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Why Food Service Worker Certificate is mandatory?

In the Health industry, food service worker is a fast-emerging profession. This profession is opening many opportunities in several areas such as Hospitals, Long-term Care Centers, Old-age Homes, Schools etcetera.  The certificate gives ability to serve food in a safe and healthy manner.

A food service worker is responsible for various roles. To start with preparation of food, individual prepares food as per the suggested ingredients and nutrition to an individual. For instance, a person with high blood pressure is advised to have less salt in food intake, so the Food Service Worker is entitled to cook and serve food as per the instructions. Same goes with the individuals with different needs of sugar, proteins, vitamins intake. Apart from that, one also should be served with appropriate form of food as someone struggles with food swallowing, a liquified form of food should be served.

A food service worker also, needs to be enough attentive to the temperature of the food that is going to be served to one. Food should be at a moderate temperature that can be consumed easily. It is not be too hot or too cold to eat. To check temperature before serving food, it is checked with a thermometer to ensure the suitable temperature.

Moving further, all these traits of being a food service worker are the part of the certificate and are taught to be a good service provider. The attained diploma or certification gives one ability to secure a job in many organizations. In hospitals, to feed patients who cannot feed themselves, this job post is created. As I was in hospital with my grandmother, who had specific food needs with liquified food, taste etcetera. Thus, a food service worker was assigned to her to take care of her food requirements as well as to serve accordingly as she was supposed to sit for 30 mins after having food and water intake was by adding a thickener to that. I realized that, for an individual, who is not aware about these things, cannot feed or take care of people with specific dietary needs. So, there is a great role of Food Service Worker in a hospital. Then, in Long-term Care homes, food handler’s role is considerable as there, they bear the responsibility to take care of several people. In schools, they are hired to serve to pupils according to their age, needs and specifications.

Food Service Worker’s average wage is $14.42-$16.82/hour which varies according to experience. To explore jobs, Canada job bankFind Article, Indeed and other websites can be surfed. There are several visible jobs which make it easy to apply and grab a job as a Food Service Worker. Certification makes you eligible to get any of jobs in mentioned areas.

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