6 Bright & Beautiful Dress Ideas For Women

Dresses are all about beauty and elegance. The aura of many party wear ensembles, including sarees, shalwar kameez, lehenga choli etc. must reflect grace. You might not find it surprising to know that all party dresses, which depend on the climate, ethnic, cultural and geographical conditions, differ from one part of the country to the next. This gives people more leverage in make healthy choices yet sometimes puzzles them up.

Further, like everything else, trends change with each incoming season as well. So it might be a best thing to search for the best trendy ideas before sliding into Ladies Suit Online Shop. Now if you are in the hunt for best dress ideas, look into a few that are accumulated below.



Angarkha, often referred to as Angrakha, is an elegant traditional clothing. It was a custom outfit that was typically worn by the elite class back in the Mughal period. In various parts of the Indian subcontinent, the influence of traditional wear has since prevailed.Β  The size and style of the signature angarkha comes out different depending on the choice of people while the signature cuts are the same. It could be an elegant option, combined with a tight trouser, Gharara pants or a plain shalwar.

Shalwar Kameez:

Shalwar Kameez

Unlike popular assumption, the shalwar kameez is a sumptuous party wear. In our opinion, with only a few experiments like incorporating adornments, stickings, and adaptations in the shalwar-kameez shape, you can create a beautiful dress for a party look to the Shalwar Kameez game. A plus point concerning Shalwar Kameez is that it is officially reusable and that it will not remain in your closet forever. Evescouture has the best Women Lawn Collection Online so dont forget to check it out.



Sharara seems to be the traditional wardrobe statement apparel that is sported in different styles throughout Pakistan. It is often mistaken for lehenga, but in reality it’s a pair of pants with several flares. It is commonly combined in the Anarkali style with a simple waist-length or a longΒ  Kurti. The whole appearance ends with delicately embroidered bright coloured dupatta. Sharas’s are suitable since the accessories are easy to carry and take off. For any season, they’re really comfortable clothing.



Gharara is another close associate of the Sharara tribe. The main difference between them is that a Gharara’s pants are attached to the knees. The position at which the material is sewn is aligned with a cloth or boundary band type. Typically, you can offer Gharara the right amount of adorning with a simple waist-length shirt or long shirt and right accessories.

Lehnga choli:

A Lehnga Choli is another popular idea. The lehenga cholis is one of the most amazing party-wear products. For festivals and marriages the best choice, women like to swirl through the smooth jacks and shimmering blouses. So pair a sprinkled flowy skirt to a flat or printed bold shirt. Ensure the color of the shirt, dupatta and the skirt are different but compliment each other.

Long shirt suit:

Long shirts paired with trouser pants are trending since last year. The shirt should be loaded with embroidery and pearl embellishments whereas the trouser can be plain. This time, the suit should be in one color though.


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