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A Brief Introduction about MBBS in Moldova

About Moldova

When Moldova obtained UN (United Nation) membership on March 2, 1992, it was authoritative that Moldova was independent. The country declared its freedom from the Soviet Union on August 27, 1991, and was the co-founder of the post-Soviet Commonwealth of Independent States. In 2014, Moldova and the European Union signed an association agreement.  It is a state in Eastern Europe at the intersection of its cultural and tourist routes. After independence, it has become one of the democratic countries. The country is famous for its rocky hills and forests. The vineyards and the National Museum reflect the cultural aspects of the country.

MBBS in Moldova

Today, the educational level of the MBBS course has improved, and students are keen to study the course outside of India. Due to entrance exams and high tuition fees, many of them are facing the problem of entering medical school, so students choose Moldova to study MBBS courses. There are many other reasons to consider doing this.

Cost of Obtaining MBBS in Moldova

The cost of obtaining MBBS in Moldova is cheaper than in other countries. Schools and colleges are highly respected and well-known in their respective research fields. Students can learn not only MBBS, but also new culture and life skills, but they cannot learn to study at home. It is one of the best destinations for MBBS in Abroad.

National University of Medicine and Pharmacy

Moldova, which is about to enter has several universities, colleges, and schools. However, one of the universities with the best MBBS education is the National University of Medicine and Pharmacy -“Nikola Testemitanu”, which is a government-funded university in Moldova. This university has a lot of attractive points, which explains why it should be chosen. I have been listening to the less catalog of world medical schools published by the WHO (World Health Organisation).

Medium of Instruction

The courses offered here range from 5 to 6 years, including a 1-year foundation course. All learning materials and courses are read and taught in 3 different languages (i.e. English language, Russian language, and Romanian language). The teacher is proficient in various languages so as not to cause any difficulties to the students. It is one of the best medical universities for MBBS in Moldova.

Degree Courses and Medical Courses

This university is located in the capital of Moldova in Chisinau. All degree courses and medical courses are conducted here. They provide these study materials in English, especially to help Indian students. These medical and pharmaceutical programs have been recognized by other European countries.

Academic Qualifications

Admission is based on the student’s academic qualifications and not any other medical admissions. Students must be at least 17 years old and must pass a score of 50 points or more to reach 12, SC (Scheduled Castes) or ST (Scheduled Tribes) or OBC (Other Backward Classes) must have a score of at least 45% in the PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) group, and must take a written test in science subjects. Here, the medical course is 6 years, and the dentistry and pharmacology course is 5 years. Of course, parents can control tuition, which is much lower than that in India. Accommodation and meals are not much.

Documents and Copies Required

Students must provide all certificates, as well as documents related to their education and financial status or the financial status of their parents, as well as the source of a valid passport and visa. India’s university grading system helps students transfer information to universities in Moldova along with necessary documents and copies of the latest university transcripts.

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