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Health and Fitness

Yoga Poses For Digestion 

Yoga, the art of staying physically and mentally in good health, originated in India for over 1000 years. The ancient munis and rishis and ordinary people practiced this method of staying fit without taking any medicines. It is one of the physical exercises that deal with the human body’s anatomy and helps each organ work perfectly or fight body ailments. This alternative method of treating the mind and body is gaining popularity throughout the world day by day. Many people learn Yoga and become instructors. They go through the 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

On the banks of River Ganga and the Himalayas’ foothills, Rishikesh is considered the best place to master the art of Yoga. Yoga can treat any physical ailment. It can be body ache, indigestion, liver and kidney problems, blood flow in the body, cleansing the body of harmful toxins, and many more. Each of the issues can be treated by practicing various yoga poses or asanas. In this age of fast lifestyle, less sleep, and a fast & junk food digestion problem is most common. Let us discuss some of the Yoga poses that can help to solve digestion issues.


The Asanas For Proper Digestion

Bloating and uneasiness, constipation or IBS and indigestion are common these days. The main reason behind these problems is an irregular lifestyle, improper diet, lack of physical exercise or sleep. The food particles do not break down in the stomach and cause discomfort. The following yoga poses can help to overcome these problems:-

  • The Child Pose Or Balasana – It is one of the asanas that can release the stress in the body and calm the mind. Apart from having proper digestion, it improves the lymphatic system, thighs, and hips.

One should sit on their knees, folded backward and bring the big toes together. Keeping the arms by the side, one should slowly lean forward so that the headrests on the floor and the belly touch the thigh. The spinal column will feel relaxed in these positions. One can also stretch the hands forward, resting the head on the mat and pressing the hips’ back on the heels. Keep on breathing at these resting positions holding the position for about 20 seconds. Soften the neck and get up to the initial position. This Yoga will relax the mind and body and help to have proper digestion.

  • Forward Bend Poses While Seating Or Paschimottasana – The forward bend yoga is perfect for releasing gas and get relief from constipation. It is also good to reduce belly fat and helps to massage the organs inside our body. Diabetes can also be controlled or cured doing paschimottasona.

Staying in the seating position, bring the legs forward and point the toes inward. Keep the back of your body straight, allowing the ribcage to have adequate space for breathing. Inhale while raising both hands upward, touching the ears. While exhaling, bring the hands down and extend the chin. Stretch your hand as far as possible and touch your feet or the toes. If possible, touch your nose to the knees while bending forward. Raise your hand and body while inhaling and stretch the hands on both sides to come to the rest position. Doing this yoga asana for some time will give relief to digestion problems.

  • Triangle Poses Or Trikonasana – This yoga pose gives relief to constipation, improves the digestive system, and stimulates the appetite. Other body organs, along with the kidney, also functions after doing this asana daily.

While standing straight on the feet, keep the legs 2 to 3 feet apart. Extend the arms to the sides so that they are parallel to the ground. The palms should face the ground. Now turn your right foot 90 degrees to the right and the left foot 45 degrees to the right. Slightly shift your hips towards the left while the chest and the arms lean towards the right. Bend the hips and gradually lower the torso to the right side as you face up while the left arm is raised. Place your right hand on the mat just behind your right foot. Create a straight line between the arms and keep the head in a neutral position. Look up at your left palm, turning the head. Take several breathes at this position. Now inhale and lift your torso. Now follow the same process on the left side.

  • Pose for wind relieving or Pavanamuktasana – The basic tenet of Yoga is controlling the vayu. This yoga position helps to ease wind and gas from the stomach and cures other stomach ailments to improve the body’s digestion system.

Lie down on your back and stay in a relaxed position. Now gently lift the right knee and bring it close to your lower abdomen. Interlock the hands and hold the knee, and press it as close as possible to the chest. Take 4 or 5 breathes in this position. Exhale and lift the upper back and not the neck. Touch the chin with your knee while coming to the resting position while exhaling down. Follow the same process with your left leg. After that, lift both your legs, interlock the knees with the hand, and touch the chin to the knees. Gently put the legs down after some time and stay in a relaxed position. Continuing to do this asana for some days will also strengthen the abdominal muscles.



Practicing the above yoga positions or asanas daily can improve the digestive system and relieve bloating and gas. These asanas also help other organs in the body function well, including the liver, kidney, and pancreas. They also calm down the mind and bring inner peace. However, they should always be done under the strict vigil of a good trainer. I prefer one who has undergone 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. Never practice yoga, reading the instructions or following any video. But keep a trainer or teacher by your side as long as you are not accustomed to various body movements of doing the asanas correctly. Any wrong action can do more harm. So get an instructor by your side.



Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher.

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