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12 Beautiful Indonesian Islands: The Best Places To Visit In Indonesia

Many of the most desirable destinations to visit within Indonesia indeed remain almost undiscovered by tourists. There are more than 17,000 stunning Indonesian islands, and the majority of them are waiting to be explored.

Everybody goes to Bali and it is an amazing island for holidays (don’t believe me!) But it’s been affected by overdevelopment and overtourism for a long time.

If you venture out towards the other islands of Indonesia there are burning volcanoes, sulfur lakes, pink sand beaches tropical rainforests, wild animals, many more.

As Indonesia serves as my “second home” (and my wife’s home! ) We’ve had the privilege to spend a lot of time exploring this stunning nation, including some of the most distant away Indonesian islands.

Here’s my comprehensive list of the best places to go to in Indonesia!

1. Bali Island

Naturally, it’s Asia’s most popular holiday destination! I must make mention Bali, Indonesia. It’s a paradise for those seeking luxury as well as budget travellers. There’s something for everyone in this place.

For those who love adventure, Bali will be able to get accessibility to waterfalls, forests and cliffs, volcanoes and much more. Or, if you’re a more relaxed type, Bali has beaches, temples and rice terraces for you, as well as an innumerable number of great spas and restaurants.

If you think any of these seems appealing and appealing, then you’ll be in with Bali and the people who live there, exactly like I did. There’s only one downside: it’s over-travelled. The tiny island received more than 6 million visitors in the year 2019.

2. Nusa Penida Island

The stunning, exotic Island of Nusa Penida lies just 25 kilometres away from Bali and is considered to be a part of the Bali province.

It’s a tiny island that Bali however it is home to some of the most breathtaking scenery in Indonesia. We’ve been to Penida about a dozen times through the years, and Penida never gets boring.

It is possible to visit the island by day away from Bali (same trip on the return day) However, I believe it’s more beneficial to stay for at least a couple of days looking around the island.

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3. Lombok Island

Lombok is the neighbour island of Bali. It’s roughly the identical size to Bali and much less visited by tourists, yet you could argue that it’s just as beautiful.

The most popular attraction of Lombok lies on Mount Rinjani which towers over the entire island. It’s the second-highest volcano in Indonesia which is why you can climb it in just a few days.

Lombok is also famous for its stunning waterfalls and beaches scattered throughout the island. Unlike the beaches of Bali, many of these locations are not crowded.

Although it’s not as well-known as Bali, Lombok is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque locations in Indonesia and is likely to be the next holiday island for those who want to leave Bali.

4. Java Island

Java, the largest island in Indonesia is where you can find some breathtaking volcanic landscapes anywhere in the world.

The craters with a smoking flame located at Mount Bromo and Kawah Ijen have become renowned tourist spots located in East Java, and the central part of the island is home to the remains of ancient temples which look like something taken from The Jungle Book.

Furthermore, West Java has surreal lakes with crater formations such as Kawah Putih and many huge waterfalls to visit. It’s one of the top destinations to explore in Indonesia!

5. Flores Island

Flores is beautiful and wild It has many things to do and see however, it’s a large island, and a driving tour is an ideal method to soak everything into.

The top tourist attraction should be Kelimutu Lakes. Kelimutu Lakes, two turquoise-coloured volcanic lakes located in central Flores It is possible to observe them without walking.

Despite the absence of public awareness as well as infrastructure Flores certainly is among the most beautiful destinations to visit in Indonesia.

6. Komodo Islands

Komodo Island has become known for its home to the colossal Komodo dragons (the largest lizard in the world) and is also full of other bucket list travel experiences.

It is the UNESCO recognized Komodo National Park is home to many islands, with white as well as pink sandy beaches as well as scenic mountains to hike and coral reefs to dive and snorkelling. It’s also the only spot on earth where you can view Komodo dragons close to the wild!

We’ve been to Komodo numerous times throughout the years and it’s always awe-inspiring. One of the best things about the town’s gateway, Labuan Bajo, is that it’s located not too far from Bali and is simple to get there with just a short flight from Bali.

7. Sulawesi Island

Sulawesi is among my favourite islands to visit in Indonesia. Some of the most bizarre things we’ve seen have occurred on this island.

There are volcanic hot springs, Megalithic rock faces and karst mountains. insects-eyed tarsiers cave art from the past and extreme market for meat.

Sulawesi is also the home of one of the most bizarre civilizations in the world. Earth ( Tana Toraja) In Sulawesi, they dig up dead relatives each year to clean the dead while changing their clothing.

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8. Labengki Island

Labengki Island (and its exotic neighbour Sombori) could be Indonesia’s greatest kept secret. The unspoiled tropical paradise of Sulawesi is breathtakingly gorgeous. It’s among the most romantic locations we’ve been to during our journeys.

Labengki and Sombori aren’t ruined by the tourist industry in the past as of yet. English documentation of these locations is hardly available on the internet. We were hoping to see dinosaurs when we went through the caves, lagoons and jungle-covered beaches.

It’s extremely remote, which means reaching there requires quite a bit of work However, it’s an incredible island. amazing Indonesian islands we’ve visited.

9. Sombori Island

Sombori Island has been describe as among the most beautiful locations we’ve ever see in Indonesia. The numerous idyllic islands and lagoons have earned it the name of the Raja Ampat of Sulawesi since it is similar to the famous islands of West Papua.

This is an isolated island but the journey is worth the effort! We discover a variety of hidden beaches and lagoons that had not been named before and also saw wildlife that ranged from huge sea clams to Hornbill birds.

10. Bunaken Islands

Bunaken is a tiny island situate north of Manado which is the capital of North Sulawesi.

There’s a lot to see in the Bunaken Marine Park is home to some of the most sought-after Indonesian islands for snorkel and scuba diving. there’s even an enormous sandy beach that you can walk on when the tide is at its lowest.

We went to Bunaken on a day trip from Manado However, you could also take a private ferry if you want to stay for a longer period. The main island offers a variety of lodging options, and you can also stay near the action.

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11. Siau Island

Siau is a tiny volcanic island to the north of Manado It’s also less distant than Bunaken and isn’t well recognize even though it’s worthy to be.

The reason I’ve included it among the top places to visit in Indonesia is due to its natural beauty and stunning scenery. It’s stunning, yet somewhat unknown to international travellers.

Siau island is located on the most active volcanoes in Indonesia (Mount Karangetang), and the island is also home to its distinct species of Tarsier.

This is certainly one of the less well-known islands in Indonesia however, this means that you’ll be the sole tourist in the area!

12. Selayar Island

Selayar is an island that is long and skinny located south of Makassar it is also the capital island of South Sulawesi.

Another great place to snorkel and island-hop and you can also stay on a private white sand beach in Selayar Eco Resort.

Unfortunately, a large portion of beaches in Selayar is destroy by trash make of plastic (common on numerous Indonesian islands) however If you search around, you will find nice ones that are maintain frequently by resorts.

It’s not difficult to reach Selayar these days. It’s possible to travel from Bali via flights. With a quick transfer stop in Makassar and the final part of the journey takes just 45 minutes.

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