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Why You Should Switch from Shopify to Magento?

Sometimes you might get confused about which is the right ecommerce platform? Or you may want to upgrade your Shopify store with Magento to get more functionality. If yes, you should read this blog to learn about how to Migrate from Shopify to Magento and why to hire a Magento developer.

Selecting the right platform is essential because the entire fate of your business depends on it. But choosing the right platform for your eCommerce website is incredibly important to set the stage for your business to thrive.

However, no technology is completely reliable, and in order to maintain our competitive advantage, we need to continually adapt to meet the ever-rising standards set by our customers.

So, if you currently own a Shopify-based e-commerce store, then after some time, you require a more suitable platform for your store. Because there comes a time when you want to increase your website traffic, improve your website performance, increase your sales and optimize the speed of your online store.

Shopify development is a good platform but is not growth-friendly for big fish. Thus, if you plan to move, you will want to migrate your current store to a more feature-rich and powerful platform like Magento.

Moreover, if you are a Shopify owner and you are thinking of switching to the Magento platform, in this article, we will give you some compelling reasons to migrate from Shopify to Magento.

Main Reasons to Migrate from Shopify to Magento

Below in the blog; you will get a list of the Top reasons for migration from Shopify to Magento.

1. Get Unlimited Customization While Migrating from Shopify to Magento

Shopify is a SaaS business model and is limited in the visual customization of an online store. The number of Shopify themes is limited, say around 100.

This is a limitation as you can only go for basic customizations through the theme settings and more advanced customizations through the theme editor tools.

On the other hand, Magento is an Open-source platform with unlimited modification and customization options. Magento features hundreds of different themes, giving users a wide selection from which to select and quickly put into use.

Magento 2 provides the ability to set multiple languages and currencies and different prices for different groups of customers. Additionally, a store owner can run various other stores and manage them from a single admin panel.

2. Popularity

The main reason for migrating to Magento 2 is that Magento is a licensed platform with the label “Most Popular and Widespread eCommerce Platform” while Shopify is a hosted eCommerce platform.

In addition to this, Magento is a free and open-source platform that does not require any further payments to utilise.

This is another important factor that contributes significantly to Magento’s rising popularity among owners of online stores.

3. Get Features Out of the Box

Shopify and Magento are two of the most powerful platforms with a lucrative set of required eCommerce features and support functionalities.

However, Magento has an advantage over Shopify in terms of providing several significant features that Shopify does not have. Magento provides unlimited inventory sizes, coupons, multilingual support, and discount codes.

An expert Magento developer can easily enhance Magento and Shopify by adding specific extensions from the store. However, Magento is the winner, with more than 5,000+ free and paid extensions.

4. Third Party Integration and Extensions

Shopify supports around 200 extensions, while Magento supports unprecedentedly, with over 5000 extensions.

Of course, they are a bit complex, but they offer the functionality you need to run your e-shop. When you work with Shopify extensions, you have to pay a price to shopify, and you have to do it every month.

While using the Magento will charge only a one-time fee for the Magento extension. The monthly running costs will increase if you go for recurring monthly running costs.

5. Advanced Mobile Commerce Technology

People can buy or sell products and services using wireless handheld devices such as iPhones, iPad, or Android using internet/mobile data from Magento stores.

Using the Magento ecommerce platform, you can easily integrate with multiple systems like iPhone, Android, Bing, chrome, etc. That is why Magento is the best ecommerce platform for your ecommerce business.

6. Business Models

Magento comes in 2 versions – Open source and commerce. The open source or community edition is free, and anyone can use it.

If you have a big store, you can choose the commerce version, which has much more powerful features like indexing, backup, caching, inventory management tools, etc. So, when you migrate Shopify to Magento, you will have ways to perform the migration smoothly.

7. The Magento Community

Magento boasts a large community, and you can expect new versions every few months. More recent versions of Magento have so many loaded with bug fixes, new features, and other improvements.
In addition, you can benefit from extensive technical support from the legendary Magento community.

So, these are the main reasons that make sense to migrate Shopify to Magento 2.

Best Way of Migration Process from Shopify to Magento

The migration process can seem a little confusing to people who don’t have a lot of technical skills. But it is not as long and complicated as it is supposed to be. Of course, everything depends on the chosen migration method.

It is recommended that you switch to manual migration if your online store has multiple entities to migrate. Or you will waste a lot of time on repetitive labour and run the risk of making severe mistakes, such as losing data or having it duplicated.

Another option is to hire a Magento developer to perform the data transfer for you. Although this can be quite an expensive method, you will likely have fewer problems with the accuracy of the migration.

Thus, if you don’t have the time and skills to migrate, you can rely on the Magento experts at Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd., a complete Magento 2.0 solution partner. This Magento development company can perform the data migration for you and provide all necessary customization and support at every step of your migration process.

Additionally, this Magento Development Company has a 99% job satisfaction ratio from their clientele and a 96% of client engagement ratio. These stats can give you confidence that you can 100% rely on Magento Development Team for growing your ecommerce business. They provide complete Shopify to Magento migration, including your products, customers, orders, data, and various entities, to your new Magento 2 online store. For more information, visit the website.

Conclusion of Top Reasons to Migrate from Shopify to Magento

Among e-commerce platforms, Magento and Shopify are unquestionably the most popular and widely used. When looking for an e-commerce platform, however, Magento is the best option if you need scalability and performance.

Magento is  more advanced e-commerce platforms, merchants and developers put a lot of their focus on it. Developers adore it because of its flexibility, which allows them to accomplish virtually anything in accordance with the requirements of the client.

It is also popular, open source, and provides multiple customization features per the specific business requirements. It also supports a wide variety of third-party extensions providing you to expand your online store’s opportunities. Additionally, if you want to scale up your online store in the future, you can easily make some necessary changes without effort.

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