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8 Tips to Save You Stress From Wedding Flower Arrangements

Is your big day coming up? Why not look for the best ways to make your decor look grand but, on the other hand, also be affordable in your pocket. Flowers have been known to offer the best to the customers no matter how simple or grand your wedding is. 

The wedding to-do list is endless: reserve a location, send invitations, choose your gown, choose a menu, stock up on wine, find acceptable entertainment… While engaged couples’ attention is drawn to the bigger picture, it’s easy to ignore the cost of décor. With a variety of tried and true strategies, tactics, and ideas, we’ll teach you how to save money on wedding flower arrangement in this post. Wedding flowers cost roughly $2,000 on average. Don’t be caught off guard by the expense of your flower arrangements later on, especially if your budget is already pushed thin. When you say, I do! You may save a lot of money on bridal bouquets if you plan.

Fulfilling the bride’s dream with flowers that match her style and making her wedding Insta-worthy is a favourite hobby of florists. Planning a wedding involves making many decisions about things you may have never done before.

Weddings without flowers are just impossible. From the theme to the decor and the bouquet of the bride, everything has the presence of flowers. You can also select some of the most precious options within your budget just by following some tips. It will become easier for you to save on your expenses and enjoy the right flowers that go just in blend with your thoughts. 

Make a financial plan

Discuss every part of the wedding, including the flowers and floral arrangements. Confirm which components of your wedding are non-negotiable, must-have things when creating a budget. Always start with the purchase of flowers by making a budget in your mind. Be flexible that your amount can go up or can also go down, but you must not make it uncomfortable for you. 

If you’re collecting estimates from wedding florists, be open and honest with them. Let them know how much money you have so they can inform you right away if they can meet your needs. Make a solid commitment to your budget and inform your florist that you will not go over it. Make sure to check the portfolio in detail about the wedding bouquet flowers provider. This will help you get an idea about the services he will offer and how much creative you can be to save money.

Be open with your choices

Keep an open mind when shopping around, even if your dream wedding contains a certain picture of your wedding flowers. You might be able to discover more economical flowers or alternative decorations that you like. Make sure that you are flexible with your options. Do not be rigid on the flowers you need. If you want lilies and they are going over the budget, then it is a good idea to go for pansies. Why not look for orchids if you feel that the cost of roses is a lot. Want to know more? Then you can get in touch with the right service providers so that a good outcome can be generated from the service providers who have a good reputation in the industry.

Pick a color scheme

Working with a color scheme that requires minimal changes in flower type but can be quickly jazzed up with extra decorations is a good idea. Monochromatic color schemes are both cost-effective and fashionable. Do not just close your eyes and book the flowers, as you can easily look for better options. Go for themes that you can work out in different colors. A rose theme will bind you to only red color, but a floral theme will make you experiment with all the easily available flowers.

Do a lot of research

If you Google how to save money on wedding flowers, as you undoubtedly did to find this page, you’ll get an unending number of similar links. This is an excellent place to begin. Consider creating Pinterest boards to save ideas, photographs, and topics that appeal to you. You can also have a look at the couples who used the themes that can be of some help to you. This will help in generating good results.

Purchase in bulk

Consider ordering wedding flowers in large quantities from a wholesale florist. Buying in bulk frequently results in the most savings, and it’s best for individuals who get their flower list down to less than three varieties. Do not order one-piece or two-piece to check the quality. The best shop for your wedding flower arrangement is to get in touch with the right service provider and understand everything about them. They can also help you out with the portfolio so that you can understand the work they have been offering to the previous customers. 

Request a reduction in transportation charges

If your florist’s price includes high transportation expenses or additional transportation fees, inquire about other possibilities. Would they let you bring your flowers to save money? A huge S.U.V. or van could easily complete the task while continuing to save money. You can look for flowers that can be transported easily without getting spoiled and are available in the market near you. Also, if possible, you can go and take your car yourself and bring the flowers. You can also book the services of a col storage fridge that can keep the flowers looking fresh for a long time. Make sure that you order the flowers and they are ready to reach your venue before the celebrations start for the day.

Use flowers that are in season

In-season flowers will always be less costly since the growth conditions and costs necessary to create them are reflected in their flower pricing. When deciding on a wedding date, look into what flowers are in season at the moment. Wildflowers are a fantastic free alternative for producing a gorgeous bridal bouquet for spring and summer weddings. Wildflower collecting might even be a pleasant pastime for the bridal party. Do not go for the flowers that are not available in the season as they will cost you a lot. 

Obtain a mixture of high-priced and low-priced blossoms

It’s OK if you’ve set your heart on a gorgeous peony bouquet and nothing can persuade you differently. That’s something we’ll be able to handle. Make a small bouquet of peonies the centerpiece of your arrangement. When you have the basic flowers ready, all you can do is adjust some common flowers all around to make them look bigger and better. You can enjoy combining the flowers at different rates so that a good look can be given on your final day. Make sure to check on the different stores so that you get an idea about the expenses and offers. 


These are the best eight tips to help you save on your wedding flower arrangements. Flowers look great, and with some easy tips in mind, you can save a lot on your budget. Shopping for wedding flowers is not at all difficult if you have a calm and focused mind. All you need to do is to understand what you want your wedding venue to look like. Be a bit flexible, and you are all set to come up with the most elegant ideas. 


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