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Home Improvement

Back to wall toilet and Bathroom Taps

Choosing the Modern Taps is as important to some people as choosing other essentials for their house. Bathroom taps have been evolved from traditional design over time.  The standard features to some of the unique shapes and additional features in the modern world. These are available in various sizes, shapes, and colours, while every tap has its own set of features. Choosing one of them is a challenging task when you have an ocean of options. Here in this article are different Bathroom Taps UK

bathroom taps designs ukHow Are Modern Bathroom Taps Different?

To understand what we meant by modern here, we need to differentiate it from the classic or traditional style. The modern faucets tend to have a unique design that makes them look contemporary or from the latest collection. It can be either due to the latest technology integration in it or a design and shape that gives them such a look. Generally, it will be a single mixer tap with some bold edges and a stylish level that controls the water’s overall flow. 

Why Do You Need Modern Bathroom Taps?

Although taps are small fixtures but have a huge impact on the overall look. Therefore, you cannot ignore their role in the overall aesthetics of the bathrooms. In case you want to look modish, you will need the Modern Bathroom Taps. That’s why you want to install these fixtures. 

Salient Features of Modern Taps

Here we discuss the salient features of Modern Bathroom Taps UK 

  • The pillar tap design

The advancements in the taps have given added features to the traditional design of taps. The design of these taps may match the traditional one, but the improvement in water control and modern technology to prevent water spillage is the point of attraction here. Thanks to the improved ergonomic design and sculpted body, the water flows smoothly from these taps and ensures no leakage when the taps are closed. The single-hole installation of pillar taps makes the installation tasks much easier. So, enjoy the design of the vintage taps while having all the modern features that could sink into these pillar taps.  

  • Sensor taps

The sensor taps truly define the indulgence of modern technology in building taps that are loaded with features. Save yourself from touching the taps continuously for water control, as these taps have built-in sensors that could sense your hands as soon as you place them below the taphole. It then flows the water down to your hands and ends up the flow as you move your hands away from these sensors. Presently, these modern taps are trendy, and people are installing them in the kitchen, bathrooms of houses, and commercial properties. Using them saves you from getting in contact with bacteria and germs while closing the taps after washing your hands.

  • Retro black bathroom taps

If you are a retro liking kind of person, then these tips are just right for you. While having a lamp shaped body, the retro taps feature both hot and cold-water function that flows from the single water outlet. Apart from the features, the European of these taps are the main source of attraction. We listed the retro taps among the modern taps because they have a lot of demand in the modern world and have embedded modern features to keep technology and art in parallel.

  • Gold bathroom taps.

Are you the person who has a special affection for gold-colored things? If so, these bathroom taps should be your choice. The vibrant gold colour gives an eye-catching appeal to the visitors. The whole tap is coloured in gold, with the bottom part crafted with a white background. Overall, these taps are an amazing piece of art for your bathroom.

  • Semi-moon bathroom taps

These taps have a unique semi-moon shape resulting from modern design, increasing your bathroom’s grace to the next level. While featuring a thin water outlet along with ceramic valves to control the water flow, these taps are so tempting to be in your bathroom. So, give your bathroom a futuristic look by installing these semi-moon bathroom taps.

 Looking for Modern Taps for Your Bathrooms?

In this article, we have a discussion about Bathroom Taps. There are plenty of elegant choices available that can enhance the overall aesthetics of your space. At Royal Bathrooms UK, we have the latest designs available from all the leading brands like Kartell and Prime at lower prices. You can visit our website to place an order as per your requirements. 

Back to wall toilet – pick the suitable items for your bathroom

During the centuries, toilet design has changed according to people’s use in various ways. Some developments involved changing the style or shape of the toilet, while some modified the actual back to wall toilet function. Add flushing mechanisms, separate the cistern, add the cistern, and hide the water tank more recently. Many of the changes are due to style, cleaner lines, luxury, and comfort. More recently, some of these modifications are due to the need to reduce the use of water and thus save on water bills; through improved efficiency of the flushing mechanism.

The choice of toilets has expanded using one- or two-piece toilets, single flush; or double flush toilets, circular, square, or elongated toilets. Read more to reduce confusion and learn how to choose a new bathroom.

toiletsChoices of toilet
The following factors will help you finalize your selection under the wide umbrella of diverse forms, styles, and sizes:
Flush gallons— This is the quantity of water that flushed off when the flush button is pressed. It can range in high-efficiency toilets from about 1.6 gallons in regular toilets to 1.28 gallons. Dual flush toilets allow you to choose a full or half fluff in comparison to regular toilets; reducing considerable water a year by ripping approximately 0.8 gallons per flush.

One or two pieces: A double toilet is always cheaper in terms of costs than a single piece. As a one-piece toilet has no connecting parts, leakage problems are less likely; whereas a two-piece toilet has flexibility because the cistern is convenient.
Long or round: these varieties usually have little size difference. The long bowls are usually 2 centimeters larger than round bowls. It is more about the style and design of your bathroom that you want to build, whatever your eye and look and sensation.
Highness: The average height of the regular toilet is from 14-15 inches; so check the existing height of your toilet and compare it to the new toilet. Some toilets are now available at a height of 18 inches. These are usually toilets for the elderly or people with disabilities.Space: If the bathrooms have little space available, the best option is to use the angled tank; which allows you to place it in the corner. Space: A corner or wall hung the toilet is available.
After reading different options when you select a toilet, it is much easier to choose the perfect toilet for your bathroom or ensuite.

Back to wall toilet at the Royal Bathrooms
Please be aware that the toilet must locate within 2m of the stack of your house if UK building regulations are applied. You need a macerator to compact the waste out of the toilet to transport; via a waste pipe if your toilet is more than that distance away. More efficient than previous ones are new back to wall toilet, which can use up to 6 liters per flush instead of up to 9. In addition, many toilets are now made with water-saving half and full flushes. Choose a toilet that design to fit your bathroom with the minimum amount of water. If you have a small bathroom in your home, one of the trials you regularly face is how you can get in place without overwhelming all the storage facilities you need. All you must put it everything in as much floor space. You began using some wall space, but a piece of wall is overlooked by many people. Look across your bathroom. What is there? A toilet, for sure. So, take care of this primary item. Enjoy buying online

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