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Addressing mental issues with Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a treatment suggested for patients having mental issues. It is also called talk therapy. Professional psychologists put their efforts to sort out the mental issues encountered by the patient and find out the reasons behind them. Individuals with emotional, behavioral disturbances, depression issues, and anxiety problems, most frequently require psychotherapy to live a normal life. They freely discuss their issues with the psychologist instead of feeling awkward inside and feel satisfied when see that someone is listening to them consciously. Psychotherapy is the most effective treatment after essential medicine to treat mentally disturbed patients. Some patients even recover without medicine in a short time with psychotherapy.

Is drug addiction linked to mental issues?

Drug addiction is one of the major reasons behind mental issues these days. People are involving in the habit of drug misuse consciously or unconsciously. Drug abuse directly affects the central nervous system. It starts damaging the neurotransmitters that act as a messenger to control body actions. The patient starts losing control over his actions and behavior after prolonged use. The most common reason for their usage is to forget the current worries and enjoy the situation. Drugs make the person unconscious for a certain time, so he finds the solution to stress in drugs.

Psychological services at Koshish clinic

Due to the increasing mental issues by drug addiction, financial crises, tragedy, and other problems, it has become essential to address them otherwise they can worsen. If anyone of your loved one or you yourself are facing some sort of issues, do not let it ignored. Go to the psychologist for getting help to come out of the phase. Koshish clinic is the best center which is providing psychological services in Lahore for a long time. Expert psychologists have cured a lot of patients with mental issues. Whatever the reason behind your mental distress, if you share with a psychologist with full confidence, he will help you to deal with your issues peacefully.

Psychotherapy for drug-addicted persons

Drug addiction is a serious issue prevailing in our society, maybe due to various reasons like poverty issues or for pleasure. An addicted person does not pay attention to its bad effects instead he keeps on taking the drugs. They cause severe effects on mental health. The patient cannot control his body movement, his behavior, and his actions. He cannot even control his desire to acquire more drugs. Psychotherapy convinces the patient to control his desire and prepares his mind to take medical treatment. An experienced psychologist works out to find the reason behind drug addiction and helps the patient to overcome that issue. It increases the efficacy of treatment. Moreover, it is continued even after the medical treatment has ended to avoid the reoccurrence of the disease.
Psychotherapy has many advantages for the treatment of various issues.

Psychotherapy for alcoholic patients

Alcoholism is the rising issue faced by old as well as the young generation equally. Rich people have adopted this for pleasure in their parties and poor people take this to forget their economical problems for some time. A psychologist put efforts on the alcoholic patient to change his mind and see the potential damages of alcohol on his body. He does effective counseling of the patient and may involve his family members to complete the treatment successfully.

Counseling for depression patients

Depression is the most common psychological issue these days. It is faced by the young, old, poor, and rich all. Sometimes the patient even himself does not know that he is suffering from mental depression. He feels disturbance to behave well in his daily life activities, his job matters, and social issues. He feels irritating to face common issues and does not find himself able to cope with them.

Bipolar and OCD treatment

Bipolar and obsessive-compulsive disorders are mental problems that arise at a very early age of the patient. The reasons for these disorders are not clearly stated yet. Long psychological treatment along with medicine is prescribed in these cases while some patient recovers only with the help of psychotherapy. A psychologist helps the patient in OCD to overcome his obsessions and control his actions while in Bipolar disorder patient learns to control his hyper situations.

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