytics, salesforce consulting services, healthcare software development, Telemedicine app development, Retail and ecommerce solution development, fintech app development and Blockchain app development. Emorphis is a global specialist, providing software product/application engineering services to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), software-enabled businesses, and companies that work on embedded software. Our clients partner with us to achieve their business goals, by relying on our commitment to drive real business results and our proven ability to deliver high-quality services and support throughout the product life-cycle. Emorphis is a boutique technology company with experience & expertise in various Technologies like .Net, J2EE, PHP, iOS, Android, etc, and Cloud Computing like Amazon Web services (AWS), Software QA & testing (Manual & Automation). We design Products that are cloud-ready and can be deployed on AWS/Azure like cloud infrastructure. Our focus on engineering innovation and R&D help shorten time-to-market, ensure higher quality at low cost, and deliver greater innovation to compete in a global marketplace. We ensure that your ideas and requirements are backed by brilliant execution. And we extend end-to-end ownership of your product/application design, development, and deployment.

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