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Yoga Poses That Increase Oxygen Levels In The Blood

Oxygen transmission throughout the body is essential to sustain life. The heart pumps blood and this blood, in turn, carries oxygen throughout the body. Having adequate and high oxygen levels in the blood provides lots of benefits and assists to sustain a healthy life.

Why is Oxygen needed in blood?

Our blood needs a ready supply of oxygen to sustain itself. Having a high oxygen level in blood circulation has a variety of benefits to the body. Some of the benefits of oxygen in the blood are as follows:

  • Oxygen in the blood helps to improve body strength and build the power of endurance.
  • It helps the individual to stimulate brain activity and in turn, increase their memory.
  • Oxygen in blood also helps to raise the levels of energy in the body and increase the level of concentration.

Thus having a high concentration of oxygen in one’s blood circulation is very beneficial and must be improved. The practice and the art of yoga have shown marvelous effects to increase oxygen levels in the blood. Various yoga activities like 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, practicing various types of asanas or poses have been seen to show visible results of increasing oxygen levels in the blood. There are many yoga schools in Rishikesh and all over the world offering the online 200 hour yoga teacher training course, which is helping many students to learn yoga from the comfort of their homes.

Which Yoga Poses to try to increase Oxygen Levels in the blood?

Yoga is the art and science of practicing the oneness of being. It concentrates on unifying the mind, body, and soul of an individual in perfect harmony with self. Yoga is very gentle and kind to the body and has been shown to help increase oxygen levels in the human blood by generating more flow. It also helps improve blood circulation and ensures that an equal amount of oxygens reach the body.

A variety of yoga poses are available that can be tried to ensure that the oxygen level in blood increases. These poses, if learned and executed properly will help the circulatory system and help the muscle to work in unison to increase oxygen levels in the blood. In this article, we will be discussing some of these yoga poses that help to increase oxygen levels in the blood.

  • The Pranayama:

Pranayama or the act of meditation is a very common and well-known asana in yoga. It is a deep breathing exercise. In this asana or pose the individual first blocks the right nose with the thumb and inhales from the left nostril. Then he blocks the left nostril and exhales from the right nostril. After that, he inhales from the right nostril and continues the process.

This asana is particularly effective in increasing the oxygen saturation in one’s blood. This is because this yoga pose helps to improve the functioning of the lungs in the body. This in turn helps the body to diffuse oxygen in the blood at a higher rate.


  • Trikonasana:

This asana helps to increase the capacity of the individual’s lungs. This pose or asana can be performed by stretching your legs and trying to touch the feet with one hand in a straight manner while putting the other hand upward. It can then be performed on the other side of the leg by repeating the process.

The Trikonasana pose or yoga asana helps to improve any ailments in joints or shoulder areas through oxygen transmission in those areas. It also increases the capacity of the lungs to withhold more oxygen inside the blood and help in circulation.


  • Matsyasana:

The matsyasana is named after fishes because of the shape that it takes. This asana has gained prominence because of its usages. This pose can be performed by sitting down on the floor and placing the left foot on your right thigh and the right foot on your left thigh. Then bend your torso backward while keeping the back relaxed. After this, you need to place to the floor, the crown of your head.

This asana or pose is known to help stretch and make the upper body more flexible. This asana is perfect for people who have desk jobs and sit for long hours. This pose straightens the spinal cord and back, and in doing so widens the individuals’ lungs. As a result, you can hold more oxygen in the blood with this yoga pose.


  • Balasana:

The Balasana is relatively simple and easy to perform the asana. This asana or yoga pose is performed by keeping the feet together in a bent position and then kneeling on the floor face down. After this, the individual is expected to place their arms above the head in a triangular format and take deep breaths.

This asana or yoga pose works on the inner thigh muscles and the lower back. It also helps to help with the regulation of patterns in one’s breathing. That means that this yoga pose brings uniformity in breathing patterns. And this in turn increases oxygen concentration in the blood.


  • Bhujangasana:

This is another very famous asana or yoga pose. This yoga pose is a very widespread practice and used pose. In this pose, the participant first lies down on the floor and then tucks their elbows upward while keeping the palm on the floor by the side of the chest. Then they attempt to lift their torso to the navel.

This is one of the best stretching poses in yoga. It is also very simple and helps with breathing. This asana seeks to cure back pains through equal distribution of oxygen in those areas. It allows the lungs to take in more oxygen by stretching the abdomen and the chest.


  • Tadasana:

This asana is concerned with stretching your arms above your head as much as possible. You can perform this asana by standing on tiptoes with the legs joint and then stretching your hand above your head in a joint format. After doing this you need to take long deep breaths.

This asana is a great way to increase oxygen saturation in the blood. This is because this asana is a method of excersing one’s lung capacity. When you stretch and take deep breaths, more oxygen will enter your respiratory tract. And this in turn will help your lungs and blood to get more oxygen.


  • Vrikshasana:

This asana is also known as the inverted V. This yoga pose can be performed by standing on one foot. You have to lift the other feet and join them to the knees of the opposite feet. After this, you need to stretch your hands and join them upward. After this, you need to take long breaths.

This asana helps to stretch one muscle and lung capacity. This asana or yoga pose can be experienced at 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. This yoga pose helps the individual to work on their muscles and increases their capacity to absorb more oxygen. Since the capacity of the muscles and lungs to absorb more oxygen increases, the individual can hold higher levels of oxygen in their blood.

Thus from the above, we can see that yoga has proven results to help stimulate the body to hold more oxygen levels in their blood. By effectively performing the above-mentioned poses you can not only increase oxygen levels in your blood but also lead a healthier life.

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