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Choosing The Right Localization Platform For Your Project

Many organizations face the challenge of localizing their software releases, even when their business is progressing. This difficulty pertains to the initiation of the translation project. 

So what happens is that whenever translators are acquired for a project, the texts need to be accurately translated. Once the quality and assurance are done, they are delivered to the development team. And that’s where the hold-up arises in the release process because this step often takes several months. 

The Need For Localization Management Platform Arises

Reduce Turnaround Times

On the contrary, if one utilizes a good localization management platform, it can reduce the turnaround time. And fill up the gap between the development team and the translators.  

Manage Translation Files

The right localization platform will enable the management team to manage and organize the translation files. And these files are not attached to the software, but isolated. Hence, allowing them to be supervised and refurbished independently. 

Real Time Changes 

Translators, on the other hand, get the opportunity to translate the required content concurrently with the real-time changes made by the development team. Consequently, leading to an uninterrupted localization process. 

This enables the management team to encounter no hold-ups vis-a-vis their software updates. 

How To Choose The Right One

Now that we have discussed what benefit a localization platform can provide an organization. The next important aspect to discuss is that how firms should choose the right and appropriate localization platform for themselves. 

The choice can be made by analyzing certain features. And how they can enhance your company’s performance. So let’s review them;

UI Accessibility 

UI Usability Aspect

When looking for the right localization platform, it’s imperative to consider the UI usability aspect. In simpler terms, UI accessibility or usability explores the notion of how easy it is to use the platform. 

Apart from being uncomplicated, it’s crucial that the UI is user-friendly as well. 

Easy To Operate 

If your company is looking for the best UI, it’s important to realize that the best localization platforms are the ones that can be utilized effortlessly. 

And especially if it is your first time subscribing to one. You do not want to complicate this by getting something that is difficult to operate. 

Modernization Of Admin Access

Moreover, organizations should also compare the modernization of the administration access settings of localization platforms. This will assist you in distinguishing average systems from state-of-the-art ones.  

Competitive Advantage

Every localization platform capitalizes on certain attributes that its competitor often lack. For example, there are some localization systems that have the option for their subscribers to conclude financial transactions inside the platform. And you do not even have to leave the platform. 

Now, this is something that is worth considering when you are planning to purchase a localization management system. 

Screenshot Text Recognition 

Another aspect that plays an important role in the UI accessibility of a localization platform is the instilled feature of screenshot text recognition. If you can find one, then definitely consider that location platform for an amazing user experience.

Commenting on Strings  

Contextual Meaning 

There is one aspect in choosing the right platform that often gets overlooked. And, i.e., the possibility of commenting on strings. The reason why this is so crucial is that it allows the team of professional translators to conceptualize the contextual meaning of the passage. 

Moreover, if they have any questions that they might deem necessary, they can utilize this option to clarify their ambiguities.

Discussing Important Issues 

Meanwhile, it also gives them the opportunity to discuss important issues with their fellow development colleagues and other translators. This interaction enables a collaborative working environment which is fundamental to the quality of the translation. 

Tracking Issues

Most of the localization firms believe in inculcating the option of commenting on strings. However, the top-tier localization agencies take it a step further. And permitting consumers to append comments to strings, gives them the opportunity to track the major problems and issues of the users. 

So what happens is that this process emboldens the monitoring of a project. A consumer has the option to review how his or her issue is being dealt with. Or what is the overall status of the project? 


Ultimately, every project or string is monitored and includes the consumer. The consumer becomes part of the chat. In this chat, he has the option to tag important personals or professionals who can address the prevalent issue or problem. 

Moreover, it is the most efficient way of resolving issues, because if you want to look for the needed string, just notify the affair by typing it in the dashboard. 

When you are looking for the right localization platform, make sure that the platform gives the option to let its users know which areas are in need of immediate notice.  

Real-Time In-Application Editing

Another important feature that is essential in choosing the right localization platform is the characteristic of live editing. Platforms that enable live editing are enabling a collaborative work experience vis-a-vis professional translators and web developers. 

Translating Within the User Interface

So what happens is that live editing makes the job easier for both the developers and translators. Translators can translate any passage inside the User interface application, with the convenience of viewing the final presentation of how it will eventually look. Hence, acclimatization of the text is done concurrently. 

In-Context Tool

Many localization firms are creating their platforms with their inbuilt editing option. Many firms name this feature as their In-Context tool, which is ultimately the same concept.  And i.e, the user has the option to prospect files, meanwhile, translate them as well. For every project initiated on the platform, all the files are synced in so that translation can take place within the web application. 

Translation In Web And Mobile Application 

Moreover, a minority of the localization platforms provide their users with the option of translating any text in real-time. And that too in their web application and mobile. Though the feature is almost the same, some location platforms gain an edge over their competitors by providing their users to edit texts in mobile applications as well. 

Assistance For Effective Operation 

Furthermore, localization platforms often give you the option to manage all of your translations vis-a-vis a tiny sidebar on the upper portion of the website application. Some users often require assistance to operate these platforms efficiently. For such users, localization platforms provide facilitation and step-by-step guidance.  

How To Choose If You Require Minor Translation Assignments?

Until now we have discussed how large-scale businesses can choose the right localization platform for their organizations. The next question is what should a person do if the translation project consists of a maximum of 2000 to 3000 words?

Plain Text Format 

In this scenario, the choice of opting for a localization platform will automatically change. Hence, you should seek out platforms that can offer you translation and localization solutions in various languages. But in simple text format only. 

These platforms have a plain User interface. And the reason for this is that they have to perform only small-scale translations. So you just have to lodge the simple text, select the languages that you want your text to be translated into. Proceed with payment options and then defer the project for the required translation. You will receive the end product within a day, due to the nature of the work.  


Conclusively, we can proclaim that localization is important for your business. Now, it is just a matter of perspective and need, that motivates one to opt for a localization platform.

In this article, we discussed how to choose the right localization management platform for your project. Starting with defining the goals and diameter of your project and ending with opting for the most appropriate and cordial User interface, is the strategy to go for. 


Halen Terry is a creative writer and a professional linguist with expertise in using advanced translation management systems. She has been working in the localization industry for more than 6 years now. She creates informational content every day with the aim to serve the community and aspire translators to grow professionally.

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