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4 Innovative Décor Ideas for a Boy’s Bedroom!

Is your little cub growing up? It is normal that you won’t be able to fit that little (growing) one in the old nursery right now. Well, children often require their own private place and a large room to create havoc in! So, if you are thinking of designing a new bedroom for your son, it is time to design the most smart, playful, and dramatic bedroom for him.

Design Your Son’s Bedroom Uniquely This Time!

Basically, a kid’s room should always be designed keeping his/her preferences in mind. Even your son would have given you a long list of ideas for the same. But we suggest, why don’t you check the creative and innovative ideas we have listed below and let him glance at them once?

  • Theme inspired bedroom

It always pays wonderfully to fix a theme for the bedroom and then decorate it accordingly. Like, you can fix a galaxy theme or a soccer one and decorate your kid’s bedroom. Coat the accent wall in dull dark shades of a grey galaxy or paint it according to your son’s favorite country’s jersey in soccer. Just call the best interior painters in Auckland from Total Paint and let them do the magic for you. They’ll make your son’s room complete with their perfect knowledge and experience of painting. After painting the accent wall, concentrate on giving the rest of the room a lighter shade and add some stencilling or stickers on the walls to complete the theme nicely. You can even choose the furniture and the decorative items as per this concept and enhance the beauty of your son’s room more.

  • The playful room

Is your son crazy about sports or games or just playing? Then why don’t you design his room as per his hobbies? Well, you can use the attic as the play area and provide a special space in a corner for his sports or gymming activities. And if it is a compact space, then it’s better to create a bunk bed with the first story dedicated to his gaming section and space above for sleeping. Choose the colour he wants for the room and better opt for tough wooden furniture so that his playing time isn’t hampered because of delicate items in the room.

  • The tent experience at home

If your boy loves adventure and camping out a lot, you can decorate his room the “camping or tent style”. Concentrate on getting décor pieces related to nature and animals and design a tent type of bed for him with wooden logs on top and curtains as veils.

  • The architect mind

For serious students and architecturally minded kids, you can let their interest design their room. Paint the accent wall in your son’s favorite or use a mural style wallpaper. Let the other walls be stark white on the upper part, and chalkboard paint on the lower part so that your child can unleash his creativity.

Aren’t these décor ideas unique and out of the box? Let us know which one your son picks for his personal space! 

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