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Why Tile Re-grouting Needs Experts

What would you do if we told you that the blackening color of the grout between your tiles can be restored to its original color? What if we told you that tile stripping or even complete tile replacement is not your only chance of getting fresh and new looking tiles? If your answer is: call Professionals, then continue reading to find out more, if not then continue reading to get convinced of our capabilities to revamp your place without opting drastic measures.

To re-grout tiles is now a popular trend that has largely replaced conventional methods of cleaning. Not only is the process efficient, but it also yields guaranteed and long-lasting results. In olden times, overhauling the existing tiles and completely substituting them with new ones was the only remedy to worn out, dirt infected tiles. Today, however, owing to the technological and informational advantages the world has made, several less drastic and less costly measures are in trend. 


Tile Re-Grouting Process

Tile re-grouting is an alternate for tile stripping and is also less costly and less time-consuming. The process involves three basic steps;

1. Thorough cleaning of existing grout. 

The initial step involves the thorough eradication of the entire mold, filth and contaminants pile up from the already present grout.

2. Applying a new layer of grout.

This is followed by removing the grout and replacing it with a new layer that is suitable for the tile material. The application of new grout is a thorough and complex process that requires high precision and attention to detail. 

3. Sealing the new grout.

The sealing process is the most crucial in the entire tile re-grouting procedure since it ensures the protection of grout from any external contamination for a set period. Sealers are applied according to the material of tile and grout. They are classified as;

  1.     Water-Based Sealers.
  2.     Solvent-Based Sealers.
  3.   Penetrating Sealers.
  4.   Surface Sealers.

For grout, usually penetrating sealers are recommended. Since grout is a highly porous material and therefore more prone to both contamination and mold formation, it requires the type of sealer which seeps deep into its pores and closes them off to the outside world of pollutants.  

This basic overview of the procedure makes it clear that tile re-grouting cannot be carried out at home and thereby requires the assistance of tile experts like us. The complexity of the process is that it requires someone who understands the variety of tiles and the kind of treatment that is suitable for them. Moreover, since the process takes sufficient time in its implementation, it is mostly not feasible for tile owners to carry it out themselves since they have several other commitments. 

GroutExpert ensures that your life goes about as per the routine that suits you, while we take care of your tile and grout related worries. Being tile experts, we take pride in our proficiency to re-grout tiles. 


Why leave it to the Experts?

There are several reasons why you should leave tile re-grouting the experts;

  1. We provide prompt and precise tile re-grouting services.
  2. The utilization of top-quality equipment is ensured.
  3. Our services are well organized and hassle-free.
  4. After process clean up is a part of our process.
  5. Our quotes are customer friendly.

We realize the importance tiles hold in a place. Not only do they bring out the beauty of a place, but they are also the most important monetary investment of any individual. Therefore, it is only fitting that this investment is made worthwhile by prolonging the longevity of tiles and grout. Several daily cleaning rituals are observed in this regard, and rightly so. Regular cleaning of tiles withholds both its hygiene and its quality. However, like all good things, tiles and grout also face a downfall and when that time comes, you don’t need to give up hope; rather give us a call and we will restore the originality of your tiles. To re-grout tiles is a major step of this restoration process and is crucial for the condition of both your tiles and grout.

Seeking professionals’ aid is the best thing to do when your tile and grout condition becomes irrevocably damaged. The worst can still be put off by observing necessary measures. Calling in a team of tile experts only ensures that proper methods, based on adequate knowledge and real facts about tiles, are applied on your tiles and grout. 

Therefore, do not invest your energy unnecessarily in carrying out the tile re-grouting process domestically when our service is solely designed to benefit you! 

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