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Convert Outlook for Mac OLM Files to Excel CSV Format on Mac

Most of the user find Microsoft Excel the easiest platform for editing and data analyzing. Therefore, these users then search on the internet for a reliable method to convert OLM to Excel on Mac but unfortunately. As they couldn’t find a trusted solution for the system. Excel is known for its marvelous editing and analysis of information especially the contacts.

If you want to manage and organize your bulk of contacts correctly with all the information intact, you can go for Excel. Also, Excel spreadsheets can easily be accessed in various other programs like OpenOffice, Google Spreadsheet, etc. Therefore, convert the Outlook OLM file to CSV format with the application OLM to CSV Converter for Mac, then you can easily open the file in an Excel sheet. CSV files can be viewed using Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, etc.

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What are CSV & OLM Files?

CSV or Comma Separated Value files, as the name, suggest the file format is used to enter data separated with commas. The *.csv files are common text files used majorly to store contacts information and other data. Also, CSV files can easily be imported into various other email clients that you wish to open from including Thunderbird, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Along with that, the file can store and manage unlimited data within it without any storage warning. Thus, you can blindly do whatever you want. The CSV file can easily be understood by technical and non-technical users because it only has simple data. CSV files can be opened effortlessly with an Excel sheet.

On the other hand, the OLM file is not perfectly suitable for your contacts, you cannot manage and store additional information under your contacts. Likewise, the Outlook for Mac data file cannot be accessed on any other email client except Outlook. Therefore, you only have to convert the OLM file to other formats to access it.

Sine, you might be facing the same problem then Convert OLM to Excel on Mac. If this is the issue, the solution is right below. Follow and read the article carefully for a better understanding.

Manually Convert OLM to Excel on Mac OS

Follow the steps given below: –

  1. Start by importing the OLM file to Mac Outlook by clicking on Import/Export Menu.
  2. After the Import procedure completes again hit the Import/Export option.
  3. Then choose the “Export to a file” option from the Import and Export list.
  4. Further, click Comma Separated Value(CSV) and press the Next button.
  5. Now choose your preferred destination location where you want to save the file.
  6. Finally, press the Finish button.

The Limitations in the Manual Method

There are some loopholes in the above-mentioned procedure, here are some of them: –

  • The entire process is time-consuming and takes your effort to complete.
  • The process becomes tedious when you don’t have any technical background.
  • The process is not a 100% accurate one, you might also fail to finish it successfully.
  • The procedure cannot convert other items except contacts like calendars, etc.

The choice is yours, if you want a 100% effective tool for you then you must read the below section for a reliable and trusted tool.

The Professional & Ultimate Tool – Convert OLM to Excel

You have already seen the limitations and restrictions that you can face while performing the above Manual Method. Therefore, we have provided the perfect technique to Convert the OLM file to Excel on Mac. MacUncle OLM Converter, this tool can quickly and effortlessly convert the Mac Outlook data files to CSV instantly. After conversion, Open OLM File on the Excel sheet easily without any interruption. As CSV format is considered to the best format as it is compatible on all the platforms.

The wizard offers you a dual-mode to upload the OLM file to the software. Either add single or multiple OLM files or a folder with multiple OLM files.

Some of the Advantages of the Tool

Here you will get the answer to “what makes the tool stand out” or “why you should get this tool”. I would like to answer those questions by the highlighting features of the tool. After testing and searching different tools, the recommended application has some outstanding benefits compared to other tools in the market. Below given are some of the major features:

  • Unique & Simple Interface: The software comes with a user-friendly interface. The utility has a coherent GUI which enables even novice users to operate the software easily.
  • Get the Exact Result: The software preserves and maintains the folder’s hierarchy during and after the procedure.
  • 100% Secure: The application guarantees you full security and safety and prevents your data from any loss thus, you don’t have to worry about it.
  • No limitation on Number or Size of file: The Profession or the upgraded version of the application does not possess any boundaries. Thus, there is no restriction on the number of files to be uploaded in the software thus, you can upload an unlimited number of OLM files.
  • Choose any location & Rename the resultant File: The software offers you the flexibility to choose your preferred destination location and file naming conventions.
  • Efficient Solution: The tool produces effective results as soon as you upload the OLM files in the software with a full log report.

Compatible with Recent Mac Editions: The tool supports all the latest versions of Mac OS.

Get CSV to vCard Tool for Mac to Convert CSV Contact Files to VCF Format.

Steps to Run to Export Outlook File to Excel

The procedure or the steps to operate the tool to convert OLM to Excel on Mac is very simple. The utility is developed in such as manner the all the users from a highly technical background to computer novice can work with ease. Nevertheless, follow the steps to convert the Outlook contact file in .olm to Excel:

  1. Start the software on your system.
  2. Now add the OLM files that you wish to convert using the Add file (s) or Add folder (s) options.
  3. You can then also check your uploaded files in the software, press the Next button.
  4. Choose the CSV option from the Select Saving List.
  5. Further, you can choose your preferred destination location and file naming conventions. Finally, press the Export button.

Limitation: As the tool is an automated application, that is the complete package is available only after purchasing the license key. Also, the mentioned tool is only for Mac OS.

*Windows users can try the windows version of the application from the website.

Test the Trial version

The demo edition of the tool provides free conversion of up to 25 OLM files to Excel on Mac. With a free trial version, it gives the user a platform the understand how the tool works and whether you should purchase the tool or not.

Winding Up

Users find Excel as the most convenient option to use for a detailed analysis of their contacts. Here I’ve covered two different methods to convert OLM to Excel on Mac Machine. As the first process is the common or the general method to convert Outlook email or contact files to CSV format. However, the manual method has some limitations, to overcome those limitations the Automated or third-party tool is the best alternative. Get the tool if you are looking for batch conversion of Outlook data files to CSV. The wizard also offers you a dual-mode to upload the OLM files. The application produces 100% accurate results as soon as you upload the OLM files.


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