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Why You Should Give Gifts More Often

Gift-giving can be a tedious business. Plus, gift receivers do not make it any easier. At some point in life, we all come across people who don’t hesitate in brashly expressing their dislike regarding our gift. This, however, should not discourage you from the gift-giving practice. Psychologists recommend the practice of gift-giving as it improves social relations. Psychologists, economists, and anthropologists have conducted many studies on the subject. Recently, people are trying different methods such as gift catalogs for unique giftsto choose gifts for their loved ones.

Gifts help you strengthen friendships

Gift giving is a complex part of human behavior. It helps define our relationships with each other. Studies show that giving gifts to others benefits the giver more in the long run than the receiver. Most people believe that strengthening familial bonds and friendship ties through gift-giving promotes commodification.

Nonetheless, experts disagree with this notion. Most psychologists recommend exchanging gifts that have reasonable price tags rather than stopping it altogether. Experts believe that by giving gifts, you can encourage the recipient to think about you. Research shows that even though gift-givers expect more appreciation on their more expensive gifts, that is not the case.

Human beings have been exchanging gifts for thousands of years. In many societies, frequent gift-giving determined the status of families or tribes. Giving gifts was also encouraged in ancient societies through superstitions.

Gift-giving is not a human-only practice

Interestingly, it is not only us humans who give gifts to each other. The practice of gift-giving can be found in animals too. Scientists believe that gift giving is an evolutionary practice. This is because chimpanzees give gifts to other chimpanzees. These animals often give gifts to humans as well. Other animals such as cats, penguins, and dolphins also give gifts to their friends and family.

Meaningful gifts worth more than the expensive ones

Today, we are expected to give presents on certain occasions. For instance: if your friend throws a housewarming party, they may expect some sort of gifts for home decoration. Nonetheless, even on occasions where you are expected to give presents, it should carry some sort of meaning along with it for the recipient. Giving meaningful gifts to people on birthdays, weddings, and holidays will make them feel special and appreciated. Hence, you should not just give your friend random gifts for home décor without putting thought into it. You should also respect if a person tells you not to bring a gift for them.

When choosing a gift, you should consider your price range. Setting a budget will help you decide what kind of gift you should look for. Furthermore, you should also consider the relationship you have with the person you are buying the gift for. If the other person has given you a gift in the past, you should reciprocate their generosity.

To sum it up, gift-giving is a great way to express your feelings and strengthen your relationship with others. That’s why it’s always helpful to browse through gift catalogs for unique gifts for your loved ones.

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