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Designing a website like that of Apple Inc.

Everyone desires to have a website like that of Apple. This is something each web design agency hears from clients when they try explaining the kind of web design they wish to have. When businesses, brands and companies alike go for a website redesign, they often cite the example of Apple Inc.’s website.

Apple’s website is anything, unlike other sites. It is clean, crisp, minimal and spacious; all elements are balanced together perfectly. This is why everyone loves its website and they also love the web design template and development works the company has used.

It challenged a lot of web designers at first but then again, they took their time to understand the design. Then they not only understood it but also tried applying that very concept elsewhere. Now let us have a good look at the way Apple made its website and how businesses and companies make an Apple-Esque website for themselves

Tips and factors for making a Apple Inc like website

A lot of businesses and companies favour the way Apple designed and developed its website. In fact, Apple did that because of its brand essence, product portfolio and level of service it provides. In short, it made the website that way as per its vibes.

Here are some ways companies can really make a website like that of Apple through the following tips:

Clean and clear navigation

This is a key component of any website. Apple capitalized on it quite well despite its wide array of products and services. The company created a clear hierarchy of information, and the top navigation bar features just seven choices in categories with three clear icons.

Surprisingly, Apple’s top navigation does feature an individual drop-down sub-menu. This gives users a clear understanding of where they can go around. This is also another reason why complex menus make searching complicated for website visitors.

On each of Apple’s seven key landing pages, a sub-menu always appears below the top navigation bar. It works like a slider showcasing the products and services as per their respective categories. The secondary navigation bar works because of its straightforward layout.

Creating a clearly organized and well-defined navigation system on their website has helped Apple Inc make sure that users and visitors alike can find out what they are looking for as quickly and easily as they can.

A clear information hierarchy with easy navigation is necessary for any website which desires to prioritize user experience. This is why Apple Inc. stands out in terms of clear navigation.

Web design which is clean and simple

A common issue businesses face is trying to fit a lot of content in a limited area. A single home page can have multiple paragraphs, pictures, videos, customer testimonials, product statistics and the like.

A lot of content on the screen gives the website a cluttered look. If not placed right, it makes it look outdated too.

Page sizes tend to be larger because modern web design emphasizes scrolling down a page instead of clicking through multiple pages. But a clean web design can make a large amount of content become more manageable.

How does Apple do this? Through the use of white backgrounds and negative space properly.  With not many words visible on the screen at one, the website also uses simple colors, typefaces and graphics, helping the website look simple, clean and organized.

Moreover, the homepage has a large individual slider that features new products as well as four smaller sections highlighting events, sales and products of secondary importance. Also, the page has only one simple top navigation bar and a footer.

Even the product pages that feature detailed information like product specifications, software, technical specifications, hardware details etc. are kept in a simple manner. Regardless of the device users use for viewing the site, information is spread out as per device screen size to ensure one product highlight is exhibited at a time.

No users should be overwhelmed with content and this is the reason Apple keeps its web design simple and to the point. At times a content-enriched layout might make sense but those who want plain and simple design can learn from Apple Inc.

Top-quality images

The pictures are indeed amazing. Surprisingly, Apple’s website does not have an enormous amount of images. Yet, each image present is of top-notch quality. A website having a top-notch layout, a clear navigation system coming with a modern style needs top-notch high-quality images.

One of the best options is high-quality images owned by the business. Such images featuring the products and services, with which the employees can most accurately reflect the business and can establish a level of trust with customers works quite well.

In case such images are not available, top-quality stock photos can work well with the brand and website needs. However, the cheesy ones should be avoided. Apple uses images it owns and they feature its products. Showing products in real-life environments allows customers to see and imagine using them in life.

Modern website design

Brands and websites can be placed on a design scale running from traditional to modern. Neither side is the sole best fit for everyone as some websites are traditional and successful, while some modern sites are able to nail it. Those who are aiming for a website designed like that of Apple are hence opting for a modern web design pattern.

Apple Inc achieved a modern look and feel, by utilizing a minimal color palette. Gray, White and Black dominate the colour spectrum of the website complemented by other colors to highlight certain elements of web pages. A clean sans-serif font is used throughout the website. With a lot of negative space present, the plural nature of the screen area is the clean white background.

Modern web design works for Apple because of its nature as a modern brand with innovative technological gadgets which are transforming the market.

Brand and design consistency (plus continuity)

Consistency is key to almost everything, and for websites too. But if a site has different fonts and colours on each page and is used in a haphazard manner, then it will make it difficult for a brand to convey its image. Maintaining a website having a huge amount of content needs clear & manageable roles and a digital style manual written in good detail.

Apple’s site has no doubt a lot of pages and each page belongs to the company. Certain pages or subsections of the site might have a unique layout or functionality, all of which help maintain Apple as a whole brand.

The website’s popularity

Everyone desires a popular website, and this is something professionals of web design companies agree with. Some brands want their site to be like Apple’s not just because of the style but also because they want it to bring in new leads and grow the company’s presence in the market.

Apple Inc. led the technology industry in numerous innovations ranging from its gadgets to its website and other material. Its website is one of a kind and it modelled its essence based on its innovative gadgets.


A redesigned website with clear navigation, consistency in branding, and defined user pathways serve visitors quite well. This will raise customer interest and will hence convert them into long-term customers.

Hence successful web design and a digital marketing tactical plan focusing on realistic yet sophisticated and achievable goals will help turn the website into a top-notch cash-earning star.

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