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Health and Fitness

Amazing benefits of Skin Icing

Benefits of skin icing: Our skin goes through a lot on an everyday basis, it has to face the harmful sun rays and heat, in metropolitan cities, it has to face pollution, dust, and dirt, and at times it also has to survive insect bites and bug bites. Besides being subjected to all of these harmful aspects, our skin remains one of the most neglected parts of our body.

It is an indefinite fact that we all are looking for quick and easy ways to refresh our skin and get back its natural glow while also maintaining its health. And if these skin-rejuvenating hacks help us in getting rid of our skin blemishes and tired worn-out skin, we can’t be more grateful for these hacks. One such therapeutic hack which cools down our skin and helps it in rejuvenating is skin icing.

What does skin icing do?

While the idea of putting chilly ice-cubes in your skin doesn’t sound very exciting and easy, it still is of high advantage to your skin. You remember how you keep your usual go-to skincare products in the fridge to keep them fresh and gain maximum benefit out of them. The same is with skin-icing, the technique is greatly refreshing for the skin and is popularly getting included in the morning and evening skin routines of many people. Skin icing is already being used in spas and during many skin treatments for several years and now it is becoming part of the daily skin regimen owing to the multitude of benefits it offers to our skin.

Let’s understand what is skin icing first 

You remember how often you have used the ice cubes lying in your freezer to reduce the puffiness under your eye or to remove overall facial puffiness, this hack is one of the basic forms of skin icing. If you are wondering, is icing good for skin? Then you should know Skin icing is one of the skincare wisdom that we learned about at a very early stage, we all have used cool cucumber slices on our eyes and ice cubes on our faces at some point. Besides being age-old skincare advice, there is a science to using skin icing regularly.

When we rub ice on our skin, the blood beneath the skin rises to the surface of the skin, which further tightens the skin and soothes it down. Skin icing is also known as skin facial and it is a cryotherapy treatment that uses the vaporized nitrogen to calm down and refreshes the skin of the scalp, neck, and face.

Ice has been regarded as the magical secret to achieving healthy, glowing, clear skin since olden times. It has been believed that the famous Russian empress Catherine the Great always started her morning with the application of ice on her face, neck, and decolletage. And in today’s modern times expensive and complex skin treatments have acquired a prominent place in the skincare and beauty industry, few regimens like skin icing will always be celebrated as classic skincare routines.

Let us look at some of the skin-icing benefits

Skin icing eases inflammation and swelling

We human beings engage in physical outdoor activities on a normal basis and at times these outdoor excursions lead to insect bites and rashes causing swelling and inflammation. Inflammation and swelling occur on our skin very commonly and one of the easiest and quick remedies for these skin conditions is an ice pack. One of many icing benefits on the skin is it helps in easing inflammation. Applying ice not only reduces swelling and inflammation but also provides relief from pain. Icing is also a great remedy for other common skin problems like stings and heat rashes.

In case you are wondering how icing can help in curing swelling, the answer is when we apply ice on the skin area affected by swelling, the low temperature of the ice restricts the blood flow in that area which further decreases the liquid content in the swelled up area and eases the swelling. Icing also helps with swelling by reducing the liquid pressure against the skin, a step that greatly helps in providing relief from pain caused by swelling.

Skin icing gives a glowing skin

The stress of work, the pressure of the deadlines, finishing assignments, running errands in the daytime, office commute, all of these aspects force our skin to lose its natural glow. As we step out of our house we open our skin to a variety of pollutants and external factors like sun, dry winds, and the pollution in the surroundings.

All of these factors hamper the health of our skin and make it look tired at all times. A quick remedy that might prove out to be helpful here is skin-icing. You might question if skin icing works as it is just a simple remedy but you should know the benefits of skin icing are myriad. Applying ice on the tired skin takes away all the dullness from the face, rejuvenates the skin, and further makes it look healthy. While reducing the tiredness of the skin, the process of skin icing also improves the color and blood flow in the area treated with skin-icing. Hence skin icing is a quick remedy to get an instant glow.

Skin icing reduces blemishes, pimples, oiliness, and acne

Oiliness can be a major mood-kill especially when you have to use a napkin, again and again, to wipe off that oiliness. Also wiping your face repeatedly can be harsh on the skin and prove out to be harmful. Skin icing can be of help here. In case you are wondering if the icing is good for oily skin then the answer is yes. Gently rubbing ice on the skin minimizes the pores on the skin which further prevents the production of excessive oil. Doing skin icing regularly removes the stickiness from the skin and makes it appear radiant and oil-free. Skin-icing also helps in reducing acne, blemishes, pimples, and prevents blackheads too.

When it comes to pimples which may be considered as a minor injury but prove out to be fatal especially when it appears on the face. When you notice a new pimple on your face instead of twitching it or applying force on it try using skin-icing to arrest it. Rubbing ice on a pimple reduces its size visibly and also slows down its inflammation.

Skin icing removes the puffiness from your under-eye area

Some areas on our faces start showing visible signs of tiredness as soon as our skin gets dull. One such prime area of our face is the area under our eyes. One instant remedy of under-eye puffiness is skin-icing. Now comes the question of how to do skin icing in such a way that it removes the under-eye puffiness then the process is first to dip some eye pads or cotton balls in ice water, leave them there for a few minutes, then squeeze them and put them on your eyelids. You will instantly feel the puffiness shedding off and a refreshing feeling seeping in. To make it more effective add a few drops of rose water to the ice water before dipping cotton balls in them.

Another way to use ice for removing eye puffiness is by wrapping the ice cubes in a soft cotton cloth and dabbing that cloth all around the puffy eyes. Dab it in a circular motion by starting at the inner eye corners up and moving towards the eyebrows. Some skin care specialists also recommend using iced coffee cubes for eye puffiness. Caffeine has constrictive properties which are greatly helpful in removing under-eye bags. If coffee doesn’t suit you or you don’t like the smell of coffee then you can also try using green tea ice cubes to get rid of under-eye puffiness.

While in these challenging times of Covid-19 it’s necessary to keep your hands sanitized, it’s also necessary to keep your skin healthy at all times and take good care of it to keep it glowing and fresh so try including skin icing in your skincare routine.

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