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A guide to Lightning Multi-Fibre Connector Inspection System

Fiber optic cables are hard to install and maintain. The technology is breaking new grounds, but once a technical fault arises, it consumes expert’s minds and time. Due to its structure, a small defect can bring down the entire system. It is as necessary to keep the network up as the technology itself. The FOIC lightning multi-fiber connector inspection system is an inspection probe. It is designed to inspect the multi-fiber connectors like MTP (Multi-fiber Termination Push-on) and MPO (Multi-fiber push-on connectors). This article will explain what this system is, how it works, and its different applications. Read on to learn more.

Lightning Multi-Fibre Connector Inspection System:

The FOIC inspection system is used to check whether the connectors in a multi-fiber optic are in order. It is a high technology device that can perform the inspection analysis of various variants at a speed of 1 fiber per second. Inspection is now easy and fast, providing accurate results. It conducts analysis based on the industry standards and user-defined cleanliness. Moreover, it offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity links to the users.

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Defining Features:

The lightning multi-fiber connector inspection system comes with numerous features. They are widely used in different applications based on these properties. Of all the properties and features, the following are the most prominent ones.

  • High-speed: The system is used in various data communication and telecommunication networks for inspection due to its fast speed. It inspects the connectors with a “1 fiber per second” speed.
  • Auto-analysis: The system inspects auto-analysis and auto-centric basis. This feature is the driving factor for such a high speed of this device.
  • Connectivity: It has multiple connectivity options. Names are Wi-Fi, USB, and Bluetooth connectivity. With easy accessibility, this system is the best option available.
  • Self-contained: The system is complete in all aspects, giving accurate results each time. It is a tether-free compact device with all necessary features built-in.
  • Generic: The device contains keyless UPC (ultra physical contact) and APC (Angle Polished connector) tips, which work with various connectors. For instance, due to these tips, it works with both MPO-12 and MPO-16 connectors.
  • Adapter tips: The system comes with different adapter tips. These tips make it work with all types of multi-fiber connectors.
  • Internal Storage: The tool comes with its internal storage. The storage capacity is high, saving up to 10,000 connectors and individual fiber images.
  • Battery Life: The battery life of the system lasts for as long as six hours.
  • Single-fiber: It has a wide variety of tips supporting single-fiber connectors as well.

These features are hard to understand for a commoner if he ever gets to know how to use the system. Often it is operated by experts. Individuals and businesses need to consider hiring professional fiber optic companies in Dubai to inspect the connectors successfully.

Applications of the system:

The inspection probe is used in different industries for different purposes. With its many features, it is of great service to data and communication networks. Following are some of the common applications of the lightning multi-fiber connector inspection system.

  • The system is widely used in large data networks and communication centers for bulk network installation and troubleshooting. Since fiber optic installation requires step by step monitoring, the device proves great service in such cases. It ensures the successful installation of fiber cables by inspecting the connectors.
  • It is used in data centers to analyze the multi-fiber connectors in bulkheads. Despite the bulky patch cords and cables, the device is efficient enough to explore every connector accurately and show the fault, if any.
  • Fiber optic companies in Dubai use this tool for MPO and MTP multi-fiber and multi-row connectors inspection. With a fast and accurate approach, this tool never disappoints, no matter how bulky the structure is.
  • The performance evaluation of fiber optic infrastructure is critical to keep the network up and running. The inspection system is used as an optimal tool for assuring the performance of such a large infrastructure. It points out a faulty connector of the system within no time.
  • The system is also useful for checking the cleaning process of the connectors. Connectors can run faulty if they are not taken care of. A proper cleaning process is mandatory for functional connectors.
  • The lightning inspection tool is used at the high-performance level to inspect whether the fiber works up to the mark. A fruitful outcome of this application is that it tends to maintain the fiber networks at high-performance levels.

Why acquire the services of proficient fiber-optic companies?

Fiber optic cables are widely used in the IT sector. Large data centers and communication centers use this for their data transfer and connectivity purposes. The purposes of this tech will only be fulfilled if it is installed and regulated by experts. For the successful execution of the network, the services of professional installation companies are necessary.

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