Difference Between Virgin Human Hair & Remy Hair Extensions (2021)

Many people believe that all hair types, such as human hair, Remy hair, non-Remy hair, virgin hair weave, and so on, are relatively the same when it comes to real human hair extensions.

In truth, there are numerous distinctions between them.

If you’ve ever wondered what Remy hair is, look no further. What exactly is virgin hair? What is the best way to tell them apart? Which one do you think you should pick? You’ve arrived at the right site…

The cuticles are the primary difference between human and Remy hair. Remy hair is considered the most incredible quality of human hair since the cuticles are kept intact, unlike most non-Remy hair extensions. The bulk of Remy human hair extensions and wigs sold now is non-Remy hair. As a result of the collection technique, the cuticle of each hair strand tends to be in a variety of directions.

So, What Is Virgin Human Hair? 

So, What Is Virgin Human Hair? 
So, What Is Virgin Human Hair

Virgin hair, also known as raw hair (100 percent real human hair), is hair bundles, wigs, and extensions that has never been chemically processed, meaning it has never been dyed, bleached, curled, ironed, or anything else.

It is collected from the donor’s head and bagged for sale after only being washed. Virgin human hair has a smooth and velvety texture because all cuticles are intact and lay in the same direction. If the hair has undergone any chemical processing, it’s not truly virgin.

Virgin hair is available in different textures like curly human hair extensions and different lengths. 

Virgin human hair is also collected from hair brushed hair that has fallen. Virgin human hair extensions, wigs, and bundles are the best way to achieve a healthier-looking mane.

Virgin human hair may have never been exposed to blow dryers or other heated styling tools, which is ideal if you are looking for long-lasting extensions.

Compared to other options, virgin human hair is damage-free and tends to be stronger and last longer. When virgin hair is collected, it is usually straight. Curly, wavy, and kinky curly textures are all available. To achieve those textures, they are transformed by a steaming process.

You can also find virgin hair that has been dyed for the first time during or after collection when the hair was at its healthiest.

Benefits of Virgin Human Hair Extensions 

Virgin hair has never been processed is the most significant advantage. Purity appeals to certain women. Virgin hair is softer than Remy clip-in hair extensions.

  •  They’ll appear and feel the same because the hair extensions are crafted from one donor’s hair.
  •  These extensions tend to stay longer than other hair varieties because they are made without processing virgin hair.
  •  Virgin human hair extensions blend effortlessly with different hair textures.

Disadvantages Of Virgin Human Hair Extensions 

Virgin human hair extensions are more expensive than Remy hair extensions because virgin extensions are pure. 

  •  You’re out of luck unless you have color #1B, the most common hue for virgin hair because you’ll have to color or bleach your hair, defeating the objective of having virgin hair.
  •  Since virgin human hair is not processed, it will tangle. 
  •  Virgin hair, although its high quality, can be destroyed if not managed properly. Haircare is the same as your natural hair. Sadly, there is no such thing as flawless hair that lasts a lifetime.

What Is Remy Hair?

What Is Remy Hair
What Is Remy Hair

Its cuticle alignment defines Remy hair. Chemical processing and cuticle alignment distinguish virgin hair from Remy hair. The cuticles of Remy hair are aligned, but it has likely undergone some form of steam processing, even if it hasn’t been colored or permed. These characteristics make Remy hair not 100% pure virgin hair. 

Remy hair is collected to keep all hair strands aligned in the natural direction as it grew (i.e., putting the hair in a ponytail and cutting), top at top, and ends at ends, to preserve the natural texture pattern and cuticle orientation. This method of collecting hair prevents hair from tangling. 

Cuticle alignment is important because if they aren’t aligned, the extension will mat and tangle. And hair cuticles act as a protective barrier and keep the hair protected.

Benefits Of Remy Hair Extensions 

Remy hair extensions are popular for women who love sporting different looks through hair extensions. Here are a few benefits of Remy hair extensions.

One of the primary benefits of Remy hair is that it is far less expensive than virgin human hair extensions. Regardless of the application process, Remy extensions are fairly reasonable for practically everyone.

  •  Indian Remy hair extensions are of high quality, and these hair extensions last for a long duration. 
  •  Another benefit of Remy hair extensions is that they offer more color and styling options. Women want to be able to choose from a wide range of colors, textures, and styles, which is why Remy hair extensions are so appealing! You can find Remy hair extensions in ombre and balayage colors and a variety of lengths. 
  •  Remy hair extensions last up to 3-4 times longer than non-Remy ones. 
  •  Remy hair extensions are easy to maintain; you can keep the luster by combing them frequently and washing them with sulfate-free products.  
  • You get a ton of styling options with Remy hair extensions. If you are wearing Remy hair extensions sew-in method, you will have even more styling options. 
  • Remy hair extensions provide a natural look because they are also made with human hair. These hair extensions blend effortlessly with every hair texture. 

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Disadvantages Of Remy Hair Extensions 

Because there are no official agencies that govern labeling, some sellers label any hair Remy, which can be misleading. The same is true for virgin extensions!

  •  Remy’s hair extensions are expensive compared to another hair extension. 

The Difference Between Virgin Human Hair And Remy Hair Extensions


Here are a few key differences between virgin humans and Remy hair extensions. 

  • Human hair that has not been altered is known as virgin hair and is taken from a single donor. Remy hair that has not been changed by dyes, perms, bleaches, or harsh washes is known as virgin hair.
  •  Remy hair isn’t usually synonymous with virgin hair; in fact, it’s rarely the case. Even though the two phrases are sometimes used interchangeably, their meanings are vastly different.
  •  Both virgin and Remy hair is made out of 100 percent natural human hair. The distinction is because a Remy hair donor used to color, perm, or bleach their hair, but a virgin hair donor does not use any chemical agents. And while Remy hair needs rearranging, virgin hair is always delivered in its natural state.

Two Ways To Spot Fake Virgin And Remy Hair Extensions 


  1. Test the cuticles of the hair by dipping your fingers in water and running it through it. It should have a silky feel to it. This time move up, and it will feel rough, which is exactly what you want it to feel like. In this case, the cuticles have been removed.
  2. Another way to see if your extension is made of virgin hair or Remy’s hair is by washing them. Suppliers apply silicone over the strands to replicate the presence of cuticles. You will be able to tell if the extensions are virgin hair or Remy’s hair after a few washes. 

So, now you know what virgin human hair and Remy’s hair extensions are, shop them from your trusted vendors. The difference between virgin human hair and Remy’s hair comes down to the hair being chemically processed or not. 

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