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7 Most Beautiful Destinations in Europe to Travel This Year

Europe is a paradise and home to massive mountain ranges, alluring scenery, islands, tropical rainforests, golden beaches, and spectacular attractions. The continent might be smaller but features the exotic beauty and wilderness on Earth, attracting millions of travelers every year. London, Paris, and Rome are the most popular tourist sights for perfect holiday trips. Its dreamy landscapes, beautiful waterfalls, rivers, rock formations, green forests, and breathtaking panoramas make the place incredibly unusual. 7 Most Beautiful Destinations in Europe

Visitors can explore the alluring sites in Europe, ranging from luxurious resorts, limestone cliffs to turquoise beaches and notable museums. There are around 51 independent countries in Europe, offering endless sightseeing options to the explorers. Each one is the best vacation destination, featuring heavenly sights full of sightseeing and adventure. It is a challenging task to select a few best places to explore in Europe. Even if you spend a month here, it would still be sufficient, and your heart will desire more and more. 

Plan a sightseeing trip to the beautiful destinations in Europe with your family or friends and relive the best days.



Italy is a beautiful European country and a popular vacation destination in the world, associated with culture, food, and history. Its capital Rome is home to wonders of the world and iconic landmarks worth exploring for its incredible art. Florence is one of the major cities featuring Michelangelo’s David and Brunelleschi’s Duomo; Venice, the canal city and Milan. One of the world’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites offers plenty of things to travelers. There is so much to discover, from popular museums, fancy cafes, art galleries, natural parks, and luxurious hotels. 

Additionally, the country features beautiful architecture, lakes, mountains, coastal regions, and stunning attractions. Some of the great attractions include the Colosseum, The Grand Canal, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Lake Como, and Amalfi Coast. More than five million people worldwide travel the country every year to explore the gems of its beautiful cities. 



One of Europe’s most well-liked vacation destinations, Austria attracts tourists year-round with places to explore throughout the year. With several of Europe’s finest sports, winter is nearly as busy as summer within the spectacular mountain regions. The guests’ square measure drew the maximum tourism for its scenic sightseeing tours. Its splendid cities like the capital of Austria, the historic capital, and exquisite Salzburg, the birthplace of Wolfgang, are great places. 

It is one of Europe’s smallest countries, featuring high mountains and the Eastern Alps, occupying 60% of the territory. The stream river flows for approximately 350 kilometers from west to east, increasing its attractiveness as a traveler destination. The magnificent Hofburg Palace in Vienna is the heart and soul of Austria, and it was the seat of the monarchy. In addition, Schonbrunn Palace, The Spanish Riding School, Salzburg Altstadt, Melk Benedictine Abbey, Kitzbuhel, and Kitzbuheler Horn are great attractions. 



France is one of the spectacular landmarks of Europe and an iconic vacation destination in the world. Paris is the heart and capital of France, attracting billions of people throughout the year from different corners. The most incredible tea salons, boutiques, charming fountains, lush green gardens, and family-friendly cuisines attract the most. June and August are ideal months to explore the city and its exquisite beauty and irresistible charm. You can begin your trip with the alluring Eiffel Tower, the symbol of beauty, and then discover other popular attractions.

In addition, there is no shortage of marvelous palaces and medieval villages, royal monuments, incredible museums, and fancy restaurants. The coastal area of Brittany features the ancient charm of fishing villages and seaports. On the other hand, the French Alps represent the popular cuisine of cheese fondue. The Palace of Versailles, Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Mont-Saint-Michel, Cathedral Notre-Dame de Chartres, Provence, Chamonix-Blanc, Alsace Villages are famous attractions. 



Georgia is a beautiful southeastern U.S. state, home to gorgeous beaches, farmland, historic district, botanical gardens, and charming attractions. Atlanta’s capital features the aquarium and the Martin Luther King historic site dedicated to the African-American leader’s life. Besides, Savannah is famous for its 18th and 19th-century architecture and public squares. It could be a state of many contrasts, making an associate in nursing a particularly attractive place to discover. 

The attractions which attract the tourists vary from its mountain and landscapes and feature Lookout Mountain and popular Savannah’s squares. From the world’s largest aquarium to the turquoise beaches and historical sites, it offers plenty of exciting places and activities. Its attractions are the Aquarium, Savannah Historic District, Botanic Garden, Rock City on Lookout Mountain, and the World of Coca-Cola. To book your tickets, avail the services of Aeromexico teléfono and get exclusive deals on flight bookings and tour packages. 



Spain is an iconic European country on the Iberian Peninsula, featuring 17 autonomous locations with diverse cultures and geography. Its capital Madrid is home to the Royal Palace and Prado Museum, exhibiting the collection of artifacts by European artists. In addition, its medieval castle in Segovia, along with the Roman aqueduct, are landmarks of the capital. Barcelona is home to the world-famous Antoni’s Gaudi modern attractions in Catalonia’s capital, including the Sagrada Familia Church. The historical attractions represent the country’s rich historical and cultural heritage and captivating natural beauty. 

April to May in the summers and September to October in the winters are ideal for visiting Spain. During these months, the temperature is calm and pleasant, and the landmarks are less crowded. Tourists can discover the gorgeous cities of Spain, including Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Palma de Mallorca, Valencia, Granada, Malaga, and Benidorm. Moreover, there are incredible museums, art galleries, mosques, cobblestone streets, and charming beaches to see here with your companions. 



Iceland is the world’s safest and most-visited vacation destination, popular for endless adventure and jaw-dropping scenery. It is home to incredible glaciers, hot springs, geysers, volcanoes, and captivating natural beauty. While you are here, you can rent a car for a specific period and explore places, not less than paradise. Another way to witness its wilderness and exquisite beauty is going on tours which can take you to magical locations. It includes the Northern Lights, ATV trekking, and traveling from Reykjavik to see the stunning beauty. The Blue Lagoon and exotic waterfalls are the major things to see in Iceland. 

In addition, adventure seekers can experience whale watching, hiking at Mount Esja, and sightseeing at the fascinating attractions. The country is also known as the Land of Fire and Ice, and seeing the Northern Lights is every traveler’s dream. The scenery makes the place incredibly beautiful and unique, and you will find plenty of things to do here.



Germany is a phenomenal Western European country, featuring a landscape of forests, rivers, mountains, North Sea beaches, and stunning attractions. Berlin is its capital and is home to fascinating art, vibrant nightlife culture, and popular locations. Oktoberfest and beer halls, including the 16th century Hofbrauhaus, are the highlights of Munich, attracting millions of travelers every year. There are several popular historic cities and small towns with tropical forests, mountains, and magical scenery. 

Nature explorers can explore metropolitan regions, including Munich, Frankfurt, or Hamburg, for the best sightseeing experience. Adventure seekers can plan a day trip to the Rhine Valley, the Black Forest, and the Bavarian Alps. Additionally, one can explore the ancient cathedrals and royal palaces in the smaller towns and villages dating back centuries. There are popular and incredible museums and art galleries in Berlin, representing its rich historical heritage. Dial Delta Airlines español and plan an itinerary to witness the wilderness and exoticness of the world’s best places.

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