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8 Fashion Tips For Guys Who Absolutely Have No Idea How To Dress Well

So you’ve finally decided to burn your ugly graphic tees from college and actually dress like a fine gentleman? Whether it’s for a new milestone in life or you just want a “new year, new me” makeover for 2021, we’ve got a couple of handy tips for you. 

1. Develop your eye for style

Identify the style you like. Even if you’re not naturally stylish, there’s got to be a piece of clothing or style you’re drawn to. It can be the style of South Korean stars or Ezra Miller or Tony Stark. 

By simply listing off a ton of men you think dresses well, you’re proving that you have an eye for great style. 

Nobody is born with some magical intuition on how to dress well. Even models, celebrities, stylists, and designers have their own fashion blunder eras. 

Developing great taste in fashion is a skill you can learn. You just need to identify the challenges or barriers that keep you from looking your best, like doubts or lack of time to work out. 

2. Nail the fit

It doesn’t matter if you’re muscular, skinny, plus-sized, small, or tall — the right fit is everything. You shouldn’t squeeze yourself into something too tight, or get something too baggy because it “feels more comfortable.”. When clothes don’t fit properly, they mess up your body proportions. 

3. Browse style ideas

Do you know a celebrity, Instagram model, or internet sensation whose taste in fashion matches with yours? Have you tried spending an hour on Pinterest for fashion ideas? The internet has a goldmine of fashion ideas that will help you develop your style, whether it’s for workwear or for casual wear. You can also roam around popular retail stores and see how they mix and match pieces on mannequins. 

4. Start with classic styles

It’s pretty much like cooking — you can’t create your signature, restaurant-worthy recipe without mastering the basic techniques. Nail the basics first then we go from there. 

Don’t try to be trendy or to build your signature style from zero. Instead, focus on essential, timeless pieces and styles, then slowly add your own spin later on. 

Classic styles are proven to look good regardless of the era you’re in. White shirt, leather jacket, dark blue denim jeans, boots — these looked great in the 40s and will continue to look good until the end of time. 

5. Go with neutral

The standard neutral palette is composed of white, black, olive, navy, khaki, and brown. If your wardrobe is all neutral colors, you don’t need to worry about “how to mix and match” — they all go well effortlessly. 

Shift your shopping habits to clothes in solid, neutral hues. Mix and match. Slowly, experiment with shirt and tie combos, layers, accessories, and footwear. 

6. Steer clear of fashion blunders 

We’re talking about graphics, bold logos that scream at your face, and wild prints. You do you, of course, but if you’re starting to build your style and look older and more mature so you can get taken more seriously, these pieces are the first ones to get rid of. 

Find time to declutter your closet and build your wardrobe around essentials. Get rid of anything too flashy, torn and worn, and too outdated. Retain the timeless pieces, which are easy to mix and match. These are the pieces with neutral hues, solid colors, and minimalist patterns. 

7. Get hands-on: Shop in a physical retail store

Promise yourself that when the pandemic is over, you’ll go to a good physical apparel store. While shopping for clothes online is convenient, it won’t give you the same experience if you’re still learning to dress better, 

When you shop for clothes in person, you’ll have the opportunity to try them in a fitting room. The trick is to pull three sizes: one, in the size you think you are, one size down, and one size up. You might be surprised that the fit is better than what you initially got. 

8. Surround yourself with people who know how to dress well

Do you have a fashionable friend, cousin, or uncle you can depend on when it comes to styling? Aside from seeking fashion tips, it would be helpful to surround yourself with like-minded folks who can support your transformation, and not oppose it.

In many cases, your family, romantic partner, and coworkers won’t have a positive reaction to your change. They may say things like, “that’s so unlike you” or “you don’t need to change your style, you’re okay the way you are.” While they sound caring, these comments just enable bad style and may keep you from improving yourself. 

Author Bio:: Carmina Natividad is a daytime writer for Rael Brook, a menswear retailer from Manchester UK, providing quality men’s shirts to trendy gents all over the world. When she’s not browsing Pinterest for fashion inspos, you can find her writing articles about fashion and lifestyle.

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