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Creating Your App Is Easier Than You Think | We’ll Tell You How

There are seven keys that we must take into account to create an app from scratch. With more than 9 million mobile applications, Google Play is the largest app store in the world, followed by the Apple Store with approximately 2.5 million and 700 thousand on Windows.

With this offer, which runs from 2021 and part of 2022, 418,000 million apps were downloaded globally. In other words, the Apple and Google app stores installed an average of 410,000 apps every minute.

Now you must be thinking that creating an app is a difficult and technical task that you can’t perform. We’ll now we have no code app builder which allows you to create an app without any technical knowledge. Appstylo is the best example of it.

What are mobile applications?

An App or mobile application is a computer program specially developed to be installed and used on mobile devices, with the aim of allowing the user to carry out a series of specific tasks on their terminal, such as carrying out professional or leisure activities, accessing services , stay informed, among others.

Despite the fact that, when thinking about them, we all attribute their origin to the current digital age, already in the 90s (we were still living in analog), they were also present in our lives. Some examples that will sound familiar to you are the alarm clock of the first “pre-smartphones” mobile phones or the classic snake.

But, if there is something that we must highlight, it is that currently no cell phone or mobile phone, Tablet, TV, MP4, etc. can afford to do without them… and I don’t think you can either.

For this reason, in addition to knowing exactly what mobile applications are, we should have at hand a guide like the one that I am going to provide you with in this article, where I wanted to collect the most useful ones and those that will make your life easier as an entrepreneur or businessperson.

  1. What app do we want to develop?

Without a doubt, this is the first question that must be asked when we want to propose a new application project. It is surely one of the most difficult because seeing the enormous offer of apps that exist, we may get discouraged by thinking that everything has been invented.

Every day new applications emerge and every day all of them have the opportunity to achieve the goal they have set for themselves. That is why it will be good for us to ask ourselves what kind of app we want to make: is it a new game, an app for internal use in a company, for health, for improving productivity?

The more specific the initial idea is, the more it will help us to plan the rest of the phases that we will need.

  1. Market research:

We already have a good idea to start with, but is there an application on the market that offers similar features? If yes: What business model does it offer: is it a free app or is it paid? Does it offer a subscription through a monthly and/or annual fee for some type of value-added service?

The more questions we ask ourselves to learn about our possible competition, the better. So we will get more clues about what kind of environment we will find. There are many and very good options to be able to know the main rankings of apps both globally and by country.

  1. App features:

It is important that we dedicate ourselves to thinking about everything that we would like to be included. Nothing happens if the resulting project is later reduced. From a maximum of possible ideas and characteristics we will obtain. A more or less exhaustive list of what our project is going to be.

Let’s point out how we will propose the business model, what language or languages ​​we will use. How the registration will be, what type of information we are going to collect from users (always under the strictest legal recommendations, very important). And how we are going to take advantage of it, among others. many. It is best if you make a list of features you want in your app.

  1. Prototype and graphic design:

We talked about creating information architecture. In this field, it will be very good for us to be helped by experts in user experience and usability. It will also be of great help to know the Android and Apple guides on this subject.

Once we have passed this part of the creativity of the prototype, we will enter the graphic design phase. Also one of the most interesting and necessary. Either through the help of an independent professional or a specialized company. They will work on all the visual elements of the project according to the requirements that have been previously established.

  1. Application development:

Keep in mind that when working with different platforms, rectifying implies retouching more than one source code. And this translates into a possible diversion of time and money.

An application can be developed from scratch. There are also alternatives to be able to create apps without the need to program called app builder. Most of them with a monthly maintenance cost. Or templates already designed according to a specific type of app (online stores, portfolios, etc.). One of the best app builders among them is Appstylo.

  1. App publication:

When we have the development completed. And we have been able to test well to correct the errors and add some improvement. It is time to publish it in the Apple Store and Google Play (the equivalent for Android applications).

From this moment on we will have to be very attentive to two types of feedback. The one that comes from the development of the application itself (errors, new phases to implement, design changes, etc.). And the one related to our target audience and our audience. For the latter we will need a good marketing plan.

  1. Marketing plan and KPIs:

Regarding the communicative part, it will be very good for us to establish a plan to publicize the new app. Through Apple and Google’s own platforms through ASO (App Store Optimization), in order to be located as quickly as possible.

But it is also advisable to create a communication plan to publicize our app beyond the platforms themselves, such as creating display campaigns. In the case of an app development, we will talk, for example, of the number of downloads made in a specific time frame, the time it is used, or the number of positive comments on the platforms.

If it is related to e-commerce, we will need to know, among many other data. The average value of each purchase or the data on the number of abandoned or unmade purchases. Having a good marketing strategy is equally important as having a good app and idea. So make sure you work on your app marketing or ASO as well. You should never think of marketing a choice because in order to reach your potential users you must work on your marketing plan and KPIs.

The more questions we ask ourselves to learn about our possible competition, the better. Especially in terms of marketing. So we will get more clues about what kind of marketing we want for your app. There are many and very good options to be able to know the main rankings of apps both globally and by country. So work the same amount of time on the marketing of your mobile app as well.


So far my selection of some of the best mobile applications development platform is appstylo. Perfect for entrepreneurs, business owners, and freelancers who want to speed up their daily tasks, which are not few.

There are thousands of them, of course. But I think that each of the ones you have read about above are essential for that job, that project or that business idea that you have in hand.

But since experience is a good teacher. I would like you to share your opinions with us and comment on which ones you use in your day to day.

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