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10 TV Remakes That Are Worth A Watch

TV shows are thriving now more than ever before, and the audience has become accepting of various genres and types and is engaging decently with shows. The creators and makers of TV shows are also attempting remakes now, and various old TV shows have been remade. Here is a list of TV show remakes to look out for


Hawaii Five-O

Hawaii Five-O ran through 12 seasons between 1968 to 1990 and was one of the highly successful TV shows of that time. The remake premiered in 2010 and was again equally loved and acknowledged. The creators have also been appreciated for taking in two Asian actors in the show. Hawaii Five-O is running with seven-plus seasons and can be a good treat for TV buffs.


The remake of 90210 enjoyed a higher success than the previous one and lasted for a total of five seasons. Nostalgia could be a prime reason behind the success of the remade version of the show. The show has been able to lay out a clear balance between melodrama and the subplots.


Dallas was one of the longest-running TV dramas in American history, and the remake has been able to gain high viewership as well. The story goes around Ewings, a wealthy family from Dallas engaged in oil and cattle ranching. The prime focus of the show is on the adopted son in the Ewing family.


It is a sci-fi series of 1983 that was remade in 2009 which maintained its relevance with the current audience as well. The show was so successful then that the makers also made a sequel to the show, V: The Final Battle.

There is a slight plot difference between both the versions as the 1983 version was about Nazi allegory, 2009 version was about the political fears and stigmas post the 9/11 attack.


It is a comedy-drama series that was released both in American and British versions. The American version is the adaptation of the original British version, released in January 2011. The show ran through eleven seasons, and the final one was scheduled to premiere in January 2020 but has now been delayed due to the pandemic.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Originally aired from 1987 to 1994 with 178 episodes and over seven seasons, Star Trek was a very popular show with almost 12 million viewers in the fifth season itself. After the end of the show, Paramount, the makers of the series made films with almost the same cast.

Doctor Who

The 2005 remake of Doctor Who had a different take to the series and changed the course from a cult classic to a phenomenon spread worldwide. Produced by BBC, it went on to one of most liked shows of the 60s, and even the remake has made its way to the list of one of the top shows.

House of Cards

An adaptation of the British series of the name, Netflix’s House of Cards is one of the highest-rated shows with a high notch and intriguing political narrative. The plot unfurls various domains of American politics and set around congressman, Frank Underwood and his equally ambitious wife. Claire Underwood.

The Office

The remade version of The Office is one of those shows of Amazon Prime that attracted the audiences into believing that this streaming channel can be of equal competition to Netflix. The Office has been loved by the audience. The Office, originally a British series, serves a basic plot of life of employees in a work environment.

Battlestar Galactica

This American military science fiction series is set in a star system where human civilization has been living on a group of planets called Twelve Colonies who have been at war with themselves in the past.

Battlestar Galactica, originally premiered in the 1970s and is one of those shows that garnered high critical acclaim and the remade version has also been able to do justice to it. This concludes the list of the best TV show remakes that you must watch. Many of these remakes are available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other streaming platforms.

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