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5 Reasons Why Clear Aligners Are Popular in Australia

Though Australia has a pretty good universal healthcare system, it only provides minimal oral care coverage. In the past, because of expensive dental fees, people often delayed fixing their teeth issues. Thankfully, thanks to innovative and more affordable measures like teeth aligners in Australia, people now can have the capability to address their bite problems. According to a recent survey, around 62% of adults in Australia are considering orthodontic treatment to fix their misalignment, crooked teeth, gaps, etc.

Over the last decade, these more affordable and very convenient clear aligners have become popular. They have overtaken traditional braces that make it look like you have metal train tracks on your mouth. If you are thinking of getting these invisible aligners, you are definitely on the right way. Remember, people see your smile right away, and if you are unhappy with how it looks, it can decrease your self-confidence. If you suffer from teeth crowding or a bite problem, it is now easier than ever to fix the issue with clear aligners. Take a look at the benefits of choosing this treatment option:

Easier to Clean

Everyone knows that old school metal or ceramic braces are difficult to take care of. Since they are fixed, it is easy for food to get stuck in between the crevices. Thus, whether you’re eating at home or having dinner out, it can be quite an embarrassing experience. In contrast, using a clear teeth aligner offers convenience because you can take them out for cleaning. You can gently brush the aligner trays with toothpaste and warm water before popping them back into your mouth.

Enjoy Fewer Orthodontist Visits

If you choose traditional braces, you have to regularly come to the dental clinic to have the bands and wires adjusted and tightened. Meanwhile, clear teeth aligners in Australia provide freedom. When you come in for the initial treatment, you receive the initial aligners trays and several more trays for the next phase of your teeth repositioning. Since you are given the trays in advance with a schedule for your progress, you don’t have to keep going to the clinic for adjustments.

No Food Limitations

Traditional braces are uncomfortable because you can’t eat too hot or too cold as they make your teeth super sensitive. On top of that, wired braces can be delicate because they can pop off with sticky or hard substances. Contrary to that, clear aligners can be taken out when you eat, so you don’t have to adjust your palette at all and enjoy the dishes that you usually love. Instead, you have to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth before installing the aligners into place.

Provides Better Visual Appeal

Everyone knows that traditional braces are very conspicuous. Some people feel pretty shy to wear them on their mouths because they don’t look natural. If you think this way, especially as an adult, invisible aligners don’t stand out. They are more subtle and don’t look as if you have orthodontic treatments at all.

Proffers Better Comfort

Last but certainly not least, clear aligners are just comfier. Even if you have never worn metal or ceramic braces, the news about how uncomfortable they are will certainly not be new to you. Movies highlight how painful it is to have this contraption in your mouth. They use extreme tension to fix the alignment. Each time you need to get them adjusted, you will have to go through pain, swelling, and irritation in your mouth. If you want to minimize the discomfort, the precise aligner treatment works better. It doesn’t scrape as severely on the walls of the cheeks, gums, or tongue.

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