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Why to Choose Video doorbell instead of Manual doorbells?

Are you thinking about getting a video doorbell for your house? This kind of doorbell does many things well, such as letting you know when someone is trying to get in or out. Some people like having their bell on display so that people can see who they’re trying to enter.

Before we talk about the benefits of Video doorbells, let us know what are the drawbacks of manual doorbells. The thing is, most of us have at least one of these bell systems in our home already. It’s either on the front door or on a windowsill. Having a traditional bell means: Letting criminals know that you’re not home if you don’t answer it. That’s not very good home security systems’ criteria, at all!

A better option would be to set up a two-way, or wireless, video doorbell that is controlled by your smart-phone app. With this, you can not only see if someone is trying to get in, but you can also see exactly what is going on inside your home. If you’re worried about potential thieves, you can even set up a motion detector alarm that will only turn on if someone walks within a certain range of your sensor.

These devices can be placed virtually anywhere in your home and will work with most cellular and smart-phone apps. Not only will this keep you and your family safe from any potential intruders, but it will also make it harder for them to break in altogether.

Features of Video doorbell:

Several different features have become available with some video doorbell models of two-way, or wireless video doorbell systems, including touch-less control, motion detection, dual cameras, voice activation, and night vision. With the touch-less control, you won’t need to use a cord; you’ll be able to simply wave your hands above the door so that it opens, without having to get up and do it.

Likewise, motion detection will help prevent accidental trips and falls on doors because the camera will pick up any unusual movement. Dual cameras will allow you to place two cameras on each door, one inside and one outside.

Voice activation will allow you to control your video doorbell by speaking a secret code into the phone. Night vision will let you view your house even in the dark, which could be incredibly useful if you have an intruder or a dangerous animal in the area.

Some of these benefits can be enjoyed by you, even if you live in an older, less tech-savvy home because the older versions of these devices usually don’t have all the features that are available today. However, newer generations of two-way wireless video doorbell systems have been designed to be as easy to set up as possible, while at the same time offering advanced features that will make controlling them as simple as possible.

In the end, you’ll want something that offers clear instructions on how to operate your system, so that you can be sure that you’re not wasting any time or money on trying to figure out how to do it in the first place. You can scroll through sites such as to find the best video doorbell of your need.


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