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Wi-Fi Calling: Explained

Simply put, Wi-Fi calling is the ability to use the internet network for making video or audio calls instead of using a carrier network. Wi-Fi calling is gaining massive popularity and now is being used widely around the globe for making domestic and international calls. Let’s look at what Wi-Fi calling means to the users.


You may have come across someone talking about Wi-Fi calling; it can either be from your internet service provider or your carrier network provider, or even by friends, family, and relatives. Wi-Fi calling often refers to using the wireless internet network for making calls from a mobile device, but there’s more to it. Nowadays, smartphones are coming built-in with the ability to make Wi-Fi phone calls, and most of the major service providers like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T provide free Wi-Fi calling in the domestic territory. The best part is that Wi-Fi calling does not require a high-speed internet connection to work correctly. It makes use of a small amount of bandwidth for making these calls which range from 1MB to 6MB depending upon whether it is a voice or video call.

Why Should You Use Wi-Fi Calling

There are several advantages of using Wi-Fi calling. For starters, the reception and coverage are a lot better in Wi-Fi calling as compared to the regular cellular networks. Nowadays, smartphone chips are capable of switching between cellular networks and internet networks while you are on a phone call to provide you with seamless experience without any breaks or stutters. This can come extremely handy in situations where you are facing low cellular network reception but can use the internet connection. You may be at a place where there is no cellular network reception, but you can use the Wi-Fi service for making calls.

How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling You may already know about services like Skype, Zoom, or Google Meet that make use of an internet connection for making voice and video calls. Wi-Fi calling in your smartphone is quite similar to this, the only difference being that Wi-Fi calling is a feature that you can enable in your smartphone and then make Wi-Fi calls without using any third-party apps. Enabling Wi-Fi calling is a reasonably straightforward process irrespective of the platform of your smartphone. Whether it is Android or iOS, you will need to head over to the settings and then look for the settings related to your cellular network. You will find an option for talking on the Wi-Fi calling functionality. Once you turn on the switch, you can make use of the built-in Wi-Fi calling feature to your convenience. Whenever you are in a low network reception area, your smartphone will switch to the internet network for making calls.

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