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7 Surprising Facts About Trees You Didn’t Know

Trees yield rewards for you, your area and your entire world for decades when they are implanted. If you are into anxiety relief, higher land values and reduced utility bills, try donating trees or planting one yourself ! Listed below are seven facts you probably did not understand about our woods buddies (and seven reasons that you need to plant 1 now ).

Fact # 1 Trees are known to bring good luck

Why can we knock on wood for good fortune? This convention stems from long-ago pagans who exploited on tree trunks to rally the excellent spirits alive indoors

Fact # 2 Providing fresh air

An average-sized tree generates 260 pounds of oxygen each year, sufficient for 2 people. This is more then enough to meet the needs of 18 people.

Fact # 3 Trees Provide Physical and Mental Health Benefits

Exposure to nature and trees reduces mental fatigue and may decrease blood pressure and muscle strain. And areas with more trees encounter less crime.

Or, would you reside alongside a busy street? Plant a few trees. They muffle noise that is keeping you up at night as economically as a rock wall, all while generating oxygen, controlling erosion and erosion together our own water cycle.

Fact # 4 Helps in cooling environment

Urban heat islands occur when large swaths of cement and asphalt surfaces attract and keep the sun’s warmth, artificially boosting temperature. Trees create the most beautiful disguises for cement walls, tumbledown fences, along with other urban eyesores.

Fact # 5 Trees Could Save (and Bring ) You Cash

Cut utility invoices, trees ! Trees across the west side of your property can block a lot of the sun’s warmth to save $25 in your ac bill every year. Trees can also be natural windbreakers, and will, consequently, cut off your heating bills in winter. Having trees in lawns and across areas can raise property values up to 15 percent.

Fact # 6 Trees Aren’t As Helpless As They Seem

Some trees may create chemicals to fend off leaf-eating insects and a few can emit airborne signs to alert other trees into prep for insect attacks or even to telephone in different species such as backup. Apple trees, as an instance, can draw hungry birds to come eat invasive caterpillars.

Fact # 7 Declination in population of trees

Our planet consists of approximately 3 trillion trees. We cut 15 billion trees per year. Since the start of agriculture 12,000 decades back, the world’s tree amounts dropped by 46 percent.


Are you aware of the beautiful side of planting a tree? Planting one tree can help in growing a forest. For the upcoming generations let us leave a true legacy which will begin with planting one so start today!


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