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A Complete Review of Razer Portal

Want an inexpensive router dedicated to gaming purposes? You have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the Razer Portal. Razer Portal is a perfect router for apartment dwelling gamers. It is an expandable, inexpensive router that is good for the locations that have a vast number of Wi-Fi signals. However, its setup procedure may feel a bit frustrating to the users, but overall it is best suitable for the apartment gamers. It is best for the ones living in the areas where a vast number of routers are present, resulting in disturbances and interference.

Razer Portal: Design

The design of the Razer Portal is simple and straightforward. Razer Portal has a very futuristic, smooth, and excellent design. The only issue is that it hogs shelf space because of its wide oval shape. Because of its oval shape, it cannot be easily mounted on the wall without any medium, and also it cannot stand vertically.

You will see a status indicating light on the “O” alphabet of the Portal Logo on the front. On the back, there are four ethernet ports, WAN port, reset button, a power jack, and two USB ports.

In the Razer Portal, you get an ethernet cable for connecting your router to the modem. Along with that, you get a power adapter in the package.

Razer Portal: Setup Process

The setup process is very streamlined, but it may be frustrating for some users. There is a fully-guided process for setting up the Razer Portal and running it. Even though you will get guidance regarding the setup procedure, it is not an easy process, as experienced by the users. You may face some glitches and bugs. You might have to restart the router again and go through some processes again and again. This will consume a lot of your time.

Razer Portal: Connectivity

The Razer Portal has high-end connectivity. It has a Fastlane technology whose aim is to cut through from the overcrowded web of Wi-Fi networks and provide you with a strong signal. Razer Portal is optimized to offer an impressive experience in the gaming field. It works even in places where there is no proper internet connection.

Razer Portal delivers an uninterrupted, fast, and reliable lag-free connection, perfect for wireless gaming. Razer Portal is a 5GHz network which delivers speeds higher than many routers of the 5GHz network. However, Razer Portal has a comparatively short range covering only over 3000 sq. Ft. If you want a more extended range, you can opt for the 2.4GHz network, but it will not have the benefits you get from being in a Fastlane. However, this slower network is also quite impressive as it gives a good speed for the connection within 4000 sq. Ft. Many ISPs will fail in delivering good speed within that range. On the other hand, Razer Portal provides good speed and works effectively for that range too.

If your requirement is of a more intense Fastlane network, you can buy an additional unit of the Razer Portal and create a mesh network with it. You can also form a dynamic dual-band network within the system to easily switch between the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz frequencies.

Razer Portal: Software

You can access your Razer Portal with the help of the Portal mobile app. However, you may not find the menu location exactly where you would have expected it in the router settings.

If you want to find the router settings in the app, on the main screen, tap on the portal icon, and you will enter a single page where you will find basic settings that are shortlisted. As discussed in the previous title, you can also add another Portal to create a mesh network.


All in all, the Razer Portal is an excellent router, particularly for the gamers living in the apartment buildings. The Fastlane technology used in the Portal is a plus for the individuals who have to deal with the network interferences by the nearby routers.

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