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Wireless Earphones Vs Wireless Headphones Vs Earbuds

If you are confused between TWS earbuds, wireless earphones that are best, and wireless headphones, then this post(Wireless Earphones Vs Wireless Headphones Vs Earbuds) is for you my friend. Before I start I want to say that everyone has different needs. For some people the sound quality may dominate the build quality, for others, the sound quality will be the priority and for the other person, both the quality will remain in the same position.

So to clear all your doubts and problems I have written an in-depth article which will help you to choose the right gadget without any confusion. That is my friend, please read this post completely as I have covered all the topics in detail.


If we talk about convenience, it is very convenient to use wireless earphones. If you are using neckband earphones then simply put the neckband earphone on your neck. Now it is up to you whether to put the earpiece in your ear or not. You do not need to carry the earphones in your pocket. You just wear it on your neck and whether or not to use the earphones is your choice.

Suppose you want to listen to music then you don’t need to take earphones from the table because you are wearing them around your neck. Simply grab the earpieces and put them in your ears. Whether it’s a call or you just want to listen to music, you can do so without much effort.

Now let’s talk about the earbuds. Are the earbuds convenient? I think so but it is not as convenient as wireless earphones. You have to pick your earpieces from the earbuds’ charging case and then insert them into your ears. And if you don’t want to listen to music then you have to put those earpieces in the charging case of the earbuds. This is quite a lengthy process so it is not as convenient as wireless earphones.

If we talk about headphones, it is easy to use but you may feel uncomfortable wearing it on your neck all the time. You can’t put the wireless headphones inside your pocket so you either have to keep them on your neck or you have to put them on a table or desk.

If we compare all the gadgets in terms of convenience, then for me wireless earphones win.


Here too, wireless earphones dominate other gadgets. It is very comfortable to use as they are lightweight and less prone to fall. There is less risk of falling while you are running or exercising.

It is very risky to use TWS earbuds while running or exercising. There is a possibility of the earbud falling out of your ear. That’s why you have to use these earbuds carefully while gyming.

There is no risk of the headphones falling but if you are using heavy headphones then you may feel uncomfortable while using them for a long time, especially when you are running and exercising. Even if you keep your headphones on your neck for a long time you will definitely feel uncomfortable because of their weight.

So for me, the wireless earphone is the clear winner. But still, I would like to say that it is completely your choice. If you think that my opinion is not right for you then you can choose your gadget regardless of my opinion. I am saying all this because I have used all three gadgets.

Sound Quality- Wireless Earphones Vs Wireless Headphones Vs Earbuds

The first thing to note is that most of these devices use Bluetooth technology. So there is less chance that you will get the same audio quality as with wired earphones. Wired earphones have lower latency and good sound quality than wireless earphones. This is not always the case but wired earphones are better in most cases.

If you are a gamer and you want good sound quality then I would recommend you to go for wired earphones or wired headphones. If you don’t like wires, you can opt for wireless headphones or earphones. But keep in mind that wired headphones and earphones will have a better sound quality and less latency than wireless Bluetooth headphones and earphones.

Companies market their products by claiming low latency but latency will always be higher than wired products. So if you are playing PUBG or free fire then you will see a slight delay while talking.

Obviously, wireless headphones will perform better if we only compare these 3 devices. This is because the driver size of the headphones is bigger and it covers your entire ear. Hence its noise cancellation and sound quality are better than the other two devices.

But if we only compare earbuds and wireless earphones, you won’t find much difference in their audio quality. This varies from budget to budget, so if possible try both wireless earphones and Earbuds before buying in an offline store. Choose the product that you like in terms of sound quality.

Call Quality

When using all these devices indoors, you will not find any difference in call quality. Wireless earphones have better outdoor call quality. Now you might find this strange because, in the above paragraphs, I said that wireless headphones have better sound quality.

But call quality is not just about sound quality. You also need to consider the quality of your voice that the other person hears. Since the wireless earphone’s mic is near your mouth, the other person can hear you clearly.

On the other hand, the mic of the earbuds is not closed to your mouth. So if you are driving or running there will be some noise that can disturb the listener. You can bring your earphone mic to your mouth even if the other person can’t hear you clearly.

This will definitely help the other person to hear you clearly. You can bring one earbud to your mouth that has a mic, and then you can hear the other person’s voice from the other earpiece. But in the case of wireless headphones, you cannot do that.

Battery Backup

Now let’s talk about one of the important aspects of wireless gadgets. You will get to see 10-20 hours of battery backup in both wireless earphones and earbuds. The headphones can give a battery backup of 20-25 hours which is the highest among all three gadgets.

You have to keep in mind that the earbuds will give 10 hours of battery backup only if you use them at intervals and keep them in the charging case. If you use it continuously, it will give a battery backup of about 4 hours. But as they claim, the wireless headphones and earphones will provide a good amount of battery backup.

Price to Performance

Last but not least, let’s talk about the price. I will talk about price keeping performance for all devices same. Wireless earphones are the cheapest product with good sound quality. It will provide the same performance as earbuds and wireless headphones but at a cheaper rate.

But in earbuds, you will get the same performance at a higher cost. Even many such earbuds in the market can give the same performance as wireless earphone but its cost is 2-5 times more than wireless earphone. Headphones provide good performance or I can say better performance but they are more in price as compared to wireless earphones


If you want good audio quality with good noise cancellation on a wireless device then you should definitely go for wireless headphones. But if you want good overall performance for the price, then use wireless earphones. But if your main priority is style and your budget is high, then you can go for earbuds too.

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