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Why Are Individuals Opting For Moldavite Jewelry On Christmas Days?  – Rananjay Exports

A Session Full Of Shopping

As the festival session is coming, everybody would love to shop, and whether it’s the cloth or the jewelry, people buy new stuff to look good and celebrate the festivals. Christmas is near, the biggest festival of the year, and everyone waits for it to celebrate it at large. Being a retailer, it is your responsibility to collect that stock loved by customers and make them happy. Moldavite is one of the prettiest jewelry which could be sold at the time of Christmas.

As same as the color of the Christmas tree, the Moldavite Jewelry is the green color stone, the shades of the stone may vary from dark green to olive green, but everyone adores the stone. It is primarily found in the round to very flattened shape, like in the plate or disc-shaped, or the oval, spheroid, dumbbell-shaped, elliptical, rod-like, or spiral. Selling this stone at your store would be one of the best ideas to make customers satisfied.

Why Buy Moldavite Jewelry This Session

Moldavite, the stone of greatness. It is a mysterious stone in the green color and is star-born. Which is formed from nature’s violent meteoric impact with mother earth. It is the glass of amazing delicacy and grace that serves humankind.

Moldavite is the stone of connection carrying the intense frequency and the fusion of earthly and extraterrestrial energies that are quickly felt. The energies of this stone are felt when the person holds the stone in their hand for the first time. The stone produces the sensation of heat, and then the heat could be felt in the whole body progressively.

Going Into The Depth Properties Of Moldavite

Moldavite is a member of the tektite group of the natural glass, which was formed from the interplanetary collision 15 million years ago. The stone can accelerate personal and spiritual evolution, making it highly sought for the metaphysical world.

The name of this stone comes from the Greek term, ‘tektos’, which means ‘molten’. The stone is a mixture of silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide, and other metal oxides with an amorphous crystal structure. It is the tar-black or the brownish-black, translucent stone found in the deep forest green color, which is only found in the Moldau River in then Czechoslovakia.

It Is Not Just About Fashion But Healing Too.

Moldavite jewelry has a rich history. It is used as a talisman and amulet of good fortune, fertility, and protection. Wearing the Moldavite stone in the form of pendants, necklaces, earrings will bring harmony to marital relations making connections stronger.

It is the stone that is good for counteracting cynicism and connects even the most world-adults with the universe’s wonders. Wearing the Moldavite pendants calms the worries, helping the person with the solutions and not only focusing on the problems.

The wearer can experience lightheadedness due to the intense vibration of the stone. Moldavite stone is also called the stone of transformation, and this stone is especially for the people who initiate their new beginnings. The stone will transform their lives and bring success and prosperity into the business or the job they will do.

Grabbing Attention By Wearing The Moldavite 

People would be very excited to buy the Moldavite Ring this session, as these rings will make their fingers beautiful and glam the whole personality of the wearer. As the person wearing the ring can flaunt in front of everyone with their rings. While going to the red carpets events, or the Christmas parties, Moldavite earrings could be a perfect pair to carry along with your dress. They would be a wonderful complement to your dress. Everyone at the party would surely ask the wearer about the place they have bought the pairs from.

So, as a retailer, make sure to have enough stock because when you buy this wholesale collection of Moldavite jewelry from Rananjay Exports, it would be out of stock quickly.

Emotional Healing Benefits

Moldavite necklace is the jewelry that reaches the most profound inner self of the person and brings the surface that a person needs to recognize and honor. It is an unconventional stone that assists in releasing an archaic belief system and can neutralize hypnotic commands. Moreover, it stimulates the third eye and the crown chakras, bringing new ideas, dreams, and energies within all the chakras.

Caring Tips For The Jewelry

When you are selling the stone to your customers, as a good retailer. It is your responsibility to guide your customer about the essential points they need to keep in mind to keep the stone safe.

By telling these points, you can create an excellent customer-retailer relationship, and when this relationship becomes strong, they will become your regular customer. Which would help you to grow the business in the long run. So, you can tell your customers about the things they need to focus on, which includes not using the ultrasonic or steam cleaner to clean the stone.

Instead, they can use a toothbrush with a block of mild soap and lukewarm water to clean the stone after wearing it every time. Also, as the stone is fragile, ranging at 5.5 on the Mohs scale hardness. They need to keep it safe from scratches and damage. You can gift them a box with the jewelry item and tell them to keep the stone in that box when they are not wearing it.

Why Recharging Is Important

Real Moldavite stones are part of the moonbeams that have fallen to the earth. So, when it is in the form of jewelry like a Moldavite bracelet or anything, the owner of the stone can keep the Jewelry in a bowl under the moon on the full moon day to get it recharged and to get back its incredible shine. Also, these jewelry pieces could be submerged into the bowl full of brown rice for 24 hours, and the stone would be full of energy when taken out.

You can also tell about the tips of checking the real Moldavite jewelry to your customers for their utmost satisfaction. Tell them that they need to understand that the Moldavite jewelry will always have inclusions and bubbles. It cannot be flawless pieces of jewelry.

Buying It From Rananjay Exports

When you know everything about the Moldavite stone, you should also know where to buy these stones from. Rananjay Exports is the online website from where you can order your wholesale collection of Moldavite jewelry. This is the most trustworthy website for a delivery order with complete safety across the globe. Moreover, they also give free shipping if you order over dollar 500.

This company sells high-quality gemstones of double A-grade quality and triple-A quality 925 sterling silver. They not only sell the Moldavite, but you can order other stones, stone-like Turquoise, Moonstone, Opal, and many more. So go and check their website and find the wide range of gemstones and unique designs on the website. For ordering the jewelry items in bulk, get registered with them and have a wonderful experience while being their customers.

Author Bio:

My name is Mia Martin, and I love expressing my opinion through interesting writeups. I have had a great experience in writing for the last six years. Which helped me understand the dynamics of creative writing. At Rananjay Exports, I provide deep researched articles on Moldavite jewelry to enhance your knowledge of stones. Hope it gives you a perspective on the satisfying purchase of jewelry with quality and authenticity in every piece.


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