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10 Google Photos Tips and Tricks You Did Not Know Before

Of all the devices, the modern smartphone has managed to hit a masterstroke by adding the most amazing cameras. With this always-updating invention, we all take tons of pictures, and these pictures/videos occupy a lot of room in our device’s storage. But sometimes we run out of storage to save our photos. You can use Google Photos to expand your storage.

Google Photos is a well-known cloud-based backup app and photo storage for iOS and Android users. This photo sharing and storage service developed by Google was released in 2015 and is now hugely popular worldwide.

Google Photos offers a boundless backup of all the photographs and videos you take for free. But the images must be less than 16 megapixels to qualify for the unlimited storage. You can upload larger images, but Google converts them to 16 megapixels, with your permission.

It also lets you edit and crop your shots, share them, print them, and archive screenshots separately. A built-in assistant uses AI to enhance your experience even further. You don’t need to be overly tech-savvy to use Google Photos. It’s very straightforward and intuitive.

Clear up space on your phone, search for anything, and share it with anyone, get prints in a jiffy with these handy Google Photos tips and tricks.

Name Each Face

The facial recognition technology integration can help you organize all your photos. Tap the search bar and then tap the arrow to the right side of the people’s faces that show up near the top. From here, you’ll be able to label your friends and family that show up often in your photos. This comes in handy when you have to share just a particular picture of your loved one.

Filter Your Searches

Google Photos orchestrates uploaded pictures by location and date, and with its propelled picture recognition capacities, it likewise classifies the subject of your photographs. Search photos for items you shot like cars, birds, your dog, and enter them as search terms. You can enter multiple search parameters and tap the search button at the bottom of the window, and the app will present all images that include all the search terms.

Scan & Search Text in Photos

With Google Lens integration, it gets easy to scan for text and objects in the picture. Instead of typing, you can copy a phone number or mailing address from a photograph using Google Lens. To use Lens, find an image to break down and grow it to full-screen. Tap the Lens symbol at the base of the display to turn Google’s neural network loose on the picture. You’ll get helpful web links and different activities depending on the recognized objects.

See The Original Image While Editing

Here’s a nifty, under-the-radar highlight of the Google Photos application: When you’re editing a photo and playing with a filter, touch and hold down on the picture to see the original picture and rapidly compare your edits with how the image initially looked. Liftoff your touch to see the edited image once more.

Assistant Tab

You must be very much familiar with “Assistant” in your phones; however, there’s a different Assistant in Google Photos. Slide over to the Assistant tab to perceive what it can do. The Assistant tab incorporates fundamental housekeeping suggestions like documenting screen captures or receipts. However, it also generates suggested edits to your photos. You may even get an extravagant “color pop” picture that features the subject in color and blurs the rest of the photograph to monochrome. At the point when you see something you like in the Assistant tab, tap the “Save” button to include it in your library.

Create Collages and Animations

In the app, you will see the “For you” tab. On the “For you” tab, you can see a bunch of auto-populated movies and also create a new section. The create a new section helps you create collages, animations, etc. Tap on any of the icons and select a bunch of photos, and Google will create a video accordingly.

Sharing Links

At the point when you share a photograph in Google Photos, it springs up the standard Android share menu. However, there’s a special option hidden. Tap “Create Link”, and in a flash, you can make a connection that works for anybody with the URL. This works with numerous pictures, and there’s additionally a switch to permit others to add photographs to the link at that connect. The link is copied to your clipboard, so you can send it to any application you need. Just those with access to the connection will have the option to see the collection.

Un-delete Photos

If you deleted a photograph and now need it back, open up the Google Photos menu, select trash, and afterward pick the picture you need to restore. Photos stay in the trash for 60 days before being erased forever.

Hide Your Location

Google gathers area data for photographs, which can be extremely useful for sorting out and looking through your chronicle; however, it probably won’t be something you need to uncover when you share pictures with others. Head to “Settings”, open your Sharing inclinations, and select “Remove geolocation in items shared by link” to hide that data for any pictures or recordings you share through a link.

Search By Emoji

Pop open your Google Photos application, go to the search bar, and, rather than typing in text, pick an emoticon for your hunt term. A dog emoticon will return dog photographs, an upbeat face emoticon will get pictures of grinning individuals, and a birthday cake will give you birthday-related pictures. This probably will not be the most viable approach to look for your photographs, yet it sure is fun.


Google Photos offers a variety of functions to store your photos. The tips, as mentioned above, will surely help you in enhancing your experience with Google Photos.

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