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5 Most Stylish Instagram Profiles to Follow in 2020

Are you an Instagram user? Are you looking for some stylish profiles to follow to bring interesting content to your newsfeed? We all know that all Instagram profiles aren’t as fun as they seem. So we need to be selecting the right ones to make our newsfeed interesting. Far and wide, the search continues for finding the best and top trending profiles to follow in the year of 2022.

According to TheReporter, if you are someone looking for the most stylish profiles to follow in 2020, this is your stop. We have collected some of the top trending profiles with the most followers. The number of Instagram followers these people have shown their popularity and rating.  These 5 top stylish profiles are sure to bring entertainment back to your profile so make sure to follow them to make the best of Instagram.

5 most stylish profiles to be followed in 2022

Among all other profiles, we have selected 5 most stylish and trending ones.

1. Selena Gomez

One of the topmost trending stylish profiles of today on Instagram is that of Selena Gomez who has about 312 million followers and a million somewhat Instagram likes on her photos and videos. Her account is one of the most followed accounts today on Instagram. One reason may be because people feel like they can relate to her experiences. Moreover, the majority of her photos are interesting as she also shares her behind the scenes photos and videos. If you’re looking for a stylish profile to follow, you should be considering her profile as well.

2. Christiano Ronaldo

The footballer, Christiano Ronaldo is one of the top-ranking profiles on Instagram today. He is one of the most followed people having millions of followers and his own account has around 427 million followers making it to the top. He regularly shares his pictures of his friends, family, football, and his travels.

3. Doug the pug

Why are human profiles always at the top? This profile is of a dog, who is of one of the rarest breeds and gained popularity on Instagram. He is a combination of everything you look for in a dog; funny, entertaining, relatable, and always fun to watch. His photos and videos are a reenactment of TV shows and other movies. So, if you are looking for a stylish profile to follow, make sure to follow Doug the pug’s profile.

4. Kylie cosmetics

Being only 22, she is the owner of two of the most liked profiles on Instagram. Her photos and videos gain many likes, and her brand earns a lot through her promotion. Although all her sales aren’t from Instagram, she does gain a lot from her photos and videos. Her content is usually featuring her products, but she does occasionally post a picture of herself. Nevertheless, for most part, her profile is a showcase for displaying her collection. . If you are a supporter of cosmetics, style and beauty make sure to follow Kylie cosmetics for the best products and stylish content.

5. Luxy hair

One of the most stylish and trending profiles that you will find on Instagram is Luxy hair. This profile is specially targeting those who have a love for maintaining their hair. The profile shows hair extensions in every photo and video. Their products are displayed in a unique way and are shown out in the wild. Most of the pictures do not include showing the customers face so you can just see yourself with the hair. If you are looking for a stylish profile to follow on Instagram, make sure to follow this profile.

With Instagram taking the lead among all social networking sites, it surely is used to promote and advertise products. Nevertheless, many people have used Instagram as a great source of entertainment and to keep up with the trends.

After a hectic day of work, we all need a break. For many people, the break that they need comes from their Instagram feed. For such people, they try to keep their Instagram as entertaining as possible and mostly they prefer to get new instagram followers from For them, these profiles are the best option because they are greatly stylish and will help keep your Instagram feed updated with the latest trends.

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