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10 reasons to use a Wedding Planner for your wedding

The profession of Wedding Planner, or wedding planner, is one that you may have heard of before, or that you may have seen in American movies! It is indeed from the United States that this profession comes to us, there 85% of the bride and groom call upon a Wedding planner! So, you are probably asking yourself the question: why take a wedding planner services provider? What will she bring to the happiest day of my life? Here are 10 reasons to convince you!


  1. Wedding planner: an organizational expert

Organizing an event for 100, 150, 200 people is a mission in its own right! You have to manage the budget, find the right providers, ensure communication between each actor of the day, and coordinate all these little people on the big day. You may visit the event planner portfolio before you call on a Wedding Planner that means delegating all these missions! And that’s good because organizing is its strong point! Of course, this does not mean that you will not intervene, you remain the decision-maker of every moment of the event. However, you can rely on the organizational qualities of your event planner and thus have fun. Forget the stress and have someone to rely on!


  1. Optimizing your time

You work, you take care of the children, and you play sports: your life is intense! And it is not easy to find time to visit more places, try different caterers, or test makeup to find your beautician the day J. It is estimated that on average, the organization of a wedding is done in 250h to 300h. Obviously, when you already have a little trouble finding time for yourself, add 5 hours a week to research, visit, and meet that seems a lot! The role of the Wedding Planner in Seattle WA is to optimize your time.

After an analysis of your budget and your expectations, she selects the service providers who suit you. This limits the number of hours to meet several professionals. At 95%, the feeling passes with those proposed, since they have been carefully selected. It also ensures communication between the actors. You save a good number of emails, calls, text messages exchanged, and only receive the essentials. A great time saver!


  1. Quality providers

It is not always easy to assess the quality of the service provided by the wedding craftsmen. How to choose your DJ when you haven’t seen him at work? How to assess the quality of a caterer’s meal?

Your wedding planning company has its own network of professionals! She knows their work, their specificities, and their character traits. She has inquired about the returns of the former newlyweds and makes sure to count only quality providers in her address book. In the blink of an eye, she can suggest the right person for you, and whom she trusts completely.


  1. The distance

Do you live in the North but dream of getting married in a Corsican house? On a glacier in Iceland? In a Bordeaux vineyard? Or conversely, you went to work in another region, your family is here and you cannot manage the trips to prepare for your D-Day? The Wedding Planner takes over for you! She takes care of organizing your event wherever you want, and thus guarantees you a successful day with all your loved ones.


  1. A dream wedding

Did you imagine her as a fairytale princess? Do you dream of a wedding in the heart of the forest, lit by candles? Or on one of our best beaches? No limit to your dreams and desires, the Wedding Planner creates with you the wedding you imagined, from the course to the decoration, including the ceremony. It is during your preparation meetings with her that you will jointly target your expectations. You will then organize all the scenography: place, decoration, colors, location of the different times of the day… The only objective is that you have the day you dreamed of (under your budget, of course)!


  1. Expertise in details

The Wedding Planner will guide you and offer you solutions tailored to your desires. She will think of everything: the weather, the guests, and the time to orchestrate the day. All these things, she knows them, and she will take them into account in the organization of your event. This will avoid an outdoor ceremony without a plan B in the event of bad weather, or an error in estimating the travel times from the church to the reception venue, etc.


  1. Decoration in your image

Bohemian? Country? Romantic? Fairy tale? Rock? Whatever your style and your desires, it will offer you an innovative, trendy decoration, worked out to every detail, also according to your budget. Together, you will establish an inspiration board, then work on it until you obtain the scenography that suits you. You will choose the colors, the general atmosphere, but also the details, the flowers, and the little attention to the guests. All adapted to your place of reception. Some places need very little to be sublimated, while others require more work. Your wedding planner will be able to guide you wherever you are.


  1. Coordination: a well-timed day

Marriage is a busy day! The timing to be respected is important: the preparations, the ceremonies, the cocktail, the meal, the activities… The respect of the schedules should not be managed at random. To make the most of this beautiful wedding day, you will establish with your Wedding Planner a D-Day back- planning.

The purpose of this planning is to have a visual of the day, to be able to project on the different stages and to simplify the coordination of providers. He is often timed very precisely to leave a minimum of room for chance and contingencies. When it suits you, it is shared with all of your providers for harmony in the organization. Without this schedule, very often, each service provider establishes its own, individually, without really being able to interact with other professionals. This can cause problems in the management of the day, especially during the meal. Here, we ensure an optimal process, in all serenity.


  1. Good humor and Zen attitude from your Wedding planner

Because it is important to be able to be reassured and calm in these stressful moments, the Wedding Planner will always keep a smile and will communicate it to you so that you take pleasure at every step! Stress is often not part of her vocabulary, and she will be your pillar on which to rest for the preparations until the big day. Sometimes the bride and groom feel overwhelmed, often because the list of things to do is long and for fear of forgetting something. Being able to count on a professional in the organization also means making sure you have a peaceful life with the preparations and your wedding day.


  1. Enjoy!

This is obviously the keyword! Your wedding should be as much fun before as during. Using a Wedding Planner allows you to enjoy the preparations without stress, without wasting time, but also to take advantage of your big day: she will manage for you the unforeseen, the coordination of providers, and the distribution of accessories to the guests, will accompany them. For the placements, and will direct them towards the animations, and above all, it will be there for YOU! To allow you to breathe, to spend time with each guest, and also (and especially) between you.

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