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7 Tips To Improve Your Cool Drawing Ideas

7 Tips To Improve Your Cool Drawings

My designs have evolved enormously this year. The advice I have received, and turn, pass on to you, will allow you to improve the cool drawing.

My sketches have become artistic creations in their own right. I always find pleasure in it and I developed my style, a pencil line that makes my sketches stand out from those of others.

The reason is simple: I took live model lessons and practiced a lot.

And above all, I put into practice the advice that the teacher repeats throughout the course, and throughout the year:

  1. Hold his pencil further
  2. Circulate color
  3. Keep the pencil on the sheet
  4. Set accents
  5. Think in terms of volume
  6. Draw quickly
  7. Observe, see your mistakes, see those of others

I will explain these tips to you in more detail, why they help and how you can apply them in turn to improve your cool drawings.

1 – Hold your pencil further

When you write, you hold your pencil fairly close to the lead. The pressure on the sheet is quite sustained.

But when you draw, your line cannot be as strong as when you write.

A simple method of reducing the pressure on the line is to hold the pencil further away from the lead. Think about using a mechanical pencil, or a big pencil: the diameter of the pencil means that you can squeeze the pencil less.

A light stroke is perfect for starting a sketch. By making a very fine line, almost imperceptible, you will have no reason to erase (one of the first things that will be prohibited to you in class): your ‘false’ line will no longer be seen at the end of the cool drawing.

2 – Circulate the color

Even in the cool drawing, a touch of color helps to energize the work.

I quickly wanted to include some: I put a little color in the background or the hair. In other words, I placed a touch of color, concentrated in one place on the sheet.

Bad idea: it doesn’t work. What is nice is to make the color circulate, that it travels on the surface of the paper. If you put color in the hair, apply it in the background too, for example.

I applied this advice in my paintings. And this is at the origin of the colored backgrounds of my last paintings. We find in my background, the colors that are applied in the main subject, and vice versa, hence the harmony.

3 – Keep the pencil on the sheet

In the live model, you draw a body, so it is fluid, the different parts of the body are linked to each other.

Keeping the pencil on the sheet will contribute to the fluidity of your line. Even when the eyes are raised to look at the model, the pencil does not leave the sheet, you pick up where you left off. You can draw in the direction you want, without constantly looking at your line.

But don’t forget the first tip. Your pencil can travel on the sheet without leaving a strong mark on the paper. Sometimes the line has to make itself invisible.

4 – Set the accents

There is no question of spelling here. When we talk about accents in a one line drawing tutorial, they are lines more supported, more marked, thicker in certain places.

It is a way of bringing strength and character to the design. You have to know how to make the right dosage and not overdo it at the risk of rendering the cool drawing rough. And above all, their placement is essential, it is a way of marking gray areas.

Accents also allow the design to be read from a distance. We tend to look at a cool drawing up close, but if it is hung on a wall, it will be visible from several meters, so we must discern the strong lines in the distance.

I still have some progress to make in this area. But when I dare to put this advice into practice, I see the results.

5 – Think in terms of volume

You draw lines, but you have to think volume. The outlines should not enclose and circle. The stroke can wander outside the contours. And curiously it lightens the line.

If you add paint, watercolor, or ink, don’t try to fill in, you can overflow.

The brain of the one who observes your cool drawing will know how to identify the ‘real’ shapes, and recreate the volumes, even if the lines are not exact.

Think that you are not cool drawing an interpretation of reality.

6 – Draw quickly

Drawing quickly avoids getting lost in the details: no need to make sure the arch of the eyebrow is correct if the overall shape of the model is not correct.

In addition, cool drawing quickly allows you to produce a lot. If you spend 30 seconds or 2 minutes on a cool drawing, you will be able to achieve a lot in an hour. You will make a lot of mistakes, but you will also correct a lot.

If you spend an hour on a cool drawing, you will – perhaps – have made fewer mistakes, but you will also have corrected less.

7 – Observe, see your mistakes, see those of others

It would be wrong to think that one progresses only by looking at the right cool drawings. I also learn a lot from drawings that are not exact.

Go to a forum or in a cool drawing group (I like the Google Plus ‘learn to draw’ group from Pit Dessin), you will be able to see many drawings. Some are successful, others less. Ask yourself why they are wrong. It is often easier to have a critical eye on the work of others than on your drawings. If you don’t see what’s wrong, take a look in the comments, some people may have already advised on how to improve the drawing.

Little by little, you will be able to see the points to improve on the cool drawings. And above all, you will see them on your cool drawings, which will allow you to correct them, to advance your sketch towards more accuracy.

For example, in these cool drawing ideas, we see the red line of the left thigh which enlarges the model by at least 10 kg. I saw my mistake while making the sketch, and corrected it. My error is still visible, but it also participates in the overall design.

But that’s not all…

These 7 tips are the ones that have made me the most progress in my practice of cool drawing ideas within the framework of the courses of live models.

I still have plenty of points to improve:

  • Mark more accents: this practice must become a reflex.
  • Work on the composition by putting several people on the same page.
  • Work on faces, hands, and feet. Without losing myself in these details.

Then, spending these moments in the good company allows moments of complicity, especially if you learn together. Learn and dare without judgment, try and try again, modify, change the color or add legs … cool drawing ideas, even if it starts from observation, allows a free interpretation of our world! This allows them to develop their creativity and gives the child better self-confidence. You should try to learn cool drawing ideas with pencil sketch drawing.

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