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Buy Plus-Size Genie Costumes – Use These Simple Tips

Which 90s kid doesn’t remember the big, goofy, heartwarming, and all-blue Disney character who loved saying “wonderful, magnificent, glorious, punctual” all in one sentence! If you have guessed Genie, you are absolutely right!

As a child, everyone loved Genie for one main reason: his loyalty and faithfulness towards Aladin. It is the reason why everyone tries to recreate this immortal Disney character on special occasions like Halloween or cosplay events, or simply during a dressing-up session. After all, who doesn’t want to be his favorite fictional character, even if it’s for a day?

And not just men, more and more women are coming forth to recreate this timeless character with minor tweaks and a lot of sass! In fact, costumes are available in a wide range of sizes, from plus-size genie costumes to average-size ones. It has created a win-win situation for every size!

This blog will assist you in achieving a near-real genie look and be a head-turner in an upcoming event! Read the following tips to achieve a near-to-perfect genie look to stun your family and friends.


The preparation should begin with a show-stealing costume! Other than the times the character is flying in the air, he is seen wearing a blue harem-pant with a red scarf tied across his waist. Our goal is to look similar to the character without copying everything. There are two ways to achieve this: get a plus-size genie costume online or assemble the three main pieces of the character’s outfit together.

Start with exploring harem pants in solid color, and pay special attention to their fabric. It is advisable to pick solid color pants with flowy fabrics like georgette or silk. Once the pants are finalized, now is the time to get a similar colored crop top to pair with the bottom. The idea is to make it a monotone outfit! Suppose one wishes to add some personal character into the dressing. In that case, they can choose a top with statement sleeves like balloon sleeves with cold shoulders!

Finally, it is time to get the famous red scarf, which is readily available in the market. It is advisable to go again for solid color as there will be adequate chances to jazz up the outfit with statement accessories.


In the name of accessories, the character is just seen wearing two golden bracelets, one in each hand. Now, one can either choose to copy this or amp up the outfit with other accessories like a waist chain, head chain, neckpiece, and more. Just ensure that you buy yellow metal for all jewelry to stay connected to the character.

Lastly, don’t forget to get the magic lamp to add up as a final accessory!


Genie wears yellow ballet shoes that fit perfectly with those harems! As the harem fits snugly at the ankle, it gives more space for shoes to be under the limelight. Be liberal about the color of the footwear, as getting mango-yellow bellies for a dark-blue outfit might make one look out of place! Choose a color that fits in good contrast with your monotone outfit.

Another option is to wear strappy heels with the outfit to give it extra edge and chic vibe. Our suggestion is to add a stunning pair of golden stilettos. 


Here, one can experiment as much or less, depending on her taste. For instance, a sleek and high ponytail can maximize your chance to score a near-to-character look. However, one can leave down hair flowing to create a mystical and flowy aura. Or use a blonde wig (if you’re a brunette) to build the extra drama. The options are endless!

If a wig is a tad much, one can use a hair extension in a similar color as their outfit to bring the outfit together in a place and make the appearance look well put together.


The only makeup genie’s character wears is on, perhaps, his eyebrow. How else is he supposed to get his eyebrows so on point?

Ladies have a broad scope to play in this area. Or one can choose from our suggestions listed below:

  • Prime up your face and light your highest points on your face with a highlighter. Use eyebrow gel/pencil to make our brows an outstanding feature on your face.
  • Do the basics foundation cover on your face, apply a dramatic winged liner on your eyes, and use bold lipstick.
  • Repeat the above steps; just replace your eyeliner with fake eyelashes. Apply big, dense eyelashes on your eyes to get the statement Disney look!
  • Along with the makeup application, you can try colored eye lenses (preferably in blue) to achieve a more character-like look.

Bonus point: body language

Outfits, shoes, and accessories are okay, but to be truly successful at recreating the genie, one must copy a few of his personality traits. This could be any of the following points:

  • Full-spiritedness and fun-filled nature and an ability to readily come with a whacky reply when required.
  • Soulfulness and ability to offer life philosophies.
  • A razor-sharp focus when it comes to advising a friend and listening to his woes.

If nothing else works out, remember to be in the present. It will allow you to enjoy the moment to the fullest!

Investing time and effort in the process makes the result all more special! One can use the recreational activity as an opportunity to do things that sets the mood right. However, we understand there are moments when people don’t have much time to spare. This is when costume-selling businesses came to their rescue. It is a place that offers a large collection of character costumes and props. It is a shortcut to achieving the desired look effortlessly within a short period.

The other reasons one should consider buying costumes, like a plus-size genie costume, from a costume shop are listed below.

  • Saves time

Everybody keeps running in today’s world, with less time spared for hobbies and recreational activities. In fact, the majority of the working population claims that their busy schedule doesn’t even allow them to take enough holidays in a year! So, shopping for a plus-size genie costumes for yourself or your family saves you time to recreate a character. Additionally, it allows you to make the best of a moment with little effort from your end. After all, shopping for everything from one place is better than hopping to several shops to find outfit pieces.

  • Builds souvenir

Who doesn’t love spending memorable time with their loved ones? And special events offer a good chance for families to bond by spending quality time—eating their favorite meals, sharing in-house drinks, laughing over jokes, and watching favorite holiday movies! Every moment gets collected in their memory treasure box! What else makes the day special, outfits that everyone dons! The outfits become a perfect souvenir of special occasions.

Final thoughts!

Dressing up is a great way to have fun and bond with your close ones. To make the experience more fun, one just needs to create the look from pieces or reach a costume shop. We hope this blog will help you create a perfect genie look for an upcoming event. And if you change your mind to recreate your favorite superhero’s look at the last moment, don’t forget to get your hands on a plus-size genie costumes.

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